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Case Study No. 1109: Staff of the Principal Island Library

Little Big Adventure / Relentless Playthrough #9 - Oh no, not the Library.
I'm currently making a playthrough of LBA with commentary on my other channel at:

Twinsen is doing all sorts of sneaky stuff, sneakin' around past those Supergros and dancing in horse poo. He also asks around a bit too freely about the Legend and finds a dodgy fellow who is willing to take him halfway around the world for just 10 Kashes.

***It pauses for a moment at the beginning, but resumes after a couple of seconds. Sorry about that.***

I used LBAWin to run my copy of the game in Vista.
I do not own the copyright to this game and have made these videos purely for the nostalgia of fans and enjoyment of those who will never get to experience this wonderful, out of print game. :3
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[scene opens on Principal Island, as Twinsen enters the Old Burg Bazaar and speaks with its owner]
TWINSEN: Good day, this talk about the Legend is strange, don't you think?
WADBULL: Sorry, dear customer, but this is a bazaar here ... not a library!
[Twinsen exits the bazaar, and speaks to a female Rabbibunny (an anthropomorphic rabbit) walking outside]
TWINSEN: Good day, this talk about the Legend is strange, don't you think?
RABBIBUNNY: Look, you seem like a nice guy, but you're a big boy now. Figure it out for yourself, I'm not a library!
[he speaks to a male Sphero (a circle-shaped creature) walking outside]
TWINSEN: Good day, this talk about the Legend is strange, don't you think?
SPHERO: Nobody remembers that nowadays. I even wonder if the library still has books about the Legend.
[he makes his way to the Principal Island Library, and reads the sign in front of the building]
TWINSEN: [reading] "Opening hours for the Principal Island Library ... More or less, all the time."
[he enters the library, and speaks with the male Rabbibunny librarian at the front desk]
TWINSEN: Good day, this talk about the Legend is strange, don't you think?
RABBIBUNNY LIBRARIAN: We have some documents on the "Legend" somewhere in the Censored Publications Department, but you need special authorization to look at them. Let me see your ID card.
[the player goes to his inventory and selects "Twinsen's ID card" ("This card allows you to identify yourself to the authorities. Your smile is especially attractive on the photo!")]
RABBIBUNNY LIBRARIAN: Very good, sir. Wait here, please.
[the librarian runs back behind the desk and presses the alarm, summoning a Quetch clone]
[Twinsen defeats the clone, then runs over to a male Grobo (an anthropomorphic elephant) sitting at a desk and reading]
TWINSEN: Good day, this talk about the Legend is strange, don't you think?
GROBO: Sorry, I don't know what you're talking about.
[the Grobo turns back to his book]
GROBO: According to the book I have, there is a "Clear water" lake in the Hamalayi mountains, somewhere to the North West of Principal Island. Did you know that the Hamalayi range is impossible to cross? It marks the border with the Northern hemisphere, the one that Doctor FunFrock cleared out. The sun is too hot for us over there ... The temperature is unbearable, and the changes in climate caused the development of mutant monsters. And despite the fact that the good doctor spared us from all that, there are still rebels out there who want to overthrow him. It's shameful!
[he leaves and talks to a male Sphero walking around the stacks]
TWINSEN: Good day, this talk about the Legend is strange, don't you think?
SPHERO PATRON: I found this page ripped out of a book. It says ... "Pull the middle lever once, then pull the right lever once." This must be the answer to some kind of puzzle!
[he leaves and talks to a Rabbibunny patron sitting at a desk and reading]
TWINSEN: Good day, this talk about the Legend is strange, don't you think?
RABBIBUNNY READER: Did you know that Doctor FunFrock installed busts of his effigy to protect us? The ones that don't have a pedestal are placed on ancient seals. Since these symbols were indestructable, at least the busts hide them now!
[he leaves and talks to another male Rabbibunny librarian]
TWINSEN: Good day, this talk about the Legend is strange, don't you think?
RABBIBUNNY CHIEF LIBRARIAN: I can guide you through the Censored Publications Department. There is one book that talks about the Legend. I could show it to you, but first, I would like you to change the taste of the tap water here in the city. It is the only type of water that I am allowed to drink, and it is really disgusting.
[he leaves and talks to a male Grobo sitting by himself in the movie theater section of the library]
TWINSEN: Good day, this talk about the Legend is strange, don't you think?
GROBO STAR WARS FAN: I would like to help you, but I really don't know much, except about movies. Good luck!
[the Grobo looks away]
GROBO STAR WARS FAN: I am a huge "Star Wars" fan! The saga's sequel should be released soon, so I already reserved my seat in the movie theater!
[Twinsen exits the library]



Little Big Adventure is an action-adventure game developed by Adeline Software International and first released at the end of 1994. It was published in Europe by Electronic Arts and in North America, Asia and Oceania under the name Relentless: Twinsen's Adventure by Activision. Over 400,000 copies of the game were sold worldwide in the first release. The game was initially released on CD-ROM and some time later on floppy disks; the CD-ROM version featured full motion video, music and speech whereas the floppy disk version has MIDI music files and still images to replace the videos. The game was later ported to the PlayStation, and released in Europe and Japan. A sequel was released under the name of Little Big Adventure 2 (also known as Twinsen's Odyssey).

Little Big Adventure is a real-time pseudo-3D isometric action-adventure game. All characters and vehicles in the game, including some props in the world, are real 3D polygon-based objects, performing actions within 2D pre-rendered environments. After completion of certain tasks the player is presented with a full motion video cut-scene. The player-character, Twinsen, can be switched between four different "behaviour modes" (Normal, Athletic/Sporty, Aggressive, and Discreet), each changing the character's abilities and interactions with the game world. Combat in the game is mainly conducted using the Magic Ball, a glowing ball of energy which the player throws towards enemies, the trajectory and angle of the ball changing depending on the mode the player is in. Switching to the "Aggressive" mode also allows Twinsen to engage in combat via punching and kicking.

The gameplay is partially free-roaming, allowing the player free non-linear travel around the islands of the game's world once they have been "unlocked" by completing certain objectives or solving certain puzzles; there are also many tasks which are optional or non-linear. Certain locations in the game are initially blocked from the player until they progress to a certain stage, such as the islands in the Northern Hemisphere and fortresses on several of the islands in the Southern Hemisphere.

The game is set on the fictional planet Twinsun, a world which is held in a suspended orbit between two suns resulting in a polar region around its equator. Four different sentient species populate Twinsun; Quetchs are aesthetically similar to humans except that they all possess ponytails, Spheros are short spherical creatures, Grobos resemble anthropomorphic elephants, and Rabbibunnies are tall, thin humanoid rabbits. As the game begins, it is explained that all peoples of Twinsun have been herded into the Southern hemisphere by a brutal tyrant called Dr FunFrock, who has subjugated the planet by developing an army of clones which travel using teleport machines which he has dispersed around the planet. The player character is a young Quetch named Twinsen, who has been incarcerated in an asylum on the fortress-like Citadel Island because of his prophetic dreams about the end of the world.

Twinsen escapes from the asylum and returns to his house which he shares with his girlfriend Zoe, but when Dr FunFrock's clones arrive to re-arrest him, Zoe hides Twinsen from them and is arrested herself. As Twinsen travels between the islands of the planet, seeking to find a way of overcoming FunFrock's clone army and recover Zoe, he discovers that his strange dreams are in fact part of the Prophecy, a legendary tale regarding a being known as Sendell who is said to inhabit the core of the planet and watch over the people of Twinsun. Twinsen's dreams are in fact telepathic messages sent by Sendell, who chose his ancestors to help her watch over the planet centuries prior and is now contacting Twinsen (as the current descendent of his family line) to warn the inhabitants of the planet of the danger posed by FunFrock.

Realising that finding FunFrock and fulfilling the Prophecy is the only way to recover Zoe, Twinsen teams up with a group of rebels resisting the rule of FunFrock, who help him sabotage FunFrock's cloning and teleportation abilities and give him passage through to the Northern Hemisphere, where FunFrock has set up a massive drilling operation into the heart of the planet. Twinsen breaks into FunFrock's main fortress and finds Zoe seemingly locked in a jail, but she is revealed to be a clone created by FunFrock as bait, and FunFrock reveals that with Twinsen safely locked up where he cannot fulfil his part of the Prophecy, he is free to safely drill through to the Well of Sendell deep in the planet's core, where he hopes to encounter Sendell and gain the godly powers she possesses for himself.

Twinsen escapes from the clutches of FunFrock's clones and succeeds in blowing the fortress up, clearing the way for him to fight through FunFrock's drilling operation to reach the Well of Sendell. FunFrock waits with Zoe at the entrance to the Well, telling Twinsen that he'll spare Twinsen and Zoe if he opens the Well for FunFrock to advance and reach Sendell. Twinsen pushes FunFrock off the side of a cliff during a sword fight and opens the Well in order to complete the Prophecy, inadvertently allowing a surviving FunFrock access as well. Twinsen defeats FunFrock in a final confrontation, and him and Zoe encounter Sendell, a being appearing to consist purely of glowing electrical energy, who thanks them for saving a gestalt entity which she is protecting in the core of the planet. Sendell uses her powers to allow Twinsen and Zoe to fly back to the surface, where the inhabitants of the planet have prepared a celebration in Twinsen's honour.



The Principal Island Library is open in all hours of the day.

The library has several important books for Twinsen, such as the Book about the Legend in the Censored Publications Department, and the Captain's Log of LeBorgne.

There is also a section for movie projections.

Rabbibunny librarian
He keeps the library. He had bought LeBorgne's diary from Wadbull.
If Twinsen operates the counter, he will gain 15 kashes, however the librarian will sound the alarm and a Quetch Clone will show up.
If Twinsen asks him for the Teleportation Center plans, he will also sound the alarm.

Rabbibunny chief librarian
He is seen walking in the area of the library. His doctor told him to drink only tap water but he has a problem with its taste. He promises that whoever improves its taste, he will grant him the privilege to see the Censored Publications Department.

Rabbibunny reader
He is found sitting on a table reading. He tells Twinsen that FunFrock's busts that aren't on a thick square pedestal were put there to cover the undestructible Seals of Sendell. This hint refers to the busts at the center of Lupin-Burg and the Old Burg which hide significant bonuses.

Grobo sailor
He is reading LeBorgne's diary but he reads a couple of excerpts to Twinsen if he promises to leave him alone. He tells him the location of the pirate's treasure in Proxima Island (Holomap update).

Grobo Star Wars fan
This Grobo is seen sitting alone in the theatre and speaks with a French accent. He says that he is a huge Star Wars fan and is already reserving a seat for the next sequel.

He wanders among the shelves and often hops in order to reach higher books. He tells Twinsen that has found a page with the hint "pull middle lever once and then pull right lever once"

Grobo reader
He sits at a table reading about the Clear Water Lake at Hamalayi Mountains to the NW of the island. He tells Twinsen that the Mountains are the border between the two hemispheres and that the northen one has been cleared out as the climate is unbearable. He expresses his support for FunFrock for that, and that some Rebel Soldiers want to overthrow him.



Twinsen starts the game in a cell in the asylum. Stand by the bed in aggressive mode. A guard will come down kill him and get on the lift. Kill the other two guards and use the key on the door at the bottom of the stairs. Kill another guard to stop him from sounding the alarm and search the lockers in the room to the right to get your ID and your holomap. Go behind the screen and change into some guard's clothes. Go up the steps, staying well away from the Supergro. Kill the two guards in the next room and use the key to get out of the asylum.

Run up the next set of steps and go to the rubbish heap. Talk to the rabbibunny and do what he says he normally does, hide in the rubbish truck. At the other end, go into the house and open the guy's chest the get 25 Kashes. Run through the screen until you come to the last one, where your girlfriend Zoe is waiting outside the house. As soon as you can find somewhere to hide. Don't try to stop the clones taking away Zoe, you'd only be sent back to the asylum. Get back your tunic and magic ball and climb out of the house through the chimney. Go to the port and kill the clone guarding the gate. Use the key to get in. Talk to the grobo on the right. Arrange the boxes on the squares, they'll reset if you walk out if you get it wrong. If you do it the grobo will give a ferry ticket. Board the ferry.

Once on Principal Island go to the Old Burg village. Everyone will run away from you. If you kill a clone you will gain their trust. Talk to the rabbibunny on the corner and follow him. Then follow his friend back. Go through the secret passage to the blacksmith's. He will give you the key to open the gate. Talk to the female rabbibunny and she will draw away the Supergro from the steps so you can go up. Go to the top of the steps and down the grate into the Astronomer's house. After talking to the Astronomer go out through the little hole at the bottom. Go back the way you came and go out of the village. Visit the library. Talk to the orange rabbibunny. He will set you the task of making the drinking water better. Go back to Citadel Island on the ferry, you will have to pay 30 Kashes for a ticket, because the guy recognises you as wanted. Go to the pharmacy. The doctor knows who you are and sounds the alarm. A clone will come in, beat up the clone and then the doctor for good measure as well. Take the cherry flavoured syrup from off the shelves. Take the ferry back to Principal Island.

Go back to the Old Burg. There's a street on the left called Peg-leg Street. Walk up it, and a soldier will hop out of a bike, for a quick pea. Whilst he's busy take the bike to the water tower. Put the cherry flavoured syrup in the drinking water for the island. Take the bike back to where it came from. Go back to the library and talk to the same rabbibunny. He will check the water and will open the door to the room with the Legend in. Go to the zone above the Old Burg. Jump over the sandbags and kill the soldier that runs away every time you hit him. Take the car to Port-Belooga. Talk to the rabbibunny fishing. He will take you to the White-leaf Desert.



Part 2 - Principal Island

Principal island has the wonderful task of housing Dr Funfrock's HQ which isn't good news for you since it makes it very heavily fortified in most locations.

Anyway, as soon as you leave the ferry at Principal Island's port, walk right along the dock in the direction of the guard post. Use your ball of power to kill the uniformed guard who resides behind the sandbags, then do the same on the Robot Rabbibunny by the guard hut.

When both of these nasty characters dwell in the land of the dead, head northwards in the direction of the main section of the island. You must move very quickly at all times on this island for reasons explained above, so run past the HQ and into the next location.

Continue north at a quick pace until you reach the steps of the island's library. From there, head up the stairs and into the library itself.

Once inside the building you need to talk to everybody around. There are four people who will tell you something of interest, the last of whom (the librarian) will offer you something of much importance if you do something for him.

First of all talk to the Grobo. He will inform you of Clearwater lake, and island of rebels and some mutant monsters. Secondly, make conversation with the Rabbibunny who will talk about Dr Funfrock's statues on top of Sendell's magical seals. And thirdly, chat with a Spheroid who will give you a couple of clues to a puzzle which you will encounter later in the game.

When you've conversed with these three characters, talk to the librarian (the big orange Rabbibunny), and he will promise you access to the Censored Publications Department if you can raise the quality of the local tap water.

When you have talked to all these creatures, leave the library again and this time go westwards past the guardpost. As soon as you enter the next screen, run southwards as quickly as possible, because there are two guards concealing themselves under camouflage netting who will attempt to shoot you down if you're not quick enough.

Now enter the main part of the town known as The Old Burg, and walk over to the two Rabbibunnies whispering to each other by the wall at the bottom of the screen. As soon as you try to talk to them they will run off, but this doesn't matter, just ignore them and walk though the nearby door.

Once inside the building try talking to the female bunny, but you will soon find out that she won't talk until she knows you can be trusted. To prove yourself, leave the house again and head north until you locate a big yellow robot bumping down some steps. Kill this mechanical mouse with your ball of power, then retrace your steps back to the house.

This time the female rabbit will talk, but much of what she says is no more than local gossip. Eventually, though, she will say something of use when she points you in the direction of a friend of hers who lives in Peg Leg Street, called Julia.

Now you know of this new character it's time to go and talk to her, so leave the house and head south into the next screen. Here, enter the house by the sea and talk to Julia. She will tell you about an astronomer that resides in the town, but before you leave to go and visit him, search the cupboards in her house for health, Kashes and magic bottles. (Charming, huh?)

When your search is complete, leave the house and talk to the rabbit by the wall. He will pass you on to his cousin, who will then pass you on to a Grobo locksmith. When the locksmith drops a key, pick it up and use it on the gate, then walk left, past the statues of Dr Funfrock (as mentioned by the Rabbibunny in the library earlier).

Enter the building past the statues with the Jerry-can symbol above it (the store) and buy some gasoline and the Mecca Penguin. When you have made the purchases, retrace your steps outside and this time talk to the female Rabbibunny standing by the wall.

She will tell you how to pass the Supergro guarding the steps towards the right of the screen, so follow her instructions and sprint past the distracted elephant. Once past there, walk right and ascend the stairs onto the roof. Here, stand on top of the grating and press [SPACE] to climb down into the astronomer's room.

Once inside the room, talk to the astronomer (called Bob Vortix) and he will tell you about a legend. More importantly, however, he will mention a friend of his who will be able to help you out. He is at Port Belooga.

When you have finished talking with him, accept the 15 Kashes, then leave his house by crawling through the little hole at the bottom of the screen. Back on the streets of The Old Burg, activate 'Discreet Mode' and sneak behind the Supergro.

Past the Supergro, search the flowerpot next to the tavern by jumping over the wall. In the flowerpot you will find an extra life in the shape of a clover leaf. Once you've got that, enter the tavern and talk to everybody there to find out whether they like Principal Island's tap water or not - it seems not. Yuck!!

Now seems as good a time as any to sort out this water problem and gain access to the secret books at the library at the same time. To do this good deed, head back to Peg Leg Street where you met Julia earlier. By heading left along this street you should find the road ends in a dead-end, and at this end there is a yellow-coloured motor-bike parked.

Wait nearby until the guard leaves the bike, then walk up to it to 'borrow' it for a while! Use the bike to take yourself to the Water Tower.

Upon arrival at the tower, climb the staircase, then stand on top of the grating and press [SPACE] again to reveal a hole. Climb down this hole to get into the tower itself, then set about collecting all the power-boosting mushrooms that grow nearby.

When you've finished collecting the mushrooms, stand next to the tank of water, press [SHIFT] to call up your inventory, and then [RETURN] to activate the syrup-bottle. This will make you drop the pink solution into the water and make it appetising for the island's inhabitants once again.

Once the water has been purified, climb back up the ladder, and make your way back to the motor-bike. Use this to take yourself to Leg Street once again.

At Peg Leg Street, go and visit the librarian by retracing your steps all the way back to the library. Once he has tested the water to check it's new flavour we will lead you down some stairs to view a mammoth book on the subject of the legend, the White Leaf Desert and the heir.

When you have read-up on this it's time to follow your other lead on this island - the chap at Port Belooga who the astronomer mentioned. To get to there, leave the library and run past the guard post again. This time, however, when you get to the screen with the guards under the camouflage netting, head left to the military camp instead of going south.

When you reach the sandbags, jump over them before continuing up, past Dr Funfrock's statue, making sure you avoid the Robot Rabbibunny that guards the square. Continue past the three wooden toilets and the tents, and walk up to the green buggy.

Use the buggy as you did the yellow motor-bike to take yourself to Port Belooga. When you reach the port, head down the pier and chat with the Rabbibunny sitting dangling its feet in the water. Because you are an acquaintance of the astronomer, he offers you a lift anywhere in his boat in return for 10 Kashes. Accept his offer and choose White Leaf Desert as your destination.

Part 3 - White Leaf Desert

When you reach your destination you will be dropped off on some rocks just off the island. Jump across these rocks in the direction of the island making sure you avoid the machine-gun fire emanating from the pillbox on the island.

Upon arrival at the beach, use your ball of power to kill any guards in the vicinity. Collect any items that the guards drop, especially the key dropped by the guard nearest the fence, because you then need the use of this to enter the compound to the south.

Once in the compound, walk over to the desert and approach the old chap with the guitar. After talking to him for a while you'll learn that he's looking for a sacred book which is in the underground temple accessed by the chimney by his side.

Drop down this chimney and you enter a temple. This section of the game is split into two parts. The first part is completed by locating a small white statue and pushing this across traps and platforms to another pedestal. This action will open a door allowing access to the second part of the temple. This can be quite annoying because things happen too quickly for you to consider what you're doing, so you often make wrong moves.

Anyway, when you complete this task with the statue, go through the door that opens and you get to part two.

Part two of the temple is 'guarded' by a massive log covered in spikes which rolls down the various passageways, forcing you to fall through gaps in the floor or die! Whenever this approaches you must hide to one side and let it roll past.

Apart from this log there are lots of creatures to shoot as well. In the end, if you are very skilful and lucky you will find the Book of Bu which gives you the power to read ancient runes and advances you to the second magic level (resulting in your ball of power turning to green).

Once you have the book in your possession, return to the desert, and reapproach the old man who wanted it. He will tell you that you should return home because you are the heir to some ancient ancestral artifacts.

Okay, so do as he says. Get back to the boat and this time select your destination as Citadel Island. When you arrive run back to your house and locate your cellar then enter the barrel to get to a secret grotto.

Ever since you got the Book Of Bu you are able to read ancient runes (as I said earlier), so you can now read the legend on the door. These runes tell that there are locked doors guarding your inheritance (the ancestral weapons) and these can only be unlocked by a key that the pirate LeBorgne stole. It says that this key is now hidden in his treasure.

Now head back to the Citadel Island port. Upon arrival, approach the elephant with the block puzzle from earlier, and buy a ticket off him. Now take the ferry back to Principal Island.

When you arrive, go to The Old Burg area again and chat to the rabbit by the wall. He will tell you that LeBorgne's log is for sale somewhere in The Old Burg. Where else would something be for sale but a shop, you might ask, so head to the shop where you bought the gasoline and Mecca Penguin earlier, and talk to the shop-keeper about it.

Unfortunately the log is no longer for sale because it was just sold to the librarian! Now you'll have to chase after it by running over to the library!

When you reach the library ask the librarian about the pirate's log and he will point you in the direction of an elephant at the back of the library. This elephant will read you sections of the book to your heart's content, but the only section of interest is "LeBorgne's Treasure". By listening to this you will find that the treasure's on Proxima island!

Finding out this new information makes Proxima island visible on your Holomap, so you can now travel there straight away. Do this by going back to the military camp again and using the green buggy to get to Port Belooga.

This time, the astronomer's friend doesn't want to take you on his boat so you will have to find some other means of transport to get yourself to the new location. Fortunately, a spheroid is on hand to sell you a catamaran for 200 Kashes.

If you do not have enough money, stroll around the area a bit until you do, because this is the only way you're going to get to Leborgne's treasure. When you get enough cash, but the vehicle and set-off for Proxima Island.



* Twinsen: Good day, I'm looking for a friend. She is escorted by two groboclones.
* Rabbibunny Librarian: She's not here. I would have noticed her. We don't have many readers these days.


TWINSEN heads to the library to learn more about the legend.

* Rabbibunny Chief Librarian: According to my doctor, I can drink only the city's tap water. But it tastes too bad. If someone could improve its taste, I would be willing to show him the Censored Publication Department, and that would be quite a privilege.

So TWINSEN heads to the water tower of the island and pours a bottle of syrup into the water reservoir. Then TWINSEN revisits the library.

* Rabbibunny Chief Librarian: Hold on a minute, I'm going to taste the water. Hmmmmm, cherry flavor, not bad... but I would have preferred carrot. But anyway, as promised, I will show you where the documents about the "Legend" are.

He leads TWINSEN to a part of the library not open to public. A massive book is presented there. TWINSEN reads the ancient words:

"In the distant past, when the spheros, rabbibunnies, Quetches and grobos emerged from the original primordial soup, centuries before Dr. FunFrock's coup, a prophecy was pronounced. Its text is hardly remembered today and that is why people now refer to it as the 'Legend'. It explained how 'the Heir,' when his time had come, would be called to overthrow a tyrant! The secret of the Legend can still be learned somewhere in the White Leaf Desert."


* Twinsen: I'm interested in the story of LeBorgne the pirate.
* Rabbibunny Librarian: We must have something about LeBorgne. Go check with the chief librarian. You know him already, he's a rather large, orange rabbibunny.

TWINSEN heads for the Censored Publication Department and speaks with the chief librarian.

* Rabbibunny Chief Librarian: Good day. Come this way, I'll open the door for you.
* Twinsen: I'm interested in the story of LeBorgne the pirate.
* Rabbibunny Chief Librarian: My dear sir, I have been looking for Captain LeBorgne's log for years now. And would you believe that I found it today while shopping in the Old Burg? Naturally, such a piece should be consulted on site. Go look on the table in the back of the room next to the projection room.

So TWINSEN heads for the room next to the movie theater where a Grobo is looking at the book.

* Twinsen: I'm interested in the story of LeBorgne the pirate.
* Grobo Sailor: Ok, I'll read you an extract from this book if you promise to leave me alone. What do you want me to read about?
* Twinsen: Pirate recipes.
* Grobo Sailor: As you know, this is a French game, and our respect for the culinary arts prevents us from revealing the ingredients used in pirate recipes.
* Twinsen: LeBorgne's treasure.
* Grobo Sailor: "To find Captain LeBorgne's treasure, the voyager who arrives at the port of Proxima island must use the closest mooring post as a guide. With his back to the docked boats, he must follow these instructions in DISCREET mode: 6 steps to the North (straight ahead), then 6 steps to the East (to his right), following the gradual slope. 2 steps to the North (straight ahead) until he reaches the metal garbage can, 3 steps to the East (to his right) until he arrives at a light post. He must stand EXACTLY between the 2 lamp posts, and then take 8 steps to the North until he arrives at a gate. Captain LeBorgne's treasure is in the building behind the gate."
* Twinsen: Why LeBorgne?
* Grobo Sailor: That was his nickname because he was always chewing an old toothpick. One day, during a typhoon, he sneezed: he found his toothpick, but lost an eye!

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