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Case Study No. 0844: Zero Kazama

"Silent Library" (Season 1, Episode 1) -- Preview
Silent Library is part of the new weekday comedy block on MTV, which premieres on Monday, June 15th. Silent Library airs at 6pm.

Modeled after a popular Japanese game show, Silent Library is pure physical comedy that will test the composure, endurance and determination of six friends who will have to watch as one of their own is subjected to unbelievable challenges ranging from brushing ones teeth with wasabi to having their face held in the path of the dreaded slapping machine. The twist, it all takes place in the confines and hushed tones of a library. Try not to laugh out load when your friend's being tested in side-splitting ways, right before your watering eyes.
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[scene opens with an exterior shot of a library, then cut to inside where host Zero Kazama is standing behind the front desk and speaking directly to the camera]
ZERO: I'm Zero Kazama. This is not a game show. This is Silent Library.
["Silence!" appears on screen in Japanese characters]
ANNOUNCER: Meet the players ...
[sped-up footage is shown as the contestants enter one at a time through the front entrance]
ANNOUNCER: Six friends, one team, playing for thousands of dollars in cash.
[the players sit at a table in the middle of the library, as Zero shuffles a wad of cash in his hands]
ANNOUNCER: The players draw cards, and the one who gets the skull and crossbones must endure an unusual punishment.
[a clip of the players drawing cards is shown (as the players react without actually making any noise)]
ANNOUNCER: If he completes the challenge, the team wins cash ...
[a clip of the players shushing each other is shown (as elderly "patrons" sitting at a nearby table pretend to read)]
ANNOUNCER: But if he fails or if his teammates make too much noise, they kiss it good-bye.
[a gong sounds, then cut to Zero speaking directly to the camera]
ZERO: Round one. Each challenge is worth three hundred dollars. But don't forget ... silence.
[he turns to the contestants]
ZERO: Begin!
[cut to various clips of the round one challenges, as "Big Bust" appears on screen]
ANNOUNCER: The contestant must withstand the force of a balloon as it inflates and pops underneath his shirt ...
["Milk Man" appears on screen]
ANNOUNCER: The contestant must endure a nursing mother's breast pump for thirty seconds ...
["Noodle Foot" appears on screen]
ANNOUNCER: The contestant has thirty seconds to eat a sweaty man's spaghetti shoelaces ...
[cut back to Zero speaking directly to the camera]
ZERO: Round two. Each challenge is worth four hundred dollars. But remember ... silence.
[he turns to the contestants]
ZERO: Round two!
[cut to various clips of the round two challenges, as "Frenched" appears on screen]
ANNOUNCER: The contestant must receive the greeting of a Frenchman ...
["Rear Footing" appears on screen]
ANNOUNCER: The contestant must have his rear end kicked repeatedly for twenty seconds ...
["Bird Stink Vacuum" appears on screen]
ANNOUNCER: The contestant must wear a helmet for thirty seconds as it fills with the contents of a birdcage ...
[cut back to Zero speaking directly to the camera]
ZERO: Round three. Each challenge is now worth double, eight hundred dollars. But most importantly ... silence.
[he turns to the contestants]
ZERO: Resume play!
[cut to various clips of the round three challenges, as "Seat Slip" appears on screen]
ANNOUNCER: The contestant must ride a slick rotating chair for ten seconds without holding on ...
["Jack in Box" appears on screen]
ANNOUNCER: The contestant must confront a mysterious jack in the box ...
["Electric Puzzle" appears on screen]
ANNOUNCER: The contestant has thirty seconds to complete a puzzle while receiving electric shocks ...
[cut back to Zero speaking directly to the camera]
ZERO: Final round. This challenge is worth one thousand dollars. Remember ... silence.
[he turns to the contestants]
ZERO: Continue!
[cut to various clips of the round four chellenge, as "Turned Pig" appears on screen]
ANNOUNCER: The contestant must stay on a rotating spit while being transformed into a barbecued pig for forty five seconds ...
[cut to Zero standing behind the front desk of the Silent Library, as each contestant passes him on their way out of the library]
ANNOUNCER: Congratulations, guys! You survived Silent Library, and you won some cash ... Not bad for a day at the library.



The word library usually conjures up late night memories of cramming for an exam or putting the finishing touches on a lengthy paper. For some, it might even drum up the high school pranks that, much to their parent's dismay, landed them in detention with their friends... yet again.

Rarely however does the word library become part of the title of a new MTV show that has been described as "Jackass... set in an enclosed environment." Modeled after a Japanese game show, Silent Library will represent a new breed of competition format that will feature six friends, all vying for a cash prize, forced to impose unimaginable, beyond hysterical stunts on one another. With stunts ranging from brushing one's teeth with wasabi to having your face held in the path of "the slapper" (a gloved hand that rotates on an automated machine) it will be obvious to viewers that remaining silent is much easier said than done.

Within each episode, team members will repeatedly draw cards to determine who must step up to the plate to endure the next "test." The teammate who unluckily draws the skull and cross bones card will have to complete the task at hand to the satisfaction of the wise cracking host and moderator of Silent Library. Should the teammate performing the stunt not last long enough or should their friends seated beside them erupt with uncontainable laughter... the cash prize on the line will decrease.

With only one guiding rule -- to remain SILENT, MTV will show viewers that just because you aren't heading into the Gauntlet or facing off in a Duel doesn't mean that the stakes aren't high, that the stunts aren't real and that the competition isn't fierce. Never has the MTV audience sat through a study hall, Saturday detention or cram session in a library quite like this...



Next week marks the premiere of MTV's newest reality game show Silent Library, based on the game of the same name from the Japanese variety show Downtown no Gaki no Tsukai ya Arahende!!

For those who don't spend time watching videos forwarded to them by their friends and are therefore productive members of society, the game is played by six dunderheads in a "library." They each draw a card, five reading safe and one with a skull and crossbones on it. The player who draws the Jolly Roger has to do an uncomfortable or painful stunt, but must resist the urge to scream. It's the least intelligent use of a library since The Da Vinci Code hit the shelves.

The MTV version gets a heavier dose of game show. According to the show's trailer, each round is worth a certain amount of money and the level of quietness is judged by a stonefaced librarian/host (Zero Kazama). The team collectively takes home the dough and memories of their friends getting slapped by strippers and eating Cheetos out of a sweaty fat guy's man teats that are sure to last as long as their therapist charges them.



Silent Library was an American television game show which aired on MTV and MuchMusic. The series is based on one of the segments in the popular Japanese variety show Downtown no Gaki no Tsukai ya Arahende!!. The show is also similar to the UK television program Fist of Zen.

The series was renewed for a 20-episode second season, which premiered on January 11, 2010 and featured celebrities such as Jim Jones, We The Kings, Ron Jeremy, Naked Cowboy, Asher Roth, Forever the Sickest Kids, Jessie James, Aubrey O'Day, Justin Bieber and Joey Cassata competing as contestants and appearing in punishment challenges.

The series' third season premiered on June 28, 2010. The bands Patent Pending, All Time Low, Stereo Skyline, Hey Monday, Anarbor, NeverShoutNever, Honor Society, New Boyz and Iyaz have appeared as contestants, as did members of the New York Giants NFL team and the cast of the MTV original series The Hard Times of R.J. Berger.

The fourth season premiered on March 28, 2011. The cast of Jersey Shore, The Ready Set, Judah Friedlander, Jimmy Fallon & The Roots, players from the New York Giants, 3OH!3, and Superstars from the WWE all competed as contestants.

MTV canceled the show on November 9, 2011.

The set is constructed to resemble a typical public library. A team of six players sits at a study table, three on each side, with host Zero Kazama sitting nearby at the circulation desk next to the entrance. Six cards are placed facedown on the table, and each player picks one and flips it over. Typically, five of the cards are green and marked "Safe"; the sixth, which is yellow and marked with a black skull and crossbones, means that its holder must endure a bizarre "punishment" challenge. In some cases during the second season, five of the six cards show the skull and crossbones, leaving only one player safe. While the challenge is in progress, an on-screen gauge indicates the amount of noise made by the team. If the noise level goes into the gauge's red zone at any time, the team automatically loses the challenge. Only afterward does Kazama inform the team of their success or failure in this respect, as they are unaware of the gauge's readings. The team will also lose if they fail to achieve the objective of the challenge.

The game is played in four rounds, with three challenges in each of the first three rounds and one in the fourth. Successful challenges in rounds 1, 2, and 3 earn $300, $400, and $800 for the team, respectively; the fourth-round challenge awards $1000. All winnings are split equally among the six players, and Kazama pays them off as they exit the library at the end of the show. A disclaimer during the end credits states that the team may have played additional challenges that were not aired, and thus may have won more money than the total shown at the end of the episode.

Season One

No. 101 (1)
December 28, 2008

Joshua, Juan, Jordan, Matt, Zach and Rashard face the Silent Library.

Featured Challenges:
* Round 1: Big Bust, Milk Man, Noodle Foot
* Round 2: Frenched, Rear Footing, Bird Stink Vacuum
* Round 3: Seat Slip, Jack in the Box, Electric Puzzle
* Round 4: Turned Pig

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