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Case Study No. 0876: Emily

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[scene opens with Emily absentmindedly walking through the library, then she screams and drops her books when she notices Fin standing in front of her]
EMILY: Oh, fu-- I'm so sorry. Oh god, I didn't know anybody was in here.
[she gets down and begins picking up the books]
EMILY: Can I help you?
[he holds up a book on railroads]
FIN: Check this book out.
EMILY: Okay ...
[she gets up and heads behind the desk]
EMILY: Um, do you have a library card?
FIN: No.
EMILY: Okay. Well, do you live in town?
FIN: Yes.
EMILY: Okay. Well, um, I need a proof of address, so if you could bring in a piece of mail, then I can give you a card.
[Olivia suddenly appears behind them]
OLIVIA: You can put it on mine ...
[she turns to Fin]
FIN: Hi. Uh, no thanks. I'll ... I'll come back.
OLIVIA: You sure?
FIN: Yes.
OLIVIA: Oh, sorry about last night. I ... overstayed my welcome. Bleh.
[Emily looks at both of them incredulously]
FIN: Bye.
[he walks out, as Olivia turns to a mortified Emily]
OLIVIA: Hey Emily.
EMILY: Oh god, I just screamed in his face!




McCarthy, Thomas (Director). The Station Agent. United States: SenArt Films, 2003.

Starring: Michelle Williams (Emily, library worker); Peter Dinklage (Finbar McBride); Bobby Cannavale (Joe Oramas); Patricia Clarkson (Olivia Harris)

Fin McBride, dwarf by birth and loner by nature, only thinks he's found peace and quiet in his inherited train depot home in rural New Jersey, but instead is forcibly drawn into a community of characters so real and colorful you'll want to add them to your Christmas card list. One is the pretty young girl (Emily), single and pregnant, who works in the library. We have no reason to believe she is schooled in librarianship, but she is the only face seen there. She won't issue a library card until he can confirm his address with a piece of mail, which is laughable when you know the mailbox next to his front door is more decorative than functional. At the end of the film, the three special friends (Fin, Joe and Olivia) are relaxing together when Fin wonders out loud when the blimp was invented. Joe: "You can go down to the library and ask that little hottie." Olivia: "She is cute." Joe: "It's the librarian fantasy, man. Glasses off, hair down, books flying ..." Fin: "She doesn't wear glasses." Olivia: "Buy her some; it's worth it." The library/librarian connections are thin in this film, but do yourself a favor and chase it down anyway. Wonderful, warm and funny. Not surprising, a multiple-award Sundance Film Festival winner.

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