Thursday, November 21, 2013

Case Study No. 1132: "How to Be a Librarian"

How To: Be A Librarian!!!
Angie demonstrates hjow to adjust your glasses, put your hair in a bun, and etc. So, you can be a LIBRARIAN!!!
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[scene opens with a young girl (wearing glasses and speaking with an exaggerated "stuffy" accent) speaking directly to the camera]
ANGIE: Today we are going to be learning about ... how to adjust your glasses properly.
[she moves the glasses up on her forehead]
ANGIE: First you have them up here ... then you slowly inch them down.
[she moves them down her face]
ANGIE: You must make sure all of your hair is out of the way ...
[the camera suddenly falls down, but she readjusts it and continues speaking]
ANGIE: Sorry, I knocked the camera over, I'm quite the klutz!
[she laughs]
ANGIE: [whispers] Okay, now ... you slide your glasses down.
[she slides her glasses down to the tip of her nose]
ANGIE: You put your hair up ... in a bun!
[she takes her hair (which she had been wearing down) and ties it into a bun]
ANGIE: [whispers] And ... voila! You're a librarian!
[she adjusts the camera, then changes her accent to a high-pitched whiny voice]
ANGIE: Yeah, that book is ... it's sold out!
[she pretends to chew gum, then adopts a "hillbilly" Southern voice and starts yelling at the camera]
ANGIE: Why yes, I'm a librarian ... whadja think?!
[she starts sneering at the camera and playing with her hair]
ANGIE: I have a bun in my hair ... and hair in mah face! And these li'l glasses heah!
[she adjusts her glasses, then gives a disturbing smile]
ANGIE: I'm a li-barian! Have a nice day!
[the scene fades to black]

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