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Case Study No. 1104: "Quand j'etais petit, je voulais etre ... Bibliothecaire!"

Teaser 01
Teaser 01: Bibliothecaire (a librarian)
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["Quand J'etais Petit (When I Was a Kid ...)" appears on screen]
NARRATOR: [translated from the French] When I was a kid, I wanted to be ... a librarian!
[cut to a young boy sitting at a desk, reading a book, when someone whispering can be heard off camera]
BOY: Shh!
[someone off camera throws a book at the boy, hitting him in the head and knocking him out, then the whispering continues]
NARRATOR: [translated] And you ... ?



Date - 6 septembre 2011
Genre - Cartoon
Studio - ESIA 3D (Bellecour Ecoles d'Art)
Description - A dad tell to his son what kind of jobs he wanted to do when he was a kid. Go inside his memories and a funny and colorful world.
Animation - Nicolas Millet



End of studies short film from Bellecour Schools, Art Design & entertainment (2011) ( Directed by Nicolas Millet, Estelle Venin, Antoine Marduel and Alexandre Jacquet.
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Nicolas Millet

Estelle Venin

Antoine Marduel

Alexandre Jacquet


Antoine Dagallier


Sonia Virly

Emmanuel Cabrit

Nicolas Millet
Story board, layout 2D/3D, rigging, skinning, setup, animation, compositing

Estelle Venin
Modeling, texturing, sets design, objets design, character animation, sets animation

Antoine Marduel
Characters design, characters modeling, characters texturing, skinning, lighting, rendering, compositing

Alexandre Jacquet
Sets design, sets modeling, sets animation, character hair/clothes modeling, texturing, fx 2D, opening, ending

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