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Case Study No. 1133: Deskie and Watson

Library Revolutions
When he was a KU student, Emmy winner Chris Martin directed 2003's Library Revolutions, a parody of "The Matrix." Open the red book and see just how far the KU Libraries go.

Learn more about Martin at /21/emmywinner.shtml

And learn more about the KU Libraries at http://www.k libraries/
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KU Filmworks

Library Revolutions

[scene opens with green-tinted footage from inside Watson Library, as the camera pans over several students using the library, until it stops at one male student with his head down sleeping at his desk]
[cut to the student's laptop, as a tiny window opens on the screen with the words "Wake up, Leo ... "]
[cut back to the student, who wakes up and (after looking around) stares at the screen]
[cut back to the laptop, as the words "Follow the white Jayhawk." appear]
[cut back to the student, as he looks over and sees a young female librarian carrying a book adorned with a large white sticker featuring the University of Kansas mascot (the KU Jayhawk)]
[he immediately gets up and follows her, then cut to the student peeking around the corner of the bookshelf, as he sees the librarian (black hair in a bun, sleeve-less black tank top) sitting down at a nearby desk]
[he approaches her with his arms crossed]
DESKIE: Hello, Leo.
LEO: That was you on the computer ... How did you do that?
DESKIE: I know why you're here, Leo. You're here because you're looking for something. I know, because I was once looking for the same thing. I was looking for an answer.
[she smilees]
DESKIE: Do you want to know what it is?
[he slowly nods]
DESKIE: Unfortunately, I can't tell you. You have to see it for yourself.
[she reaches under the desk and takes out a blue book]
DESKIE: Take the blue book, and go back home, learning nothing.
[she reaches under the desk with her other hand and takes out a red book]
DESKIE: Take the red book, and find out just how deep the Jayhawk hole goes.
[she holds out both books in front of him]
DESKIE: The choice is yours.
[he hesitates, then takes the red book]
DESKIE: Here ...
[she reaches off camera and picks up a pair of sunglasses, placing them on top of the red book]
DESKIE: You might need these.
[she smiles and puts on her own pair of sunglasses, as Leo follows suit]
[cut to a closeup of Leo's face, as he breathes deeply and opens the red book ... a bright light envelops the screen, then cut to Leo standing in a vast empty room by himself]
LEO: Whoa!
[he drops the book and looks down, as the camera pans out to reveal that he is now wearing a black trenchcoat]
LEO: Hey, what's going on?
[he turns around, then suddenly an African American male librarian (also wearing sunglasses and a trenchcoat) appears behind him]
LEO: Who are you?
WATSON: I am Watson. I am here to help.
LEO: Where am I?
WATSON: You're in the library.
[he looks around, confused, at the vast emptiness around him]
LEO: But ... No, that's impossible.
WATSON: Impossible? What do you think the library is? Do you think it's a building of stone? Do you think it's a stack of books?
LEO: Yeah ... Kinda.
WATSON: The library is a collection of information, and information can be words on pages, or numbers in a computer database. Anything.
LEO: Ohhh.
WATSON: A library is a system, but it exists to serve you. It's a system that you control.
LEO: What're you trying to tell me? That I can finally navigate all this information for my research paper?
WATSON: No Leo, what I'm trying to tell you is that when you're ready, you won't have to.
LEO: [pause] Whoa.
[Watson snaps his fingers, and rows of bookshelves suddenly appear on the horizon and fly towards them at incredible speeds]
WATSON: The stacks you've wandered through before at Watson Library are only one part of the system.
LEO: Yeah, I'm pretty familiar with them.
WATSON: But Watson isn't the only library ...
[he snaps his fingers again, and a virtual map of the campus (with the various library buildings highlighted) appears behind Leo]
LEO: More libraries? That just makes it more confusing.
WATSON: That's why she's here ...
[he points off camera, then cut to the female librarian (now wearing a leather midriff-bearing tank top, black leather pants, and knee-high leather boots) as she sits seductively with her legs crossed on top of the reference desk]
LEO: [quietly] Whoa ...
[he pulls down his glasses to get a better look, as they both walk towards her]
DESKIE: I work at the reference desk. I'm there to answer your questions.
LEO: Thanks, but what if I'm stuck in some other part of the library?
WATSON: Then use one of these.
[he reaches behind his back and pulls out a laptop]
LEO: A laptop?
[Leo takes the laptop]
WATSON: Students can check out wireless laptops from the circulation desk. With these, they can access any of the library's databases, as well as the internet, from anywhere in the building.
LEO: That's amazing ...
[he closes the laptop, then looks at Deskie]
LEO: But I still might have some questions.
DESKIE: That's why we have a chat program, that connects KU students from any computer on the internet ... to people like me. We answer your questions in real time.
LEO: That's how you contacted me before.
[she nods]
LEO: But, what if I have questions about KU? Not about the library?
WATSON: Then just call the Oracle ...
[he points off camera, then cut to a young woman (short black hair, sleeve-less black blouse) sitting at a desk with a sign reading "KU Info 864-3506"]
[they walk over to the desk, as she is typing at her computer before looking up]
KU INFO STAFFER: I know you're Leo ... Be right with you.
LEO: You're ... the Oracle?
KU INFO STAFFER: Bingo! Not quite what you were expecting, right?
WATSON: This is KU Info. Some have called it ... the oracle of all knowledge. This information hotline has served the KU community for over thirty years, and now has been integrated into the library. If you ever have a question about KU, you can call eight-six-four three-five-oh-six, or visit them at Anschutz Library. They know much about KU.
LEO: Well ... Oracle, how many--
KU INFO STAFFER: Fifteen thousand nine hundred and one.
[Leo's smug smile fades away]
LEO: Trees are there on campus?
KU INFO STAFFER: Yeah, we get that one a lot.
LEO: Huh ... How can I find all the information I need for my research paper?
KU INFO STAFFER: Well, Watson can show you how to use the library's computer system to find books and journal articles related to your subjects.
[Watson nods, then motions for Leo to follow him]
[cut to Watson pointing to a desk with a laptop computer, as Leo sits down and cracks his knuckles]
LEO: How do I use this thing?
WATSON: The online catalog lists what books and journals the library has.
[cut to several screenshots of the KU Library's website]
WATSON: [from off camera] But you can also access databases filled with online documents in a variety of research fields. These can be accessed outside the library, from any computer on the internet.
[cut back to Leo typing on the keyboard]
LEO: And what about after I finish researching?
WATSON: We have Microsoft Office software on the laptops at library workstations to help you complete the process.
[cut back to the laptop screen, as he opens Word]
WATSON: [from off camera] Type your paper using Microsoft Word.
[he then opens Adobe Photoshop 5.0LE]
WATSON: [from off camera] Or use special computers to edit graphics using Photoshop.
[cut to a closeup of Watson's face]
WATSON: Or design a webpage using Dreamweaver. And when you're done, you can even take your paper to the Writers' Roost in Watson Library or Wescoe Hall, to get writing advice.
LEO: Oh, I see! I think I've got it!
[cut to a closeup of Leo's hands (as sped-up footage is shown of him typing), then cut to the female librarian walking up behind Watson]
DESKIE: What is he doing?
WATSON: He's beginning to believe.
[the camera zooms in on the laptop screen, then cut to a closeup of a piece of paper (entitled "Leo's Research Paper"), as the camera pans out to show Leo back in the library, his head down and sleeping at his desk]
[he wakes up and rubs his eyes, then notices the paper on the desk (and the pair of sunglasses sitting nearby) and smiles]
[he picks up the glasses and the paper, then cut to him (wearing the sunglasses) standing at the top of the stone staircase in front of the library, as he jumps straight up in the air and lands at the bottom of the steps in a dramatic pose]
[he takes a cell phone out of his backpocket, and dials a number]
LEO: [into the phone] It's me. I have something to show you ... To show everyone. A world without borders or boundaries. A world where anything is possible.
[he hangs up, then cut to him walking in front of the library, as he jumps straight up into the air and disappears off camera]
[cut to an aerial shot of the campus, as Leo (striking a Superman pose) "flies" overhead and smiles]

Produced & Directed by
Chris Martin

Writer & Assistant Director
Steve Deaver


Leo ... Matt Simon
Deskie ... Rita DeLoach
Watson ... Jeff Harrison
KU Info Staffer ... Shana Kayne
Stunt Hands ... Steve Deaver
Body Double ... Bob McGee
Library Extras ... Chris Bunk, Bob McGee, Steve Deaver

Director of Photography
Jeremy Osbern

Key Grip/Foley Artist
Chris Blunk

Production Crew
Bob McGee
Billy Papa
Josh Effron
Chris Blunk
Kevin Beacom
Steve Deaver
Chris Martin
Jeremy Osbern

Costume Designer
Monica Willey

Visual Effects Designer
Chris Martin

Original Score
Julian Bickford
(Bickford & Bickford Media Services)

Aerial Photography Courteous of
University Relations

Special Thanks
Matt Jacobson
Joy Baze
Lea Currie
Frank Barthell
Kent Miller
Matt Blume

This has been a KU Filmworks production for the KU Libraries

Produced in cooperation with
Oldfather Studios

Department of Theater & Film
University of Kansas

Copyright 2003
Chris Martin/KU Filmworks



If you're a Matrix geek, then this promotional video for the University of Kansas' library is for you. The director of this video is Emmy-winner Chris Martin who was a film student at the University of Kansas. He also did another library spoof video called Lord of the Libraries.

Two oldies but goodies. These library videos attract attention, are pretty cool and have a professional look. The real next step is to make the sale after marketing the library – get a card, visit the website, do a search, make an appointment . . . a call to action. I wonder how many libraries train front line staff how to respond effectively and build on the marketing efforts that draw people to the library's goodness?

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