Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Case Study No. 0856: Unnamed Female Librarian (For Eyes Optical)

For Eyes "Librarian"
Produced by: Kate Sutherland
www.kate suth.com
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[scene opens with a young female librarian (short brown hair, purple sweater, black skirt) walking into an eyewear store and trying on a pair of glasses]
[she turns and looks in the mirror, when she notices something different ... whereas before the woman was relatively flat-chested, putting on the glasses causes her breasts to grow significantly larger]
[she stares at the mirror in disbelief (turning sideways to examine her massive bustline), then places her hands on her sweater to make sure "they" are really there]
[cut to the female employee staring at her, then back to the librarian as she quickly takes off the glasses and puts them back on the table]
[the camera zooms out (showing that the librarian's sweater is back to its normal proportions) and she starts to walk away ... then stops and puts the glasses back on]
ANNOUNCER: Unless the glasses can perform miracles ...
[the librarian continues walking out of the store, nearly knocking over one of the displays with her newly-increased bustline]
ANNOUNCER: Don't pay more than you have to.
[cut to the "For Eyes Optical" logo, as "2 complete pair for $99" appears on screen]

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