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Case Study No. 1115: Berna

Let's Play Neverwinter Nights - Part 4
We continue our training at the Academy by buying stuff from Olgerd, talking to Berna, badmouthing Herban, and getting our weapon training from Dendy and Hewwet. We also visit the Menagerie.

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[the player enters the library in Neverwinter Academy, and speaks with the female librarian]
BERNA: Hey there. You're one of the students here at the Academy, aren't you? Lily, unless I'm mistaken. I'm Berna, an instructor here at the Academy. If you like, I can give you a quick tutorial on how to use your map and journal.
[the player selects "Sure"]
BERNA: To use your journal, simply left-click on the Journal box beneath your character portrait or press the "J" key on your keyboard. Go ahead and do that now ... it won't end our conversation.
[the player clicks the Journal box and selects "Speaking to Berna", which reads "Day 03, Month 06, 1372 (18:00). Berna is explaining the journal system to me."]
BERNA: This brings up your journal entries for the current chapter. Right now you should see two quests in your journal, "Academy Training" and "Speaking to Berna." Go ahead and click on the "Speaking to Berna" entry to get the detailed description of that entry. You can click on an entry to bring up more details at any time.
[the player selects "Okay, I understand that"]
BERNA: Go ahead and close your journal now. You can do this by hitting the "J" on your keyboard or by clicking the journal icon under your character portrait.
[the player selects "Continue"]
BERNA: Now I'm going to update your journal. Open your journal again. You'll see the "Speaking to Berna" entry has been moved. It's now in the "Completed Quests" section of your journal.
[the player selects "Continue"]
BERNA: Notice that on the top of the journal are tabs for your quests, your completed quests and a section where you can make your own notes. As I already mentioned, the "Speaking to Berna" entry is now under the completed quests tab.
[the player selects "Continue"]
BERNA: Click on the entry. Notice how it's changed to tell you the quest is now over. That's about it for the journal. Do you want me to go on to the map tutorial now?
[the player selects "Yes"]
BERNA: Okay, first make sure your journal is closed. Now, to use your map, left-click the "Map" box beneath your character portrait or press "M" on your keyboard. The top of the map is always north. Go ahead and do that now. Your location on the map is marked by an arrow, and the arrow points in the direction you are facing. Do you understand so far?
[the player selects "Yes"]
BERNA: The arrow keys on the top of the map let you zoom in or out. Maps will fill in as you explore an area. You can leave the map up to help guide you as you are adventuring.
[the player selects "Continue"]
BERNA: You will also see that there are small pins tacked onto the map. These are your map notes, they mark important locations in an area. Simply move your mouse over one of the pins to read the notes.
[the player selects "Continue"]
BERNA: You can add your own map notes by clicking the "Pin" in the upper left corner of the map screen, then clicking the area on the map where you wish to add the note.
[the player selects "Anything else?"]
BERNA: That's it as far as the map and journal go. You can close your map now if you want. Just click the "Map" icon below your character sheet or hit "M" on your keyboard.
[the player selects "May I ask you some questions?"]
BERNA: Of course. We instructors are here to give guidance to the students, after all. How else will you complete your training?
[the player selects "What can you tell me about the Wailing Death?"]
BERNA: I know the quarantine of the city has done little to stop the affliction from spreading, though it has bred mistrust and fear among the people.
[the player selects "Continue"]
BERNA: Lady Aribeth does her best to keep the peace, but the rumors are beginning to fly. People suspect some dark evil is behind the Wailing Death.
[the player selects "Continue"]
BERNA: Soon the panic may lead to open rebellion. I pray we of the Academy are not forced into battle against the citizens of Neverwinter. They are the very people we are supposed to protect!
[the player selects "Tell me about Lady Aribeth"]
BERNA: Lady Aribeth de Tylmarande is a Paladin of Tyr. She may be young, but she has already proven her courage and her devotion to both Neverwinter and Tyr.
[the player selects "Continue"]
BERNA: Lord Nasher Alagondar himself has given Lady Aribeth the task of saving Neverwinter from the Wailing Death.
[the player selects "Continue"]
BERNA: She's actually here at the Academy right now, in the south assembly hall. Once you've finished your training you can go to meet her.
[the player selects "Where can I go to complete my training?"]
BERNA: Just head through the exit in the southwest corner of this room. The Academy training rooms are all in the hallway beyond. Once you finish your training, you can go meet Aribeth in the south assembly hall.
[the player selects "Do you know anything about a cure for the plague?"]
BERNA: So you have heard the rumors as well? You should focus on your studies and not idle gossip.
[the player selects "Continue"]
BERNA: Lady Aribeth is no doubt seeking a cure, but there has been no official word. And spreading rumors about a cure being stored here at the Academy is dangerous.
[the player selects "Continue"]
BERNA: It draws unwanted attention. The people are desperate for a cure ... so desperate they might even attack the Academy itself if they feel we have one.
[the player selects "Goodbye"]
BERNA: Goodbye, Lily.



"Neverwinter Nights"

Opening movie of Nasher Alagondar killing the minotaur Koth Uth-Kalin

Neverwinter is in the Sword Coast North region of Faerun on Abeir-Toril.

(0) PRELUDE - Neverwinter Academy (Beggar's Nest district of Neverwinter)
Senior Barracks
* Paval (Bim's brother)
* Bim - camera and menus tutorial (PgUp and PgDn change camera elevation)

Training Halls
Olgerd GENERAL STORE - inventory and store tutorial
* Gives You (Bard, Druid, Rogue): Studded Leather Armor
* Gives You (Barbarian, Cleric, Fighter, Paladin, Ranger): Chain Shirt
* Gives You (Monk): Robes of the Shining Hand +1
* Gives You (Sorcerer, Wizard): Robe of Fire Resistance
* Map and journal tutorial
* Task (Barbarian, Monk, Ranger): Complete melee and ranged tests
* Reward: Boots of Reflexes +1
* Task (Fighter, Paladin): Complete melee and ranged tests
* Reward: Chainmail



Berna was a human instructor in Neverwinter Academy. She taught students how to keep accurate journals of their adventures, and operated the Academy's library. She did her best to quell the rumors about the Waterdhavian Creatures through the Academy. She was slain in the attack on the Academy.

In the game, she can be found in the Academy's library, a room full of books both of training, legends, and other information important to adventurers.

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