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Case Study No. 0821: Vabbian Librarians

Let's Play Guild Wars Nightfall - Episode 30, Prince Mehtu
The prince of the Great Library at Chokhin has attained his position by applying his keen mind to careful research. Extremely logical, Mehtu is meticulous with details, but he often misses the "human element" when making his plans. Some see him as cold and calculating, but he isn't without humanity. Mehtu is wise enough to understand happiness, for example, and his love for his daughter means more to him than anything else in the world. He's a proud father, although sometimes he doesn't fully understand his emotional and irrational child. Unfortunately, he is also learning to understand fear. The deeper he delves into the mysteries of Vabbi, the more disturbing his revelations become. Perhaps the answers to his dilemmas lie in a comforting, unemotional routine of meticulous research.

The last full campaign to be released in the Guild Wars series, Nightfall is my favorite. The story follows the Sunspears as they struggle in a continent torn by war and leads to the most earth shaking event that has happened since the exodus of the gods, over a thousand years ago.

This series is designed to be very story focused. Many UI elements are turned off and I try my best not to talk about mechanics, so its enjoyable for people who play and also those who dont.

If you're interested in Gw2 but want to get familiar with the story, this is the LP for you. And if you've played but just skipped all the cutscenes and quests, this is the LP for you too!
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[the player and his party approach the Halls of Chokhin, a massive library/palace which belongs to Prince Mehtu the Wise]
MARGRID THE SLY: Hmmm ... Do you see anything about Ahdashim? We have to keep looking.
[they explore the exterior of the library, where they find a male scholar standing by himself]
SCHOLAR GAHESH: Being surrounded by all this knowledge and history gives me such a sense of peacefulness. One could be lulled to sleep among the stacks.
[they continue exploring, and find the prince standing by himself]
MEHTU: A rumor is floating around that you defeated that raving rummy Lumo in a mime duel. Remarkable! I should like to sit and speak with you for a time. Anyone who can defeat Lumo is worthy of my attention.
[the player selects "Tell me about your library, Prince Mehtu. I hear it's magnificent."]
MEHTU: My library is a wonder of the world, young one. Ancient scrolls, texts from Tyria, ancient Orr, Istan and Kourna, and all the strange places throughout the world can be found within its walls. I even have stone tablets that were found on an island far off the coast ... an island that mysteriously disappeared thereafter. Ha! I see I have your attention. Yes, my library is magnificent. I encourage you to come and see for yourself.
[the player enters the library itself (where giant scrolls hang from the ceiling and both male and female librarians are walking about), when one of the party members notices a book on the floor]
MARGRID THE SLY: That's the "Duality of Lyssa," it's priceless!
[they walk up to the book, as the male bodyguard for Prince Bokka watches them]
GOREN: Hi, lady.
MARGRID THE SLY: What? Oh, it's you! I'm no lady. I mean, I am but... oh never mind. The name's Margrid.
GOREN: You shouldn't touch that book, lady Margrid. The library's defenses came alive once the princes fled.
MARGRID THE SLY: Nosense... we have to check the "Duality" for clues on the Hidden City.
["Quest Updated: Greed and Regret" appears as the player picks up the book, then a group of djinn appear and attack (but are quickly defeated)]
MARGRID THE SLY: That was easy enough.
[she turns to the guard]
MARGRID THE SLY: It must be rewarding to work for a prince.
GOREN: Not really. He yells a lot. And his breath stinks of pungent spices.
MARGRID THE SLY: Sounds bad.
GOREN: Yeah, but golden shackles are still golden.
MARGRID THE SLY: They're also still shackles.
GOREN: Want me to show you how to get into the Hidden City of Ahdashim, lady Margrid?
MARGRID THE SLY: It's just Margrid, and sure. It beats reading these crusty scrolls for hours.
GOREN: Okay. Find me in the Mirror of Lyss. I will show you the hidden entrance.
[the player clicks on Goren]
GOREN: Prince Bokka ordered me to warn his fellow princes. He didn't tell me what to do if I couldn't find him, so I decided to kill demons until I get a better idea. Prince Bokka said something about fleeing to the Hidden City. I will help you get in. I need to find him to ask him what I should do next. Meet me in the Mirror of Lyss.



Guild Wars Nightfall is a fantasy Action RPG and the third stand-alone campaign in the Guild Wars computer game series developed by Seattle-based game developer studio ArenaNet, a subsidiary of NCsoft corporation. Nightfall was released worldwide on October 27, 2006 after beginning in development in November 2005.

Nightfall takes place in the continent of Elona in the Guild Wars universe. It follows the player's character as they join the Order of the Sunspears and uncover the desire of Warmarshal Varesh to return a long forgotten god to the world through an event called Nightfall. The players, assisted by their hero allies, fight through civil war, ignorant Vabbi princes and Varesh's demon allies as they attempt to prevent the coming of Nightfall.

Plot Summary
The player's character is recruited as a junior officer in Elona's independent guardian force, the Order of the Sunspears- they are led by their Spearmarshal, Kormir. The player quickly earns respect and rank in the Sunspears dealing with unusual occurrences around Istan, where the headquarters of the Sunspears is located.

The strange deaths of a dig team excavating a long abandoned city, information about an event called Nightfall and its ties to the return of a forgotten fallen god, Abaddon, start to cause concern for the Sunspears. Evidence builds that a delegation from the nation of Kourna, which is conveniently visiting the Sunspears, are behind these unusual happenings. When the Kournan General, Kahyet, attempts to strike a deal with the corsairs harassing Istan, the Sunspears intervene. Kahyet is killed, plunging cautious relations with Kourna into strife. During a hearing with the elder council, Kormir - who had temporarily left in order to seek allies in Cantha and Tyria - returns, citing that similar occurrences have happened elsewhere.

Realizing the danger in the activities of Warmarshal Varesh Ossa (the current Kournan leader), Kormir convinces the Istan council to cease diplomatic talks and instead start civil war to prevent Varesh from bringing about Nightfall.

Rallying the troops the Sunspears sail from Istan to Gandara, the largest fortress in Kourna and Varesh's seat of power, to confront Varesh and bring her to justice. Upon breaking through their heavy defenses, Varesh plays her trump card, summoning the demons of Abaddon which rout the Sunspear troops. Kormir is left for dead as the remaining Sunspears flee through Kourna province.

The character establishes a hidden base of operations in Kourna, rescuing Sunspear prisoners including the now-blind Kormir from the Kournan forces, freeing the region's local centaur tribe, and preventing one of Abaddon's demons from corrupting Kourna's water supply. However these are only stalling tactics as through Varesh's rites Nightfall continues to come closer. With the help of agents from a mysterious Elonian organization called the Order of Whispers, the Sunspears travel to Vabbi to convince the three Princes of the region that Varesh represents a threat to all of Elona. The task proves difficult, as they all believe her intruding forces will protect them from both the Sunspears and other natural threats to Vabbi.

They are ultimately convinced of Varesh's treachery as her forces destroy a nearby temple. Although the princes use the power of Djinn in conjunction with help from the Order of Whispers to protect their people, she has already summoned Abaddon's demons, the Margonites, to fight alongside her own military. The Sunspear's best efforts seem to simply stall the inevitable, as the signs of Abaddon's coming begin to appear throughout Elona. After a Chaos Rift appears and sucks Kormir into the Realm of Torment, a part of the Underworld where only the most wicked souls go, the Sunspears decide they must pursue Varesh into The Desolation to stop her from completing the rites to return Abaddon to the world.

To pursue Varesh to the northern part of The Desolation, where Abaddon's link to the world is the strongest, the players release the undead lord Palawa Joko, a tyrant who at one point waged war against Elona. He reveals to the Sunspears that the only way to traverse the sulfurous wastes is to tame the Junundu - giant desert wurms, one of the few creatures in Elona that can survive the toxic atmosphere. Unlikely an ally as he is, it is he who aids the Sunspears in crossing The Desolation.

The heroes eventually reach Varesh, who is just about to open a rift to the Realm of Torment, and kill her. Unfortunately, it is too late, as the boundaries between both worlds are weak enough to be breached. The only option is to head into the Realm of Torment itself, find Kormir and face the God of Secrets face-to-face. The players cut off the Margonite source of power, the River of Souls, and discover that Abaddon is seeking aid from Dhuum, the god of death before the current god Grenth overthrew him, and Menzies, half-brother to the god Balthazar. They also discover that two of Abaddon's main generals are none other than the Undead Lich and Shiro Tagachi, the primary antagonists from the previous campaigns.

Battling through Titans and Shiro'ken, the players reach the Temple of the Six Gods, a part of the world taken to the Realm of Torment when Abaddon was imprisoned by the five other gods. Before the heroes can ask for the help of the Gods to defeat Abaddon, they must defeat Abaddon's generals, Shiro and the Lich who defend the Temple. After defeating them, Kormir and the players request assistance. Avatars of the Gods appear to say they will not help but to take their blessing "already within the heart of each human". The Sunspears must face and defeat Abaddon alone.

In the final battle, Abaddon is breaking free from the bindings holding him to the Realm of Torment. The Sunspears renew his bindings long enough to inflict enough damage to defeat him. When defeated Abaddon's power grows out of control and his Realm of Torment threatens to merge with Elona causing Nightfall without him. Thinking quickly, Spearmarshal Kormir sacrifices herself by running into the mouth of Abaddon, hoping to control or stop his energies. Kormir is successful and takes the dying God of Secrets' power and is reborn as the Goddess of Truth. Kormir then sets about undoing the damage done to the world by her predecessor.

The player may return to the Chantry of Secrets, base of operations for the Order of Whispers and enter the Domain of Anguish.



The Holdings of Chokhin are an explorable area in Vabbi and are the domain of Prince Mehtu the Wise. His library-palace, the Halls of Chokhin, is located in the northeast. The rest of the Holdings consists mainly of narrow, rocky gorges connecting a few small open areas. The northwestern flatlands are on the edge of a lake that appears to be the source of the Elon, meaning that this area may be of great strategic importance in the future.

Outposts & Cities
* Mihanu Township (southeast)
* Vehjin Mines (southwest)

Shrines and Blessings
* Southeast: Vabbian Scout, Lyssa Shrine, Sunspear Plant Hunt
* East Central: Vabbian Scout, Melandru Shrine, Sunspear Plant Hunt
* Northeast: Vabbian Scout, Lyssa Shrine, Sunspear Plant Hunt
* North: Vabbian Scout, Lyssa Shrine, Sunspear Plant Hunt
* West Central: Vabbian Scout, Grenth Shrine, Sunspear Insect Hunt
* Southwest: Vabbian Scout, Grenth Shrine, Sunspear Harpy Bounty
* Northwest: Vabbian Scout, Dwayna Shrine, Sunspear Minotaur Hunt

* Librarian Kahnu: Botanical Research
* Kachok: The Madness of Prophecy
* Hanbahd the Anchorite: The Search for Enlightenment
* Kachok: Protect the Learned (Difficulty: Master)

* Vanquisher Title: 244-248 foes.
* Exploring this area will net you about 2.6 percent on the explorer title track.
* There are some mysterious bluish lights, which float about, in the southwest of this region, similar to those found in North Kryta Province next to Archivist Ithimar.
* There is a tree that isn't placed on the ground in the Northwestern-most area of this map. (by the res shrine and body of water)
* You can usually avoid any aggro en route to the Halls of Chokhin if you take the right path and keep on it.

* If the quest Pledge of the Merchant Princes is active, there are two instances of Prince Mehtu in the library.

The NPC librarians found in the Halls of Chokhin are likely named after people who have contributed to the lore of Guild Wars. Specifically, the Lore Forum of GWO, a popular Guild Wars elite fansite. Each corresponding NPC parodies the personalities and works or research of the person he or she is named in honor of.

For instance, Master Librarian Antohneoss is likely named after the Loremaster of GWO Quintus Antonius, and talks about running the library in a style similar to Quintus's moderation. Other NPCs include:

* Librarian Ehrahtimos, who talks about the younger librarians being disrespectful (Eratimus-a former lore moderator of GWO)
* Librarian Mularuk, who speaks of the nature of the Titans (Mularc Templare-wrote a paper on the Titans which was later confirmed in Nightfall)
* Librarian Nichi the Ranger, who was nicknamed "Ranger" for fieldwork (Ranger Nietzsche-determined experimentally the relative sizes of the various continents)
* Librarian Kahlidahri, whos focuses on the natural world of Tyria (Kalidri-a GWO moderator, and GW wildlife researcher)
* Sakutila, who proposes strange battles between NPCs (Scutilla-runs "deathmatches" between various GW characters)
* Librarian Chitohn, who doubts the validity of the ancient texts (Cthon-believed the Manuscripts were propaganda)
* Librarian Gahmir Lenon, who speaks on Orr (Gmr Leon-Orrian historian).



Librarian Chitohn
Librarian Chitohn can be found in the westernmost corner of the Halls of Chokhin having a discussion with Librarian Nichi the Ranger.

* "Not every so-called sacred text can be taken as gospel. Are we to believe the authors of the various prophecies and manuscripts are totally reliable? Could they not be mistaken... or lying?"

* This NPC is named after posters of Guild Wars Online (one of the Fansite forums for GW)'s Lore Forum, specifically Chthon. He is most noted for his skepticism on the History of Tyria.

Librarian Ehrahtimos
Librarian Ehrahtimos can be found wandering around the eastern corridor near Lyssa's Shrine.

* "These new, young librarians have no respect for their elders!"

* This NPC is named after a posters of Guild Wars Online (one of the Fansite forums for GW)'s Lore Forum, specifically Eratimus. He is contributed for his compilations of Tyrian languages and runes.

Librarian Kahlidahri
Librarian Kahlidahri is found wandering the southern corner of the Halls of Chokhin.

* "Everyone gets so caught with magical creatures and demons they forget to catalogue the natural wonders of normal animals. I'm currently writing the definitive work on warthogs."

* This NPC is named after a poster of the Guild Wars Online (a Guild Wars fansite forum) Lore Forum, specifically Kalidri. She started an article in the Lore Forum detailing the mundane creatures of Guild Wars. So far she has not written anything definitive on warthogs.

Librarian Gahmir Lenon
Librarian Gahmir Lenon can be found in the center of the deepest corridor of the Halls of Chokhin near Lyssa's shrine.

* "Ahai. I'm currently writing a paper on the origins of the world; more specifically the First City and how it relates to the ancient Orrian Kings. I love ancient civilizations! Fascinating subject, isn't it?"

* This NPC is named after a posters of Guild Wars Online (one of the Fansite forums for GW)'s Lore Forum, specifically Gmr Leon, the current moderator. He made many theories, along with an observation on Orr, which is what this NPC is referencing.

Librarian Kahnu
Librarian Kahnu studies medicinal plants. She can be found in the western chamber of the Halls of Chokhin.

* Botanical Research

* "I don't have time to explain what I'm doing to simpletons like you. I'm quite surprised they let you anywhere near these valuable tomes. Now if you'll excuse me ... "

Librarian Mularuk
Librarian Mularuk is a Vabbian NPC found wandering the central corridor of the Halls of Chokhin.

* "I am currently researching the Titans. Very little is known about them. They were nebulous beings of pure energy, but were they spirits? Elementals? We just don't know. Now if you'll excuse me ... so many texts to read, so little time."

* This NPC is named after a poster of the Guild Wars Online (a Guild Wars fansite forum) Lore Forum, specifically Mularc Templare who theorized that the Titans are spirits, which was later proven right in the Domain of Anguish.

Librarian Nichi the Ranger
Librarian Nichi the Ranger is a scholar of the Halls of Chokhin who is in constant debate with Librarian Chitohn and can be found in the westernmost corner of the area. He is also an old friend of Nicholas Sandford.

* "I'm out in the field quite often, so the others have nicknamed me 'The Ranger' in jest. Don't tell anyone, but I've grown to like it. I think it suits me."

* This NPC is named after Ranger Nietzsche of The Spearmen and poster of Guild Wars Online (one of the Fansite forums for GW)'s Lore Forum, who is in turn named after the 19th-century philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche (the German pronunciation of "Nietzsche" sounds like "Nichi").

Master Librarian Antohneoss
Master Librarian Antohneoss can be found in the eastern chamber of the Halls of Chokhin.

* "My name is Antohneoss. Say it with me, 'Antohneoss.' Rolls off the tongue like morning dew on a leaf, yes? Mehtu the Wise has bestowed upon me the honor of running his great Library. I take my job seriously. Some might say I run things with an iron fist, but I am a fair man. Always ... no, no ... never ... forget to check your references."

* This appears to be one of the NPCs named over posters of Guild Wars Online (one of the Fansite forums for GW)'s Lore Forum, specifically Quintus Antonius, former moderator of said Lore Forum (and who often reminds posters to check their references). As of November twelfth, he resigned from the position.
* "Never forget to check your references" is a line from the movie "Real Genius", from which many lines in the library are taken.

Archivist Leiton
Archivist Leiton can be found in the eastern chamber of the Halls of Chokhin.

* "Ah, greetings! If you need access to the library's records, you should first speak with the head scholar, Kachok. I am afraid I cannot grant an outsider like you access to our documents without his permission."

Archivist Mijir
Archivist Mijir can be found in the eastern chamber of the Halls of Chokhin.

* A Sound of Ancient Horns

* "Oh, hello. I've been trying to remember a quote from the History of Tyria. Hang on, I've almost got it. No, wait ... I've forgotten it again."
* "Ahmtur? Oh, yes, I've known him for years. Of course I'd be willing to help. I've got a library of the finest military writings in Elona here. Ahmtur wrote a few of them himself. And I know of a few young hotspurs who would give their left hand to serve under Ahmtur the Mighty! Shoo, now! I have a lot to do!"

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