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Case Study No. 1090: Miss Library/Aya Drevis

Misao Part 1 - Girl Child And Miss Library BFF's (Download Link In Description)
You think an Adorable little girl isn't capable of curses??? GUESS AGAIN! Misao is the game of a little girl who is clashing down on all the people who picked on her. Who can you trust DEFIANTLY NOT PHONES. So my protagonist Girl Child is off to do the right thing. Of course not alone she will get help from Onigawara "The Student Council President" and his assistant Miss Library. Now without further stalling I give yo Misao

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[scene opens with high school student Aki waking up (after a mysterious earthquake) inside of a room in the school, finding herself with a bald pale-skinned man]
AKI: Nngh ... Misao ...
ONIGAWARA: Ah, you've finally come to.
AKI: Where am I? I was just in the classroom ... And who are you?
ONIGAWARA: I am Onigawara, the student council president. And this is the student council room. Luckily for you, you've ended up somewhere safe.
AKI: "Ended up?"
ONIGAWARA: After the earthquake, the school was sucked into another world. This sent those inside flying all across the school.
AKI: Another world?! What's that supposed to mean? And why would that ... happen?
ONIGAWARA: Well, it's a curse.
[a red exclamation point appears above Aki's head]
ONIGAWARA: It is the result of a girl's curse that this school was sealed in the other world.
AKI: A curse? It couldn't be ... Misao?
MISS LIBRARY: [from off camera] President Onigawara!
[a young female student (black hair, swirly glasses) holding a book runs into the room]
MISS LIBRARY: Pant, pant ... Finally made it ... I thought I was a goner!
ONIGAWARA: So you finally return, Miss Library.
[a blue question mark appears above Aki's head]
ONIGAWARA: She is the school's vice-president. Always in the library, so that's what we call her ... So then, Miss Library, how does it look?
MISS LIBRARY: It's messed up and gunked up and funked up! The foundation and everything is wrecked, and I haven't been able to find any exits! Plus, evil spirits are going and attacking people! I saw a student killed before my eyes! I'll never be able to eat hamburgers again ... Oh, it was frightening!
ONIGAWARA: So I see. Thank you for your report. You may retire for now.
MISS LIBRARY: Yes, well, I'm going back to the library! Call me anytime you need me!
[she runs out of the room]
ONIGAWARA: Evil spirits ... The curse must have summoned them. The school is now a den of spirits ... And there's nowhere to run.
AKI: U-Um ...
ONIGAWARA: There's only one solution ... Undoing the girl's curse. There's surely no other way.
[a red exclamation point appears above Aki's head]
AKI: How am I supposed to undo a curse?
ONIGAWARA: By saving the girl's soul. Miss Aki, you must know what it is you have to do.
AKI: I do ... ?
["Find Me" appears on screen]
AKI: Misao is calling me ... So she wants to be found ... Mister Onigawara! I'll go look for Misao!
ONIGAWARA: So you will. As Library informs me, the school is full of evil spirits. And yet you wish to go?
AKI: I will. Because ... Misao is my friend!
ONIGAWARA: Understood. You are entrusted with the fate of the school. I believe you can do it ... If you encounter any trouble, pay a visit to Library on the second floor. She will try her best to help. If you wish to make a record, please talk to me. I will do so for you anytime.
[the player exits the student council room, then heads for the school's library and speaks with Miss Library]
MISS LIBRARY: Y-Y-Y-You were ... In the student council room ... um ... ah ...
AKI: Hi, I'm Aki. Er, Miss ... Library?
[a heart appears above Miss Library's head]
MISS LIBRARY: Oh, you remembered my name! I'm so glad!
[she turns away from Aki]
Sigh ... How many years has it been since I've talked to anyone?
AKI: Huh ... ?
[she faces her again]
MISS LIBRARY: Aki! Please, be my friend!
AKI: A-Already?
MISS LIBRARY: Oh ... you don't want to?
[the player selects "Be her friend"]
MISS LIBRARY: R-Really ... ? I-I'm so glad! You're my first friend!
AKI: "Miss Library" is kinda awkward, though. I want to know your real name.
MISS LIBRARY: Well then, Miss Aki, please! Give me an easier name! Yes, I want a marvelous name!
AKI: What?!
MISS LIBRARY: Oh, gosh ... What's it gonna be ...
AKI: W-Well, um ...
["Please enter Library's name" appears on screen (with "Novella" being the default setting), but the player types in "Miss Library"]
AKI: You know, Miss Library is fine. Sorry, I couldn't think of anything else ...
MISS LIBRARY: N-No, that's fine! I'm actually rather fond of the name Mister Onigawara gave me.
AKI: [to herself] Onigawara's rather crude ...
MISS LIBRARY: Sigh ... Friend ... That sounds good.
[a heart appears above Miss Library's head]
AKI: W-Well, I have to be going. Things to do and all.
MISS LIBRARY: Aki, if you ever run into trouble, please come visit me! I don't know how useful I can be, but I'll do what I can to help!
AKI: Okay, thanks!



Misao is a freeware horror adventure game by Sen made in WOLF RPG Editor.

This game contains grotesque imagery and depicts violence, murder, bullying, and sexual assault.
Be warned that there are also many scenes in which characters do and say unpleasant things.



Well this is the last one that I've played so far and it's definitely the most disturbing of the bunch (Even more than Mad Father, if you ask me). It deals with bullying, murder and even rape.

Welcome to MISAO.

The story is based around a young girl who's default name is Aki. She is looking for another girl named Misao who was a target for bullying at her school. One day Misao goes missing And everybody says that she must be dead. Aki doesn't want to believe that though. Even though Misao wasn't the most popular kid in school, Aki wanted to be friends with her.

One day Misao's bullies are talking about weird stuff that's been going on in the school and decide that Misao must be behind it. An earthquake then suddenly happens and the power goes out. Aki then hears Misao ask her for help. After that happens, Aki ends up in the Student Council room with a guy named Onigawara. He explains that the school has been sucked into another world as a result of Misao's curse. Aki then meets 'Miss Library' who's default name is Novella (I wanted to name her Aya after I found out about her father XD). Aki now finds out that she has to undo Misao's curse in order to get things back to normal. She now needs to go off and search for Misao's body.

Aki's classmates and teacher also have their roles too-

Mr. Sohta- "The attractive teacher of Aki's class. Popular with students for his generosity."

Ayaka- "Aki's best friend. A fad-following girl who looks up to Mr. Sohta."

Tohma- "Aki's classmate. A boy carefree in appearance, personality, everything."

Yoshino- "Aki's classmate. Leader of the bullies."

Kudoh- "Aki's classmate. A calm, early-maturing youth."

and Saotome- "Aki's classmate. Tohma's girlfriend."

It's a no-brainer that all of, if not most of these kids are going to get wiped out.

The intro takes about 8 minutes to finish and then you can start playing the game. You can save when you are in the Student Council room. Speaking of saving, I had to save regularly, because I realised that almost everything in the school was a death-trap. Like the phone for example XD

And the puzzles start right away too. I went into one of the bathrooms and found Saotome (Tohma's girlfriend) being scared out her mind because a zombie was walking up to her. Tohma is in the bathroom too, watching the scene. He then runs out leaving Saotome with the zombie. Great boyfriend right there. You need to look for something to stop the zombie with. There is a random fire extinguisher near the sink. How anyone can struggle with that, I'll never know XD

Most of the puzzles are quite straight forward. I did struggle with the girls bathroom puzzle though. Hanako creeped me out.. As adorable as she is..

I completed it in just under 2 hours (Exploring is time-consuming. Dying is even more time-consuming).



Aya Drevis is a young girl, and the main protagonist of the game "Mad Father" by Sen. She is the only child of Monika and Alfred Drevis, and lives in the large mansion that makes up the setting for most of the game.

Aya is a young girl. Her hair is black, and reaches down to her waist. It is styled in a clean manner with the bangs cut evenly across her forehead, just above her eyes. Her normal outfit consists of a blue, ankle-length dress, with a white apron worn over it, and tied in a bow in the back. As accessories she wears a necklace with a gold pendant, and a big red bow on the back of her head.

During flashbacks, Aya is shown wearing a simple blue dress with a white dress shirt beneath it. At this age, her hair is shorter, and only reaches to her shoulder blades. It is also styled differently, being kept in twintails by two light blue, almost white bows.

Aya was born in Northern Germany, and spent almost eleven years within the confines of her family's mansion. Despite this, and the peculiarities of her family, namely her father's penchant for live experimentation on both humans and animals, she had a good childhood that she reflects on fondly. After her mother died, though, her life took a slight turn for the worse, as she wasn't fond of Maria, the woman who was going to replace her mother.

Things would become even worse on the anniversary of her mother's death. At midnight, Aya was awoken by the sound of her father screaming, only to find that corpses, ghosts, and dolls had all come to life, and were roaming around her home. Despite the dangers, the young girl would set forth to save her father. She wasn't without help, as some of the corpses were more than willing to aid her. In the process, she would learn of her father's darkest secrets.

In the true ending of the game, a woman comes up to a clinic deep in the woods. She knocks on the door and Aya opens it. The woman explains that her doctor has given up on her due to her lack of funds and that she has heard that Aya works with patients for free. Aya asks for her name and the woman tells her that she is Jean Rooney. Aya invites her in and tells her to lay down on the table. Aya makes a remark about Jean's eyes being "beautiful" and asks her if she is nervous. Aya tells the woman that she will not suffer from now on. Maria then remarks that Aya is just like her father, implying that Aya is now taking up her father's work. There is also an assumption that when Maria remarks that Aya is like Alfred, they may have both psychopathically killed people, but Aya kills to ensure that the hurt will suffer no more. There is also a possibility she makes them into dolls, hence the dolls in the other room. Her father on the other hand, killed because he had an obsession with dolls and blissful beauty, not a concern for the suffering of his "patients".

In a secret scene (only available if you get all the gems), despite her father's experiments failing, he still clings to the idea of making a perfect doll out of Aya with the assistance of Ogre. It was never stated what relationship he has with Ogre, but it could be assumed that he was so far gone in his sanity that he didn't care less.

In this same scene, it is implied that Alfred may have in fact cloned his daughter, much like he cloned Snowball, rather than using the original due to his inability to stop the original Aya from being 'tainted'. Some fans (such as YouTube user AestheticGamer) have suggested that this (possible) clone is actually Miss Library from Sen's other game (and possible "Mad Father" sequel), "Misao." The evidence typically presented is as follows:
* Both Aya and Miss Library have homicidal tendencies, with Miss Library killing you when you flat out refuse to be her friend and Aya having the same tendencies as her father (for the most part, this is only alluded to in the game). After all, it does run in the family!
* Miss Library has a fondness for books, much like Aya.
* Miss Library mentions having a father who locks himself up in the lab all day experimenting, which is similar to Alfred. There is also a mad doctor with purple-ish hair and a chainsaw from Misao who looks like Alfred from the post-credits cutscene in Mad Father. This, for some gamers, strengthens the idea that the games are linked.
* At the end of Mad Father, the cloned Aya lives with Alfred and Ogre in the spirit world. In Misao, Miss Library lives with Ogre (called "Onigawara" in Misao, as Sen uses the same sprite for both characters) in the spirit world, along with Miss Library's father, who is always experimenting in a lab.
* Because Miss Library does not show up with Ogre in Mad Father, it is possible that she did not yet exist and that Mad Father is an indirect prequel.

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