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Case Study No. 1107: David C. Dupont (Wannabe Librarian)

How to Find a Safe Library Step Stool
http://www.Shu Look at a typical library step stool and determine if it is a safe step stool
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How to Find a
Safe Library
Step Stool
www dot Shure-Step dot com

[scene opens with a middle-aged man standing in the stacks of a library, speaking directly to the camera]
DAVID C. DUPONT: [whispers] Hey, this is the Safe Step Stool Guy, and we're in a library where a lot of people are looking for safe step stools, so they can reach the top shelves. So, here is a typical library step stool that we found.
[he gets up, holding a metal step stool, then talks to the cameraman]
DAVID C. DUPONT: [whispers] Can you still see it?
[he then looks back at the camera]
DAVID C. DUPONT: [whispers] Okay. This is, this is a rolling step stool.
[he turns the step stool upside down]
DAVID C. DUPONT: [whispers] It's got wheels that retract, so that you can roll it.
[he puts it down and puts one foot on it]
DAVID C. DUPONT: [whispers] And when you step on it, gravity--
[quick cut to the man holding the step stool up and pointing at a yellow sticker on the bottom]
DAVID C. DUPONT: [whispers] There's a caution, but it doesn't say how much weight this step stool can hold. The reason it's not a safe step stool is because it will tip over easily if somebody stands on the top shelf and reaches over ... like this.
[he puts the step stool down, then he steps on it and reaches for a book on the top shelf, leaning to the left in a precarious way (even though he could just move the step stool more to the left to avoid tipping over if he really wanted to)]
DAVID C. DUPONT: [whispers] And then he reaches over ...
[quick cut to the man speaking directly to the camera]
DAVID C. DUPONT: [whispers] The Safe Step Stool Guy, we'll talk to you later!



Have you ever been at the library and tried to find a safe step stool to reach a book on the top shelf? You're not alone! Most library step stools aren't very safe to reach high shelves because the step stools used are too small or aren't rated for enough weight. Some of these include the round step stool with spring-loaded wheels on it in used in many libraries. Other libraries use a small ladder instead of a step stool for you reach high shelves. There are many step stool out in the market today. But do you know which among those works for you in the library safely? They have there promises of quality but you cannot tell unless you see it for yourself. The Shurestep's safe step stool could be the answer to your problem.

Before you step on your next library step stool, look for these features:

* Step stool load rating should be a minimum of 500 pounds
* Step stool base should be larger than top surface to allow for reaching
* No wheels or folding step stools, too dangerous

So the next time you reach for a book on the top shelf at a library, be sure to look for a safe sturdy step stool using the guides above and you'll be happy you did!!

The Safe Step Stool Guy, David C. DuPont has been helping people find solutions to their step stool problems for 13 years. He can help you solve your step stool problems too. To contact him go to www.Shu

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