Friday, March 29, 2013

Case Study No. 0880: Unnamed Male Librarian (Ali Cafe Cappuccino)

Ali Cafe Commercial - Chicken love Shakespeare
Two college students unleash hundreds of chicken in their library and get caught by the head librarian. This prank could lead to their expulsion from college. In a tight spot, they quickly come up with one of the craziest excuses to tell the librarian. But to get him to believe their story, they need the help of Ali Cafe Cappuccino because it's the great taste that can make people forget everything else and believe anything that they are told. More unbelievable stories to follow...
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[scene opens inside of an academic library, as dozens of live chickens are messing up the place (scattering feathers, poking at books, etc.)]
NARRATOR: Hours ago, in a library, hundreds of chicken were let loose.
[cut to an elderly male librarian (glasses, bald, bowtie, tweed jacket) sitting and staring at the two male students responsible for this prank]
NARRATOR: The culprits had only one way to make their story believable ...
[one of the students pushes a large coffee cup (with "Alicafe" written on the side) across the table towards the librarian]
[cut to the librarian taking a sip, then looking at the students and smiling]
LIBRARIAN: [translated] Really? You're telling me the chicken are here to read Shakespeare?
STUDENT: [translated] They love his work, sir.
[the librarian smiles again, then cut to a closeup of a packet of Alicafe being poured into a cup]
NARRATOR: The unbelievable taste of Ali Cafe Cappuccino. Makes everything believable.
["Unbelievable taste makes everything believable" appears on screen]

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