Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Case Study No. 0827: Unnamed Female Librarian (DHL)

DHL library delivery service
"Yeah, it's great that you stopped rolling that noisy hand truck and took off your squeaky shoes. Now get these boxes off the reference desk, take them back to your truck, and deliver them to the service entrance"
TV commercial originally at
http://www.yourdhl. com/advertising/tv/tv.asp?id=4
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[scene opens inside of a library, as a DHL delivery person is wheeling a stack of packages down the long hallway towards the front desk ... except that one of the wheels on his trolley is squeaking (making enough noise that all of the patrons are turning and staring at him)]
[he notices the noise and stops, then cut to an elderly female librarian (glasses, long grey hair, cardigan sweater) who puts a finger to her lips and shushes him]
[cut back to the deliveryman, who lifts the packages up out of the trolley and starts carrying them to the desk ... except that his shoes squeak with every step]
[he stops and sighs, then cut to a young female patron who looks up at him and smiles]
[cut to the librarian at the front desk, as the deliveryman (quietly) arrives and places the packages down on the table ... she leans over the desk and stares at the man's socked feet (he had taken his shoes off to stop the noise)]
NARRATOR: Customer service is back in shipping.
[the librarian smiles, then cut to the deliveryman as he turns and nods to her before leaving]
NARRATOR: Call us and we'll show you how we're changing the way the shipping business does business.
["www dot dhl dot com 1-800-CALL-DHL" appears on screen]


From academia.edu:

DHL: Library spot (:35)

The librarian in this spot has the prerequisite glasses and shushes the delivery man as he enters the library. She is a classic representation of the dowdy, quiet stereotype who wants to protect her resources rather than provide access to information. I won t even go into the card catalog behind her.

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