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Case Study No. 0828: Unnamed Female Librarian (Recess)

Disney's Recess - The Library Kid
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[scene opens inside of Miss Grotke's classroom at the Third Street School, as the teacher addresses her students]
MISS GROTKE: Now remember people, book reports are due on Thursday. You may choose any book you like ... just as long as it's not a comic, catalog, or book made from a movie.
ASHLEY: Aw man, where are we gonna find boring books like that?
GRETCHEN: I know just the place ...
[cut to Gretchen and her friends opening the door to the school library]
ASHLEY: The library?
MIKEY: Oh come on, Spinelli. The library's great! It's the Valhalla of Volumes, the Pantheon of the Printed Page!
ASHLEY: The basement of boredom ...
TJ: Hey, we're cutting into playtime! Let's grab our books and get outta here!
[Gretchen heads to the front desk and addresses the unseen librarian]
GRETCHEN: Excuse me, but do you have--
[camera zooms out to reveal that the elderly female librarian (grey hair, thick glasses, pink cardigan sweater) is snoring loudly with her head resting on the desk]
[cut to Ashley sitting at a desk (with a bored look on her face) and flipping through a book]
ASHLEY: So many pages, so few picks ...
[cut to Gus scanning the stacks for a book]
GUS: Eenie meenie miney ... hey!
[he leans in and reads the spine title of one of the books]
GUS: "Major's Mistakes, Oddities That Really Happened!" Now that's worth a report!
[he tries to pull the book from the shelf, but something on the opposite side is holding onto it ... so he keeps pulling until he falls backwards and the book falls on his face]
GUS: Huh?
[he moves the book, and sees an eyeball peeking out at him from the other side of the bookshelf]
GUS: Ahh!
[he runs off screaming, then cut to him (out of breath) joining the rest of the group]
GUS: You guys! You guys!
VINCENT: What's wrong, Gus?
GUS: I saw ... something weird back there!
ASHLEY: Great, Randall followed us!
GUS: No! It had big giant eyes and pasty white skin, like a ghost!
VINCENT: Doesn't sound like anybody I know.
MIKEY: That's 'cause it wasn't anybody you know. It was ... The Library Kid!
GRETCHEN: The Library Kid!
ASHLEY: Of course, The Library Kid!
GUS: Would somebody please tell me what you're talking about ...
VINCENT: The Library Kid, Gus! A strange being who lives in the stacks and never comes out!
MIKEY: Some say she was accidentally dropped in the after-hours book desposit when she was just a little babe ...
ASHLEY: Others say her parents returned a book really really late and had to leave her behind to pay the fine!
GRETCHEN: I always considered her just a myth.
VINCENT: That's 'cause we never knew anybody who actually saw The Library Kid ... until now.
TJ: Know what that means, Gus?
GUS: We're gonna get out of here fast, and forget the book report?
TJ: Nope. We're gonna catch us a Library Kid ...
[cut to the kids looking at a blueprint of the library]
TJ: Okay, here's the plan. We'll all split up and take an aisle. If there really is a Library Kid, we'll have her cornered. Everybody got it? Okay then, move out!
[they split up, then cut to TJ sneaking through the stacks while talking into his walkie-talkie]
TJ: [whispers] Any sign of her?
ASHLEY: [from off camera] Negative, Teej.
[cut to Ashley in another part of the stacks]
ASHLEY: It's just a bunch of books ...
[she suddenly turns and looks behind her]
ASHLEY: Who's there?!
[cut to a small female figure running away, as Ashley chases after her]
ASHLEY: I got a visual, and she's headed towards Geography!
[cut to TJ running and yelling into his walkie-talkie]
TJ: I'll cut her off at Jakarta!
[cut to Vincent seeing the figure, so he talks into his walkie-talkie]
VINCENT: She's doubling back towards Philosophy!
[cut to Gretchen running through another part of the stacks, yelling into her walkie-talkie]
GRETCHEN: If we can drive her towards the Existentialists, we'll have her trapped! There's no exit!
[cut to an overhead shot of the library, as the kids corner the mystery girl and surround her ... then cut to a closeup of the little girl hiding behind a copy of "The Pocket Camus"]
MIKEY: It's her!
[Gretchen steps forward and speaks very slowly]
GRETCHEN: Hel-lo! We come in peace!
[the little girl (giant red glasses, purple shirt, purple skirt) puts down the book]
GRETCHEN: You eat can-dy? Candy good!
[she holds out a candy bar, and the Library Kid takes it]
LIBRARY KID: Thank you!
[everyone gasps]
GRETCHEN: You ... speak English?
LIBRARY KID: Certainly. As well as French, German, Latin, Greek and a little Basque, but I'm not fluent.
LIBRARY KID: Shh! Please, speak quietly! Remember, you're in a library.
TJ: Okay, we'll be quiet, but we need some answers.
LIBRARY KID: For answers, please go to the Reference Desk.
ASHLEY: But who are you? How'd you get here?
LIBRARY KID: I'll tell you all you want to know ... but not here.
[cut to the designated "Story Telling Area", as everyone sits in a semi-circle around the Library Kid]
LIBRARY KID: Ever since I can remember, I loved books. I read "Pet the Bunny" before I could walk! By the time I was four, I had completed the collected works of Seuss and was deep into Babar in the original French. I could hardly wait to begin kindergarten!
[cut to a flashback of a much-younger Library Kid going to school for the first time]
LIBRARY KID: [in voice over] I was excited at the prospect of discussing my favorite books with my peers. And then I saw them ...
[cut to the Library Kid staring at all of the other children running and screaming and making a mess of the classroom]
LIBRARY KID: [in voice over] They were loud, they were dirty ... They were my classmates! I was afraid, there was nowhere to run, nowhere to hide!
[cut to the Library Kid running off and through the hallway until she stops in front of the library]
LIBRARY KID: [in voice over] And then I saw it ... the library!
[cut back to the present, as the Library Kid finishes her story]
LIBRARY KID: And I've been hiding behind books ever since.
GRETCHEN: Y'know, kid, things have changed a great deal since kindergarten. Your classmates are no longer savages, they're fourth-graders now.
LIBRARY KID: That may be, but this is my sanctuary now. I'm safe and happy here, I've got everything a kid needs.
ASHLEY: Yeah, everything but recess!
LIBRARY KID: Recess ... I think I read about that once.
TJ: Recess isn't something you can read about, you've gotta live it!
MIKEY: The sun on your skin, the gravel in your shoes, the wondrous dance of the tetherball as it winds its way around the pole!
LIBRARY KID: Oh, you make it sound so beautiful.
TJ: Hey, you've read the book, now experience the ride ...
[cut to the Library Kid outside for recess, where (after some initial trepidation) she really starts to enjoy outdoor activities (like the slides and swings), then the bell rings]
TJ: Well, there's the bell, recess is over.
[the Library Kid excitedly jumps around in front of them]
LIBRARY KID: Not for me!
VINCENT: Waddaya mean?
LIBRARY KID: I'm not going in now! I've got years of dirt, sweat, and broken collarbones to catch up on!
ASHLEY: Look, there are rules! You can't stay on the playground all day, it's just not done!
LIBRARY KID: Why not? I used to stay in the library all day!
[she runs off]
MIKEY: Boy, when that kid likes something, she really likes it!
GRETCHEN: Y'know, she does display a slight tendency to over-commit ...
[the Library Kid becomes so recess crazy that she ends up being trapped on top of the flagpole, and the fire department is called in to get her down ... as the firefighter puts her down, Gretchen runs over and hands her her glasses]
LIBRARY KID: [sadly] Thank you ... Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going back where I belong.
[cut to inside the library as Gretchen finds the Library Kid reading a book (but she doesn't look up from her book as Gretchen approaches)]
LIBRARY KID: I know what you're thinking, and the answer is no. I'm never leaving this library again. This is where I belong, here with my safe reliable books and my orderly card catalog.
GRETCHEN: But why does it have to be one or the other? Why can't you do both?
GRETCHEN: Well, think of it. Perhaps you could learn to enjoy recess without going nuts, and likewise learn how to utilize the library without moving in. Y'know, like the ancient Greeks said, "All things in moderation."
LIBRARY KID: Ah yes, the Greeks ... Antiquities, Section Five, Aisle Four.
GRETCHEN: Look, I love books too. But there's more to life than just reading, just as there's more to life than just recess. The secret is not too much or too little of either.
LIBRARY KID: Well, maybe ... I guess I just, I-I have to think about it.
GRETCHEN: I understand.
[cut to the Library Kid skipping rope in the playground, as Gretchen watches through a window from inside the school]
LIBRARY KID: Shakespeare, Shakespeare, sitting in his tights. How many sonnets did he write? Ah-one, ah-two, ah-three, ah-four ...


From wikipedia.org:

Disney's "Recess"
"The Library Kid" (Season Three, Jan 2000)
The gang investigates an urban legend: is there a kid who stays in the library and does not come out to recess?

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