Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Case Study No. 0861: "Librarian by Day, Travel Writer at Heart"

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[scene opens with a young female librarian (brown hair in a ponytail, cardigan sweater) standing at the library's front desk and stamping a book (with the camera focusing on the pair of glasses sitting on the table), as "Librarian by Day" appears on screen]
[cut to a train station, as the librarian (now wearing a fleece jacket over a shirt and jeans) joins a young man as he enters one of the cars]
[cut to the two sitting across from one another as the train is in motion, while the librarian stares at the man and smiles]
[cut to a closeup of the librarian writing in her travel journal, as "Travel Writer at Heart" appears on screen]
[cut to the two entering Skipton Castle in North Yorkshire, as the man takes photographs]
[cut to the librarian alone in her hotel room, as she continues writing in her travelogue]
[cut to the two sitting at the "Clifford Tea Rooms," as she pours him a cup]
[the scene fades to black, as "Craghoppers World Travel Clothing" appears on screen]

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