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Case Study No. 1120: Unnamed Male Librarian (Every Girls Life Guide)

Every Girls Life Guide
Two students steal an important document from the school library. But the resident librarian notices and gives chase!

A stage one Digital Video project made at Westminster School.
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[scene opens with two male students standing in an elevator (as muzak plays in the background), interspersed with various scenes (in black-and-white) of the students being chased around campus by a male librarian)]
[cut to a shot outside of the elevator, as the doors open and the students step out]
[cut to an exterior shot of the Westminster School's Learning & Resource Centre, as the two students walk in (and the "Pink Panther" theme begins to play in the background)]
[cut to a shot of the stacks, as the two students find a copy of Miriam Stoppard's "Every Girl's Life Guide" and take it off of the shelf]
[cut to the front desk, as the young male librarian (brown hair, suit and tie) watches the two students nervously walk by]
[cut to a shot of the exit, as the two students try to leave without checking out the book first ... but the alarm goes off, and they make a run for it]
[cut to the students running out of the library, as the librarian chases after them close behind (and Fatboy Slim's "Ya Mama" plays in the background)]
[cut to the students running down the steps ... at one point, the librarian reaches out to grab one of the students, but he hops over the railing and is able to avoid his grasp]
[cut to the students outside, as they stop and examine the book's cover ... but the librarian appears and tries to grab one of them, so he ducks while the other tosses the book over the librarian's head (as the other catches it)]
[cut to the librarian chasing one of the students (he runs through the grass, but the librarian carefully steps over a shrub so as not to step on it)]
[cut to the students running back into the school, as they try to hide in the boys' bathroom]
[cut to the librarian entering the bathroom, as he grabs an innocent student washing his hands and tries to shake him down for information (while the theme from "Jaws" plays in the background)]
[cut to the librarian checking the stall doors one by one, then to a shot of the students' feet (as they are hiding in the last stall)]
[cut to the librarian kicking open the stall door, as the students cower in fear]
[cut to a shot of the stall door (now closed), as the sounds of the librarian beating up the students on the other side can be heard ... with the occasional "Ouch!" and "Kapow!" graphic from the old "Batman" TV series popping up on screen]
[the librarian eventually opens the stall door, holding the book (as the students are propped up against the wall, unconscious, behind him) and slips it into his suit before walking off camera]

Every Girl's Lifeguide


Librarian ... Tobi Kelly
Theif 1 ... Matthew Cropley
Theif 2 ... Tanapat Earth
Filmer/Editor/Extra ... Klarke Trezise

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