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Case Study No. 0829: Brazoria County Librarian

Survivor: Library
Six contestants must compete to see who can survive in the library.
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[scene opens with the male host speaking directly to the camera]
HOST: Hi there, folks! Welcome to the "Survivor Library", where we've got six contestants ready to compete for the world prize! Let's meet them.
[the theme from "Survivor" plays, as shots of the various children participating are shown]

Survivor: Library
Overbooked, Overdue, Overwhelmed

Pauline, accountant
Steve, computer programmer
Terry, pediatrician
Georgia, marine biologist
Joanne, dentist
Alex, college professor

[cut back to the host]
HOST: Hmm, I wonder. Do these people have what it takes to survive in the library? Do they know the Dewey Decimal System? Do they know the difference between fiction and non-fiction?
[cut to another shot of the host]
HOST: First, they will have to find food.
[cut to Joanne using a fishing pole in the library's aquarium]
[cut to Alex holding a book with a campfire on the cover]
ALEX: I've created fire!
[he blows on the cover to "stoke" the flame, then puts a stuffed "Nemo" doll on top of the book to "cook" it]
[cut to Terry using a plastic knife and fork to try and "eat" one of the pictures of food in a book]
[cut to Steve shaking an Anne Rice book]
STEVE: Dang, man! Why ain't the rice coming out?
[cut to Terry trying to catch the computer mouse using a box trap, but a female library patron grabs the mouse away]
LIBRARY PATRON: I need this mouse for MySpace time!
TERRY: Aw man!
[cut back to the host]
HOST: Now they have to build fires and find shelter ...
[cut to Steve rubbing two green pencils together, when a young African-American female librarian walks by shaking her head]
LIBRARIAN: Everyone knows you can't build a fire with green wood ... Duh!
[cut to Terry looking at a picture of a medieval sun woodcut on the computer, then holding a magnifying glass up to it to try and use the "rays" to start a fire]
[cut to several members of the tribe sitting on the floor of the library, using several items (including a book and a trashcan) to cover themselves for shelter ... Terry, meanwhile, is shivering and hiding under a bookcart for warmth]
LIBRARY SHELVER: I need this to shelve books!
[the young female library assistant pushes the cart over Terry]
["There goes Terry" appears on screen, then cut back to the host holding up a book on Marie Curie]
HOST: Now they have to do the first challenge, of finding this biography book somewhere in the library ... Hmm, I wonder where it is.
[cut to the contestants lined up at the front desk (ready to race for the computer terminals), when Pauline trips and falls as the other children trample her]
TERRY: Ow! Ow! Ow!
LIBRARIAN: No running ...
["So long Pauline" appears on screen, then cut to Joanne using the online catalog]
JOANNE: Hey, I found Marie Curie!
[cut to Alex sitting at his computer, staring at the desktop]
ALEX: Why won't this thing work?
[cut to Steve using his computer]
STEVE: Curie!
[he gets up and runs off, as Joanne is shown slowly typing on the computer]
[cut to Georgia looking around the stacks]
LIBRARIAN: [frightened] Don't go into the kids' section!
[a stuffed bear "jumps" out and tackles her]
[cut to the librarian shaking her head]
LIBRARIAN: I warned you ...
["Georgia's off our mind" appears on screen, then cut to Alex running up to the front desk holding a book]
ALEX: Yes, I got the book! Yes! In their faces!
[he calms down and hands the book to the librarian]
ALEX: Hi ... Here you go.
[she scans the book in]
LIBRARIAN: I'm sorry, this book is on hold for someone else.
ALEX: What?!
[he pounds his fist on the counter, as Joanne calmly walks up and takes the book]
ALEX: Darn!
[he storms off, as the librarian scans the book and hands it back to Joanne]
[cut to Alex and Steve watching a video of a fireplace on the computer, rubbing their hands as if it is giving them warmth]
[cut to a man (wearing a lizard handpuppet) looking around the mystery section, when Alex appears ... only for a mysterious man in a trenchcoat to sneak up behind him and grab him]
ALEX: Wha!
["Alex's fate is a puzzle" appears on screen, then cut back to the man with the handpuppet]
COMRADE BOOKOVSKI: [in bad Russian accent] Fool! Should not go to mystery section alone!
[cut back to the host]
HOST: And now, for the final vote! Who will win? Let's get a drumroll, please!
[he puts a hand to his ear, but nothing happens]
HOST: Man, where my drumroll?
[cut to Joanne and Steve, each holding a piece of paper]
JOANNE: I vote off Steve!
[he drops his piece of paper, but (before he can bend down to pick it up) she hands him her piece of paper]
JOANNE: Here you go!
STEVE: And I vote off ...
[he reads from the piece of paper]
STEVE: "Steve."
[he throws down the piece of paper]
STEVE: Aw man!
JOANNE: Wee! Woo hoo!
[Steve wipes away the tears, as the librarian walks up to him]
LIBRARIAN: I'm sorry Steve, you're not the Library Survivor.
[she takes a pair of scissors and cuts his library card in half]
LIBRARIAN: It's okay, it's okay ...
[she hugs him, as Joanne returns and pats him on the back]
[cut to the host speaking with Steve]
HOST: Steve Steve, you just voted yourself off! How do you feel?
[he hangs his head and begins walking off]
STEVE: Dang, man!
HOST: [yelling after him] It's alright, man, it's alright ...
[cut to the host speaking with Joanne]
HOST: And here's the winner, Joanne!
[they high five]
HOST: Good job! You have what it takes to survive in the library! Pretty happy for you!

Using the library doesn't have to be this hard.

Brazoria County Library System

Concept and ideas developed by the teens in this video

Library Patron, constant MySpace user
Library Shelver, keeping the books in order
Librarian, working through the craziness
Survivor: Library Host, keeping cool under pressure
Mystery Man, who is he?
Comrade Bookovski, book aficianado
Stunt Bear, with a little help from Producer
Director, making the whole thing run on time

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