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Case Study No. 0833: Unnamed Female Librarian (Final Fantasy V)

Final Fantasy V 77 - Castle Surgate, Cleaning Up Books
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[Bartz Klauser and his party are searching through the library in Surgate Castle, when he opens a red book sitting on one of the tables]
BARTZ: I swear I've seen a book that looks just like this ...
[Bartz and his party continue to walk around the library, talking to the various scholars who are doing research]
SCHOLAR 1: We've found a book that is over one thousand years old. However, we've only been able to recover half of it, so we cannot read it. It's entitled the "Sealed Tome."
SCHOLAR 2: We can't find the remaining half of that book anywhere! We've looked over every book on the planet!
SCHOLAR 3: This is a book chronicling the horrible atrocities visited upon the land by Exdeath, thirty years ago ... Such a nightmare must never be allowed to happen again!
SCHOLAR 4: This is the library's oldest tome. However, half of its pages have been lost, so it cannot be read.
SCHOLAR 5: It feels like there's something quite important within these pages ...
[they head down to the lower level of the library, which contains several bookstacks and an elderly female librarian, when Bartz picks up a book from one of the tables]
["Picked up 'Forbidden Book'!" appears on screen]
[he tries to pick up a red book on another table]
BARTZ: This book is too heavy ... I can't carry two at the same time.
[they walk over to the librarian]
FEMALE LIBRARIAN: Oooh, everyone just flips through books and leaves them lying around! That just burns me up! You there, help me put some of these away.
[he walks up to the "D-F Shelf" and reshelves the book]
["Reshelved the book." appears on screen]
[he goes back to the red book on the table]
["Picked up 'Register of Monsters'!" appears on screen]
[he walks up to the "R-S Shelf" and reshelves the book]
["Reshelved the book." appears on screen]
[he picks up the final book on the table]
["Picked up 'Weird Ronka'!" appears on screen]
[he walks up to the bookshelf all the way at the top of the room]
BARTZ: Let's see ... A ... An ... As ... oh, here we go! Hey, this is all about donkeys!
LENNA: [pause] Er, Bartz? What were you trying to look up?
BARTZ: Eh? Oh, nothing! Nothing at all!
[he walks up to the "W-X Shelf" and reshelves the book]
["Reshelved the book." appears on screen]
FEMALE LIBRARIAN: Thank you. Now I'm going back to my room.
[she unlocks a secret door at the back of the room and walks through it, so Bartz and his party follow her into her room, which has several bookshelves and a large table with a book in the middle of it]
[he opens the book and starts reading]
BARTZ: "The Book of Magick, Vol. III. 'I'm a mage who knows how to Lance ... This is the secret to my strength ... '"
FEMALE LIBRARIAN: Thanks for your help back there ... Oh, now that I think of it, they say there's some strange magic that allows you to levitate, and it's hidden somewhere in the castle.



Final Fantasy V - Walkthrough - Surgate Castle

Once you're inside the castle, walk up the stairs on the right side and buy everything you need from the shops. Go down the stairs again and take the staircase on the left. Examine the red book laying on the desk to learn the song of speed. Go back up and take the next staircase head to the to the library. Go upstairs now and talk to the guy. He will ask you to return the 3 books into their shelves:

Forbidden Book : D-F shelf
Register of Monsters : R-S shelf
Weird Ronka : W-X shelf

Once you return the books, the guy will open a secret passage which will lead to the next part of the library. Walk downstairs now and open the chest with 5000GP inside. Walk south and you're outside now. Go left and under the bridge and enter the building. Open the chest for the Float spell. As you know from the guards, you will need to find Zeza's fleet, which is east from X-Death's castle. Leave the castle and use the dragon to land on the biggest ship of the fleet.

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