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Case Study No. 0835: Unnamed Male Librarian (The Fine)

The Fine
Bad librarian.
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[scene opens with black and white footage of a high school library, as a male librarian is standing at the front desk adjusting his tie, when a male student approaches holding a book]
[the librarian mouths "What do you want?" with a serious look on his face, then the student points at the book and hands it to him]
[cut to the librarian (still with a serious look on his face), as he holds up a piece of paper which reads "Late Books 20.00$"]
[cut to the student, as he gets a look of frustration on his face before holding up his Visa credit card]
[cut back to the librarian (with the same expression on his face), as he holds up another piece of paper which reads "Cash Only"]
[cut back to the student, who throws his hands up and begins gesticulating angrily ... the librarian stares at him, then reaches over and slaps him in the face (which causes the footage to change from black and white to color)]
PATRON: [pause] Did you seriously just slap me?
[cut back to black and white footage, as the librarian begins throwing pieces of crumpled-up paper at the student, who ducks behind a "Please Wait Here" sign]
[cut to the student hiding behind the sign, as he begins throwing pieces of crumpled-up paper back at the librarian]
[once the papers stop flying, the student peeks out from behind the sign, as the librarian rushes over and tackles him to the ground]
[cut to the front desk, as another male student (actually the same person playing the librarian, except wearing a knit cap and sunglasses) walks up and finds the credit card ... so he picks it up and runs out of the library]
[cut back to the first student (who is sitting on top of the librarian and about to punch him in the face), when he looks up and notices his missing credit card ... so he gets up and runs after the thief]
[cut to the librarian, who gets up and (finding the book still at the front desk) pumps his fist in triumph as he brings it back to the stacks for reshelving]
[cut to the student chasing the thief outside of the school, until the thief trips on a piece of garbage on the floor ... accidentally dropping the credit card down a sewer grate]
[cut to the student dropping to his knees in front of the sewer grate and holding his head in his hands, as the thief (with a shocked look on his face) turns and runs off]
[cut to the student holding up his hands and screaming to the heavens, as the scene fades to black]

Directed by Ace Gonzalez

Stephen Crisp & Ace Gonzalez

Sean Hall

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