Thursday, November 14, 2013

Case Study No. 1118: Violetta Beretta

Violetta Beretta in: It's Oh So Quiet
Violetta Beretta does her "Crazy Librarian" schtick over at Skyline @ The Hano Hano Room, Sheraton Waikiki.
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Violetta Beretta in
"It's Oh So Quiet"

[scene opens on a young female librarian (red glasses, blue sweater, white skirt) sitting behind a desk reading a book]
[Bjork's "It's Oh So Quiet" begins playing, so she gets up and begins "shushing" the audience by putting a finger to her lips in rhythm with the music]
[she takes off her sweater and unbuttons her blouse, then undoes the bun in her hair and starts dancing around stage (showing off her "grannie panties" with the high kicks)]
[she sits back down and starts reading again, until she throws the book up in the air and begins dancing again]
[she takes off her bra (revealing pasties) then shushes one more time as the audience applauds]



Violetta Beretta is the sultry Hawaiian temptress that brings the art of the tease to spellbound audiences across the globe with her dazzling, hilarious and tantalizing performances. She was born, raised and currently resides in Honolulu, Hawaii. Violetta most recently captivated audiences at Tease-O-Rama (2008 & 2011) and Tiki Oasis (2009-2012.) She is a dancer/singer with the infamous Don Tiki, and has shaken her burlesque shimmy to acclaim internationally, nationally and in her beloved Aloha State!



Violetta Beretta 2013
"It's Oh So Quiet"

A wild burlesque striptease act featuring a naughty librarian, elaborately decorated stage props covered in more than 12,000 glittering rhinestones, and a lot of shushing.

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