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Case Study No. 0848: Staff of the Library of Perfection

Let's play Rings of Power 8 -- Starting Conjuror quest
We are starting the quest chain that will lead to getting our 4th member-- the conjuror. If you're playing, you can skip to the hermit on the island, kill her, go to the fire cave and get the fire wood, and bring it back to the guy in perfection. So you can skip the hermit outside of Kaos, the guy in the bar, and the skull cave.
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[the player and his party enter the City of Perfection]
NARRATOR: The center entrance to this huge building leads to the Conjurors' Guild Hall and the Library of Perfection.
[the player enters the library, where a female librarian (wearing a white robe and with no pupils in her eyes) is standing behind the front desk]
LIBRARIAN: Welcome to the Perfect Library. Please don't rumple the books. Perfection is eternal, and we are its instruments in this life. Are you truly perfect?
[the player selects "No"]
BUC: No, not at all.
LIBRARIAN: Then what are you talking to me for? You have work to do!
[the player selects "Quest"]
BUC: Can you give me information that will aid me with my quest or in my dealings with the Temple of Nexus?
LIBRARIAN: Haze has told me that Thalmus of the Academy, may his soul rest in peace, was working with her. She would probably like to see you, but not right now. The door over there is an Ideal Door! It is soundproofed, and cannot be opened without the key. The Rings of Evocation and Perfection are the essence of our discipline. Only the purest of souls could hope to find the rings of our order, for they were lost in the cataclysm. I have nothing more to say on that topic.
[the player exits the guild/library, then walks over to a nearby building]
NARRATOR: A nice little restaurant.
[the player enters the restaurant and speaks with a man wearing overalls]
MAN: Isn't this place great? I come here all the time.
[the player selects "Quest"]
BUC: Do you know anything of the Rings of Power or the Temple of Nexus?
MAN: You will want to get in and see Mistress Haze, but you need the key to the Ideal Door. I know where it is, but I want something in return. I am working on a new spell and I need some Flame Wood. You can find out about Flame Wood at the Perfect Library. Come back when you have some.
[the player returns to the library, and checks one of the book shelves]
NARRATOR: Scrap taken. (Papers)
[the player checks another book shelf]
NARRATOR: Scrap taken. (Papers)
[the player checks another book shelf]
NARRATOR: Scrap taken. (Papers)
[the player checks his inventory, and reads one of the scraps of paper]
NARRATOR: "Cave of Fire ... Contains valuable reagents, but location of cave is a closely guarded secret of a hermit named Dry who lives in an oasis outside of Kaos."
[the player checks his inventory, and reads another scrap of paper]
NARRATOR: "During the dark years, the Ring of Perfection was sealed away. The keys to its retrieval are among those who never walk the earth simutaneously.
[the player checks his inventory, and reads another scrap of paper]
NARRATOR: "Certain exotic spells involving water summoning can be aided by the rare Flame Wood found only in the Cave of Fire. Found around 5'10'.


[the player eventually retrieves the Flame Wood, and returns to the restaurant in the city of Perfection]
MAN: Isn't this place great? I come here all the time.
[the player selects "Show"]
BUC: Take a look at this.
MAN: Oh, the wood! Finally I will be able to test my new spell. For this I will risk the displeasure of my guildmistress. Take the Conjurer Key ... it opens the door to the Guild.
NARRATOR: Conj Key taken. (Keys)
[the player returns to the library, and walks up to the Ideal Door at the back of the room]
NARRATOR: Conj Key used. (Keys)
[the player enters and climbs the ladder to the upper level of the building, where the guildmistress is standing by herself]
HAZE: I regret that Thalmus' death has thrown us into such disarray. Like my brethren at the other guilds, I must be assured of guild loyalty.
NARRATOR: Co Sym taken. (Items)
HAZE: Here is my symbol as a token of Conjurer commmitment to the plan. Show me the Necromancer symbol and I shall allow a young Conjurer to join your quest.
[the player selects "Show"]
BUC: Take a look at this.
HAZE: Perfect! The symbol of the Necromancers ... Downstairs is a young Conjurer named Alexi. Talk to her and she will join you.
NARRATOR: Ne Sym lost. (Items)
[the player returns to the guild hall and finds Alexi waiting for him]
ALEXI: The flames tell me that I shall join you on your quest. It may be that you will have need of me. My mistress says that I have great potential but little skill yet. I see that we will be tested on this journey.



"Rings of Power" is an isometric console role-playing game released on the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis in 1991. The game was developed by Naughty Dog and published by Electronic Arts. The player takes on the role of a young sorcerer whose quest is to collect 11 Rings of Power and use them to remake the Rod of Creation to defeat the evil god, Void, and bring about the fabled Golden Age.



*** Recruiting Alexi (of the Conjurors) ***

"Alexi is the favourite of her master, Haze, and with good reason - she's a model student and shows great aptitude for her art. You'll find her in the City of Perfection".

In Perfection, go to the guild and speak to the librarian. She acknowledges you need to speak to the guild master, Haze, but says she does not want to be disturbed. The door to her room is an 'ideal door' and can only be opened with a key. Time to find someone who knows about the key. Ask around town, the plain clothed man in the restaurant says he knows of its location but needs a favour in return. He is working on a new spell, but needs some flame wood. You can learn about flame wood in the ideal library so return to the guild. Among other scraps of paper, you will also find two notes -

'Certain exotic spells involving water summoning can be aided by the rare flame wood found only in the cave of fire, found around 5'-10'.'

'Cave of fire - contains valuable reagents, but location of cave is a closely guarded secret of a hermit named Dry who lives in an oasis outside of Kaos.'

From here you should visit the hermit mentioned. Kaos is north-west of Perfection, but can be reached directly by the path that leads easterly from the city. The oasis is just south-east of the city (11'7"-9'4"), enter and you will see Dry. Speak with her and she will tell you the flame wood cave is just south of Cathedral and it can be only reached by boat. She goes on to say the chest there is magically sealed, but someone called Larry who frequents the Lobotomy Club knows more about the subject. You need to speak with this Larry, so now head for the Lobotomy Club (It's the building you started the game outside of, near the city of Mind). Although the building is just to the south of you (10'7"-12'3"), it is impossible to reach by foot. The quickest way is to take a boat from Kaos, around the wall surrounding Mind and into the harbour there. From Mind you can walk. Enter and find Larry, he'll give you information if you buy him a drink. Larry had the key to the chest for a while but sold it to a conjuror that lives in the north, around (8'-5'). Check your map and head for the island just north-east of Cathedral, taking your boat from Mind (keeping to the shallow waters will save supplies). Talk to the conjuror and she will offer you the key in return for her precious ogre egg that has been stolen by a band of conjurors. The bandits hide in a cave in the south snow bank around (6'-21'), so head there. You will be attacked as you enter the cave so be prepared - this will be the hardest fight you have had so far. Defeat the conjurors to get the ogre egg and take it back to the conjuror on the island. She won't give you the key as she promised so you'll have to fight her for it. *** Note - Killing her without travelling to the snow bank will also get you the key *** Now you can look to the cave. The best way to reach it is to take a boat from either Cathedral heading around the southern wall then downstream, or from Speed heading east then downstream. Once there enter the cave and take the flame wood, then go back to Perfection. Visit the man in the restaurant again and give him the flame wood. He will give you the ideal key, so now go and open the door in the ideal library. When you talk to Haze she will give you the Conjuror symbol. Show her the Necromancer symbol as she asks and you will receive the services of Alexi who is waiting downstairs. Restock again and prepare to return to Kaos.

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