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Case Study No. 1113: Philistine

ONE trailer 2012
Ghost River Theatre presents ONE, written and conceived by Jason Carnew, directed by Eric Rose.

A free association on the Orpheus and Eurydice myth, ONE tells the story of Philistine, a bibliophile librarian, who falls in love with George, a budding astronomer. When George is lost at sea, Philistine journeys to the underworld in search of her love.
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["Probably my favourite of all the plays I saw this year ... Squarely on the side of the ingenious. -- VUE Magazine" appears on screen]
["Ghost River Theatre presents Jason Carnew's One directed by Eric Rose" appears on screen]
[cut to footage from the play, as "A bibliophile librarian named Philistine ... falls in love with George, a budding astronomer" appears on screen]
[cut to more footage from the play, as "But when her love is lost ... she must find him in the underworld" appears on screen]
[cut to footage of Philistine standing in the "rain"]
[cut to more footage from the play, as "A free-association on the Orpheus and Eurydice myth, told through a series of bold theatrical images" appears on screen]
VOICE: All you have to do ... is let go.
[cut to a still image of Philistine from the play, as "One is visually arresting and full of heart and humanity. Highly recommended. -- Robert Crew, The Toronto Star" appears on screen]
[cut to another still image from the play, as "Winner of the 2011 Betty Mitchell Awards for Outstanding Production of a Play, Outstanding Sound Design and Outstanding Lighting Design" appears on screen]
[cut to another still image from the play, as "And the 2011 Toronto Summerworks Award for Outstanding Direction" appears on screen]
[cut to another still image from the play, as "How far is too far to go ... for love?" appears on screen]
["Now touring" appears on screen]


Conceived and Written by
Jason Carnew

Eric Rose

David van Belle and Lee Cookson

Sound Design
Matthew Waddell

Production Design
Snezana Pesic

Assoc. Lighting Design
Lester Lee

Stage Management
Lester Lee

Amber Borotsik
Cole Humeny
Kristi Hansen
Keith Wyatt

Photography by
Zachary Ayotte and Marc Chalifoux

copyright 2010

Ghost River Theatre
David van Belle and Eric Rose, Co-Artistic Directors

ghostrivertheatre dot com


From ghostrivertheatre.com:

An innovative, highly theatrical free-association on the Orpheus myth, created by Jason Carnew and directed by Ghost River Co-Artistic Director Eric Rose. ONE follows Philistine, a bibliophile librarian, as she journeys through the underworld in search of her lover George, a budding astronomer who dreams of one day joining the constellations.

As Philistine journeys further and further away from her life, the world as she knew it distills into a series of images and visual experiences, taking her beyond the living world and into the strange and all-consuming world of the dead. A ballet of design, movement and performance, ONE is visually and acoustically stunning in both its conception and delivery.


From facebook.com:

ONE follows the desperate journey of Philistine, an impassioned librarian searching for the love of her life, George, an astronomer who's been lost at sea. Her devotion takes her beyond the fabric of the living and into the strange and all-consuming world of the dead. A multi-disciplinary free-association on the Orpheus and Eurydice myth.


From calgaryjournalonline.ca:

It's better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved at all.

These themes of love and loss are at the core of a production that will be presented by Ghost River Theatre this December.

"ONE" is the theatrical piece created by Calgarian, Jason Carnew, and directed by Eric Rose. It explores the lengths that one woman goes to find the love that she lost.

"To lose somebody is one of the most difficult things that we contend with in our lives as human beings. And it's one of the largest questions of what happens when somebody dies: will we ever see them again?" Rose said.

The play is loosely based on the Greek Orpheus and Eurydice myth, but, according to Rose, is less about retelling the literal story, and more about taking the central themes and ideas within the story, and reshaping and reinterpreting them.

The original myth follows the journey of a man, Orpheus, down to the underworld to take back his love, Eurydice, who he lost to Hades. "ONE" follows this same thematic journey of the lengths gone to find a lost love, but reverses the genders and re-invents the setting and personalities of the characters.

Amber Borotsik, who will play the passionate librarian protagonist, Philistine, believes that the power behind myths lies in their ability to relate to the core and central ideas about being human.

"That's why they have stayed with us over so many years ; because they always bring us back to these values and notions that we're still trying to puzzle our way through," she said.

"ONE" deals with an entire gamut of emotions, including the joy of first love, loneliness and loss, according to Borotsik.

"Loss is really dealt with," she said. "And what lengths you would go to find that love again."

Mark Jenkins, who will play Philistine's love, George, describes the emotional journey that Philistine goes on throughout the piece.

He said: "It's a search by one woman for her lover in the underworld. She wants to regain her love. She wants to bring her love back from the dead. So she travels through hell - quite literally - hell and high water to try to retrieve him. So it's a story of everlasting love through the grave."

The story will be told using several multi-disciplinary techniques, including lighting, sound, dance and text, to make it a highly visual, innovative performance.

"We use the audience's imagination to create the world," Rose said. "By giving the audience that kind of ability to participate inside of the piece, suddenly the magic of the room, the space, the ideas, are very alive between the performers and the audience."

Matthew Waddell, sound designer for "ONE," has been working closely with the development of the play since its first inception six years ago.

"I think sound in the play plays its own character sometimes, because at certain points, there's moments where there's no talking," he said. "It's just music. There's just sound elements, and they're used to advance the narrative."

In describing the story, Jenkins said, "It's told a lot through the movement of the actors, through a lot of imagery, and using elaborate lighting set-ups and interesting and intricate props."

These techniques are meant to guide the audience towards a certain feeling or emotion, but make the overall impact and reaction very personal, according to Jenkins.

"You show a photo to ten different people, and they're going to see ten different things. So it kind of allows them to have a very personal reaction," he said.

Rose agrees.

He said, "I think it speaks really personally to people from their own experience of love and loss, and that kind of thematic idea touches people at all ages."

"ONE" will run from Dec. 8-18, at the Joyce Doolittle Theatre. For ticket information, call (403) 263-0079 or visit www.ghostrivertheatre.com.

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