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Case Study No. 0879: Staff of Unnamed Library (Mummy Trouble)

Mummy Trouble
When a mummy's ancient manuscript is stolen from the library exhibit, library customers start turning into mummies! How can this nefarious plot be stopped? Ask your librarian!
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Woodhaven Films Presents
Mummy Trouble

[scene opens inside a public library, as a little girl is standing in front of a "sarcophagus" (made out of cardboard boxes) as library patrons look on]
LIBRARIAN 1: Welcome to the special mummy exhibit. Please notice our mummy tomb.
[cut to a quick closeup of the sarcophagus (as ominous music plays), then cut back to the librarian]
LIBRARIAN 1: And this book we found with the mummy ...
[she points to a copy of Tutankhamen sitting on a nearby shelf, then one of the patrons places a paper bag over his head]
THIEF: Okay, gimmee the book!
[he takes another book and points it at the librarian like a gun, so she takes the "mummy" book and hands it to him]
THIEF: And gimmee all your money!
[she heads over to the front desk]
THIEF: Move fast!
[she walks behind the desk, then opens the "cash register"]
THIEF: Hurry up! I don't have all day!
[he takes another bag and puts it on the desk]
THIEF: Put 'em in here! All of it!
[she takes the money and puts it in the bag, then the thief exits the library]
THIEF: Thank you!
["The mummy awakens ... " appears on screen, then cut to the sarcophagus as a little girl wrapped in toilet paper slowly sits up]
["The plot thickens slightly in a secret hidden lair ... " appears on screen, then cut to a young boy wearing a wig dancing in the middle of the room, when the thief enters]
THIEF: Master, master! I found the book!
MAD SCIENTIST: Give it to me!
[he hands him the book]
MAD SCIENTIST: Ah, with this book I will rule the world!
THIEF: I also have the money!
MAD SCIENTIST: Give it to me!
[he hands him the bag]
MAD SCIENTIST: You fool, these are library bucks!
THIEF: What're those?
MAD SCIENTIST: Library bucks are when you can read a book in thirty minutes and get one dollar off your fines!
[the thief turns to the camera and smiles]
THIEF: What a great deal!
[an "applause" sound effect is played in the background]
MAD SCIENTIST: Yes, what a great deal, but this is not real money!
THIEF: Sorry Master, it won't happen again!
MAD SCIENTIST: You will be sorry ...
[he reaches for a lever, when he waves for the thief to step a little closer]
MAD SCIENTIST: Can you move a little--
[the thief steps closer]
MAD SCIENTIST: Can you move over there?
[he takes another step closer]
THIEF: Here?
[he pulls the lever, and the thief "falls" down a trap door ... then cut to the thief being attacked by alligators (made out of cardboard)]
THIEF: Ahhh! No, please! This can't be happening? Why do I always have to die!
[cut to the mad scientist looking down at the thief]
THIEF: [from off camera] No, help me! Help help!
MAD SCIENTIST: Next time, get the right money!
THIEF: [from off camera] My hand!
[someone off camera throws a fake hand at the mad scientist, who picks it up]
MAD SCIENTIST: Eww, a hand ... Here you go, my pets.
[he throws the hand back down into the "pit", then starts dancing again]
MAD SCIENTIST: Dance party!
THIEF: [from off camera] Help me! Help, I'm still dying!
["Meanwhile back in the library ... " appears on screen, then cut to a young boy pulling a book off the shelf]
PATRON 1: This is just the book I wa--
[the mummy shambles up behind him and pulls him down off camera]
PATRON 1: Ahhh!
[the mummy gets up, and the patron (turned into a mummy himself) also gets up and shuffles off camera]
[cut to another young boy browsing the shelves, when the mummy sneaks up behind him and pulls him down off camera]
PATRON 2: Ahhh!
[she gets up, and once again the patron has been turned into a mummy]
[cut to two more young boys browsing the shelves, when the new mummies appear and pull them down]
PATRON 3: Ahhh!
PATRON 4: Mummies!
[they get up, and once again the patrons have been turned into mummies]
[cut to the librarian calmly typing at her desk, as one of the mummies is sitting in a nearby chair and moaning to itself]
LIBRARIAN 1: Hmm, the customers look a little strange today ...
[cut to various shots of the mummies wandering around the library and mindlessly typing on the computers]
LIBRARIAN 1: I'm gonna go make a phone call.
[she gets up and dials the phone]
LIBRARIAN 1: [into the phone] Hello, Special Forces?
[cut to one of the mummies pulling books off the "Easy Nonfiction" shelf, then back to the librarian]
LIBRARIAN 1: [into the phone] I mean, the customers have turned into mummies!
[she hangs up, then cut to a mummy continually bumping into the wall, as a young boy wearing a black gi enters the library and walks up to the librarian]
LIBRARIAN 1: You're a Special Force?
NINJA: That's right, I'm a ninja!
LIBRARIAN 1: People are turning into mummies, can you help us?
NINJA: That's what I'm here for ... I will use my special ninja powers!
[cut to one of the bookshelves, as the ninja jumps into view]
NINJA: Hi yah!
[he starts sneaking around the shelf, whne a mummy runs in behind him and tackles him to the ground]
NINJA: Ahhh!
[he continues to scream like a little girl from off camera, then falls silent ... he gets up, transformed into a mummy, and shambles away]
[cut to the ninja/mummy and his companion smashing a nearby book display, when another little girl walks up and reprimands them]
LIBRARIAN 2: Excuse me, gentlemen! Don't you realize this is a library? Go sit down and read a book!
[the mummy shrugs and walks off]
[the ninja/mummy puts his head down, then walks off]
LIBRARIAN 2: Honestly, this is getting out of hand!
[cut to the other librarian sitting at the front desk, when the original mummy enters the scene]
LIBRARIAN 1: Are you the one that's turning people into mummies? What do you want? Who are you?
MUMMY: Return my book ...
["Back at the not so secret lair ... " appears on screen, then cut to the mad scientist holding the book while sitting next to a mummy, as the two librarians enter]
MAD SCIENTIST: Who are you?
LIBRARIAN 2: We're here for the book!
MAD SCIENTIST: [pause] And?
LIBRARIAN 1: People are turning into mummies!
MAD SCIENTIST: That is not my problem! It's my plan!
LIBRARIAN 1: Give us the book!
MAD SCIENTIST: Never! Mummy, go after them!
[the mummy gets up and chases one of the librarians, while the other grabs the book and tries to pull it away from the mad scientist]
LIBRARIAN 1: Gimmee that!
MAD SCIENTIST: No, I need it!
[she eventually takes it away from him, then pushes the lever as the mad scientist "falls" through the trap door]
[cut to the alligator pit, as the mad scientist is being eaten by his (cardboard) pets]
MAD SCIENTIST: I own you! No, I own you!
[cut back to the two librarians, as they run off camera while the sounds of sirens and a helicopter flying overhead can be heard]
LIBRARIAN 1: Let's get out of here!
[the mummy wanders in front of the camera in slow motion, as "The End?" appears on screen]

Starring in alphabetical order

Amine Amine
Catherine Carpio
Deandre Fernandez
Allyssa Freeman
Jade Gallagher
Ishrat Ibrahim
Sakib Ibrahim
Jung Tzen Liew
Jose Paredes
Kevin Paredes
Erick Surinarain

Set Production
Grace Dai
JeanPaul Enrique
Amisha Gapee
Abraham Mendoza
Louis Mendoza
Alex Parker
Gabi Parker
Juliette Parker
Abdullah Shah

Directed by
Ken Gordon

Made at Queens Library at Woodhaven
during the Summer Reading Program

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