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Case Study No. 1127: Sarah

Sasha Alexander & Tom Sizemore in "The Last Lullaby"
Scenes from the 2008 neo-noir movie "The Last Lullaby".
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[scene opens with Sarah and Tom talking in a bar]
SARAH: No one's ever done anything like that for me before ...
TOM: What? Oh ... beat up one'a your boyfriends.
[she laughs]
SARAH: Never. You?
TOM: [pause] I never had a boyfriend.
[she laughs again]
SARAH: You know what I mean ... This small talk, it's just so, um--
TOM: Small?
[she smiles and nods]
SARAH: I-I guess I've always just been ... um, shy. A loner. It's not the best selling point, but there it is.
TOM: Me, I'm a people person ... Can't ya tell?
[he gives her a stone-faced look, then cracks and laughs (as she joins in)]


[Sarah and Tom are swimming in an indoor pool]
TOM: Nice perk for house-sittin', huh?
SARAH: Yeah, it's great ... It's great. To de-stress. Feel free. I love it.


[cut to Sarah in the library (wearing glasses) and talking to Tom on the phone]
TOM: Hey listen, I was wondering if you wanted to get together some time ... Y'know, get together some time maybe.
SARAH: Are you asking me out on a date?
[he says nothing]
SARAH: Why don't you come by the house? Um, two-ish.
TOM: Ish?
SARAH: Oh, you're not an "ish" person?
TOM: No ... but okay.
[she smiles and laughs, as he hangs up the phone]


[Tom gets in the car with Sarah, who has a concerned look on her face]
TOM: [pause] We're good.
[she goes to put the key in the ignition, then stops, as he turns and looks at her]
TOM: [quietly] You and me?
[she smiles]


From netflix.com:

"The Last Lullaby" (2008)

Offered a huge sum to ice a beautiful young librarian who witnessed a murder, a retired -- and increasingly restless -- hit man gets back in the assassination game until he begins falling for his mark in this tense indie thriller.


From wikipedia.org:

The Last Lullaby is 2008 drama/noir film starring Tom Sizemore, and Sasha Alexander. Filming took place in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Price (Tom Sizemore) is an ex-hitman who retired to live the "easy life" only to find himself restless. He takes one final contract on Sarah (Sasha Alexander), a small town library employee only to fall in love with his target.

Tom Sizemore as Price
Sasha Alexander as Sarah
Bill Smitrovich as Martin
Sprague Grayden as Jules
Ray McKinnon as Ominous figure
Randall Batinkoff as Rick
Jerry Hardin as Martin Lennox
Smith Cho as Connie

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