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Case Study No. 0873: "A Librarian or a Stripper?"

A librarian or a stripper?
Three guys got fooled in a hidden camera video show
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[scene opens in a boardroom where a bunch of men are sitting around a table]
NARRATOR: Everyone in the room is in on the joke, except this guy ...
[camera zooms in on one of the men, then cuts to his girlfriend sitting in another room]
NARRATOR: His girlfriend set him up, and she's watching in the back with our producers.
[cut to a woman walking into the room, closing the door behind her]
KIRA: My name is Kira, and I am from Stuff Magazine. Thanks so much for being part of our focus group. Next month, we're actually doing a feature, and it's called "Male Intuition: Does it Exist?" So we're gonna show you some pictures of real women, and then what we want is just some honest answers as to what you think they do for a living.
[Kira shows a picture of the first woman]
KIRA: Woman number one. Tell me if you think that she is a nurse from Fort Lauderdale, or a telemarketer from Tallahassee? So who think's she's a nurse?
[some of the men raise their hands]
KIRA: Okay, so let's see what she does ...
[she reveals another picture of the woman in a nurse outfit]
KIRA: She is a nurse! Okay ...
[she replaces the picture with a different woman]
KIRA: Okay, so woman number two. Would you say she's a truck driver from Jacksonville, or that she works at a cosmetics counter in a Tampa department store spritzing perfume?
[some of the men say "truck driver"]
KIRA: Truck driver?
[she reveals another picture of the same woman wearing a trucker hat]
KIRA: She's a truck driver!
[she points to the boyfriend]
KIRA: Why did you say truck driver? It's--
BOYFRIEND 1: I dunno. Cosmetics, her face doesn't look like she's ... I dunno. It just--
KIRA: Like she knows what she's doing?
BOYFRIEND 1: Yeah. Well, the first thing ... I dunno. Just, you said truck driver, and I can kinda see a woman like that. Her hair doesn't look too nice.
[she replaces the picture with one of his girlfriend]
KIRA: Okay, so woman number three. And, let's see, do you guys think that she is a librarian or a stripper?
[while the boyfriend looks confused, all of the other men confidently yell out "stripper"]
KIRA: Stripper? Well, let's uncover what she is ...
[she reveals another picture of his girlfriend dressed in sexy lingerie]
KIRA: She is a stripper! You guys were right!
BOYFRIEND 1: Uh, excuse me? Where did you get that picture? I've been going out with this girl for six [bleep] years, man!
[the other men act incredulous, saying things like "Are you serious?"]
BOYFRIEND 1: [gets up] Are you [bleep] kidding me?
[cut to the girlfriend laughing in the other room, then back to the boyfriend]
KIRA: We're gonna have to disqualify this entire focus group. If he knows her, I can't pay you guys.
[cut to Research Group 2 entering the room]
NARRATOR: Now let's see how Tom reacts.
[cut to Kira putting up a picture of Tom's girlfriend]
KIRA: Is this woman a librarian or a stripper?
[all of the men again say "stripper", and Kira reveals another picture of his girlfriend dressed in a sexy outfit]
KIRA: She is a stripper! You guys were right!
[one of the men starts pointing at the picture]
MAN: She looks familiar, I know her from a bachelor party from two weeks ago!
TOM: [angrily] Lemmee tell you something ...
MAN: This is Naughty Nicole! I know this chick, I swear to God!
TOM: Her name's Nicole, but it's not Naughty Nicole. And she wasn't at your bachelor party, because she's my girlfriend!
KIRA: Then I can't pay you guys your focus group checks, because--
[the other men feign anger at not getting paid]
KIRA: I can't--
TOM: What's going on? Come on, come on!
KIRA: I-I'm sorry, she filled out an application with us, and she wrote down "stripper."
MAN 2: Are we gonna get paid, or what?
KIRA: She went to Astronaut High in Florida. I mean, is this, this is uh ... Nicole, right?
TOM: Oh, you guys, man ... Alright, alright.
KIRA: Well y'know, what's weird is actually--
TOM: [screaming] No, everybody's in on this! What's goin on?!
[cut to Tom's girlfriend making a nervous face to the camera, then back to the focus group]
KIRA: Whoa, Tom! Tom, relax! It's gonna be okay. We didn't know that you were, like, such a wild guy ...
[cut to Research Group 3]
NARRATOR: Andy is in for the biggest surprise!
[cut to Kira putting up another picture, with the camera focused on Andy so that the audience cannot see who the woman is]
KIRA: And here's our third woman ...
[Andy has a look of shock on his face, as the camera pans around to reveal that the picture is of an older woman
KIRA: So, looking at this picture, would you say that she is a librarian or a stripper]
[Andy nervously fidgets in his chair as the other men again say "stripper"]
ANDY: [looks around] Wait, that's my mom!
[Kira reveals another picture of Andy's mom wearing a bikini with her hair in pigtails]
KIRA: Your mom?
ANDY: The [bleep] is that?!
KIRA: Oh, your mom's ... um, a stripper?
ANDY: [gets up and starts yelling] That's my, that's my mom! She's not a stripper, she's a kindergarden teacher! She doesn't take glossy photos!
KIRA: I can't--
ANDY: No! No! [bleep] ...
[he leaps over the table, grabs the photo, and starts ripping it apart]
ANDY: [bleep] This is digusting!
[Andy's mom enters the room as everyone starts applauding]
KIRA: You're on a hidden camera show!
[Andy suddenly realizes what's going on and looks like he's about to faint]
KIRA: It's gonna be okay! It's gonna be okay!
[cut back to Research Group 2, as Tom is still angry]
KIRA: She doesn't look like a girl that behaves badly ...
TOM: She behaves badly, she's just my girlfriend, and she's not a stripper!
[Tom's girlfriend enters the room and hugs him, as everyone applauds]
KIRA: You're on a hidden TV camera show called "Girls Behaving Badly!"
[cut back to Research Group 1]
KIRA: You're on a new hidden camera show, "Girls Behaving Badly", and we got you!


From wikipedia.org:

Girls Behaving Badly is an American reality comedy television show on the Oxygen cable channel, and is also syndicated to television stations across the United States and Canada by Sony Pictures Television.

The show, described by the channel as "Sex and the City meets Candid Camera", presents five women playing pranks on unsuspecting victims. Many different pranks have been taped by the show's hidden cameras.

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