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Case Study No. 1099: Unnamed Female Librarian (Nebraska Library Commission)

Work @ your library - Nebraska Library Commission PSA
From the Nebraska Library Commission - http://www.nowhiring

"Watch this recruitment PSA to find out if a library career is right for you."

I first saw this at the NLA 2006 convention.
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[scene opens with several young men and women sitting in a coffee shop (talking, listening to their iPods, etc.), when a young African American woman enters and approaches them]
LIBRARIAN: Hey guys, how ya doin'?
WOMAN 1: Hey babe, long time no see!
MAN: Been a long time since we've seen you ...
LIBRARIAN: I've been working.
WOMAN 2: Where do you work again?
LIBRARIAN: At the library.
[everyone stops and gives her surprised/funny looks (with one guy visibly smirking)]
WOMAN 1: What, you shelve books all day?
[cut to a montage of the women helping several patrons (young and old) in the library, then back to the coffee shop]
WOMAN 1: [pause] Cool.
LIBRARIAN: Really cool.
[everyone smiles and nods at her, then "Thousands of people work in Nebraska libraries. You could be one of them. NowHiringAtYourLibrary dot com" appears on screen]



Recruiting the Next Generation of Nebraska Librarians @ the movies
Posted on May 22, 2007 by Mary Jo Ryan

The Nebraska Library Commission Recruitment Public Service Announcement (PSA) has been getting some great reactions and we are excited about the prospects for launching a statewide marketing campaign this summer. Cindi Hickey reports that the "recruiting video (is) making the rounds in Kansas." She continues, "You are getting rave reviews for the recruiting trailer in Kansas! Someone found it on YouTube (brilliant placement!) and is passing it around to everybody."
We hope the PSA sends the message that "library careers are cool, high tech, and service-oriented – an opportunity to make a difference in our communities." The vision is to have the PSA shown in movie theatres across Nebraska. Since Hollywood has helped to foster many of the outmoded stereotypes and images of librarians, it is appropriate to use the PSA as one of the vehicles to deliver the antidote to these stereotypes. Companion pieces to the PSA will include a movie poster for the theatre lobby, a display with information about educational opportunities, and "movie tickets" to apply for scholarships for training in library skills.
Some library staff and supporters have volunteered to contact the management of local movie theaters to ask them to donate screen time to show the PSA before movie showings and lobby space for poster and display. Ideally, the PSA would be shown in the summer before a movie that might attract a younger audience, specifically people of high school and college age. More volunteers are needed.
Please comment (link below) to let us know what you think of the PSA (see it at www.nowhiring and be sure to volunteer to help us get free placement of the PSA in movie theatres this summer.
Thanks, Mary Jo Ryan



Mary Jo Ryan and Kit Keller from the Nebraska Library Commission reported on the Commission's new recruitment activities. The NLC received a grant from the IMLS for "Recruiting the next generation of Nebraska librarians @ the movies". There are three parts to the program.

1. Multimedia marketing campaign - the prototype of the 60 second movie trailer was previewed. It is to be shown in theaters, as PSAs, to guidance counselors, etc. Also includes promotional items like movie posters and tickets.
2. Educational assistance - scholarships, mentoring program.
3. Employment - stipends, internships and endowments to keep librarians in their jobs and help pay them more.

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