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Case Study No. 0853: Riley Horton

"Run for Your Life, Riley Horton" Book Trailer
Riley Horton is a school librarian and aspiring author when she stumbles on the ugly secret of Hambleport in this "Tell No One Mystery" book trailer.
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Run for Your Life, Riley Horton!
by Sara M. Barton

Take school librarian and aspiring author Riley Horton.
Put her to work helping the kiddies with their school history project.
Sounds harmless, right?

Librarian as heroine?
You're thinking ... "prim, proper, prissy, probably repressed ... what's she going to do, whack the villain with an encyclopedia?"

Was Hambleport a stop on the Underground Railroad during the Civil War?
Riley's drawn into the mystery.

Riley decides to investigate on her own.
Think she'll let it go when she finds the truth?
Fat chance.

What happens when she overhears an ugly conversation in a pizza shop in Hambleport ...
And one of those men turns up dead a short time later?

It's never a good day when you find a body in a Dumpster.
Just ask Riley.

The town of Hambleport has a long history of smuggling.
The locals depend on that drug money to survive.

The more she digs, the more she discovers the grim reality.
Those profits have corrupted just about everyone in town.

The FBI puts an undercover agent in place to investigate the smuggling operation.
Dixon and Riley hook up behind closed doors, in more ways than one.

Too bad the FBI has a bad apple in its midst.
(It only takes one.)
It's not long before the bad guys find out ...

Caught in the act of gathering information, Riley is forced to go on the run.
No money, no safety net, no Dixon to protect her.

Dixon wants her to trust him.
He tells her there are angels all around her.
Is he nuts?

With too many nagging questions and a few suspicions, Riley heads south.
Like the bad guys won't come after her?

Can she get to her former landlord for those answers before the bad guys find her?
It doesn't look good.

Does the FBI have a plan?
Is Riley the bait?

Read it and find out!

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"No More Inspector Morse Code - Ode to Barrington Pheloung"
Mixed by Sara M. Barton

Book trailer written, directed, and produced by Sara M. Barton

(c) 2013 Frugal McDougal Productions
"Get your grubs off me sporran!"



Run for Your Life, Riley Horton!: A "Tell No One" Mystery #1
Sara Barton
Publication Date: December 11, 2012

School librarian Riley Horton uncovers a dirty little secret about the town of Hambleport while helping students at the Wexler Elementary School do research on the Underground Railroad. The prominent citizens of the Massachusetts town, with lineage dating back to the American Revolution, have a long history of successful smuggling. From cotton during the Civil War to liquor during Prohibition, they were successful at concealing their criminal activities. When bars reopen, the townspeople turn their attention to opium, heroin, cocaine, and marijuana. Imbedded deep in local government, the financial responsibilities for the money laundering and reinvestment of profits is left to skilled financial experts, and the town comes to depend on their illegal activities. When government informants disappear, the FBI wants answers, and Riley is in a position to help their deep cover agent, Dixon Wolders, find them in this intro novella to a new series. Riley's degree in information science and her analytical skills are of value to the FBI, but it's her role as author that comes in handy when she has to pass information on the operation. Over the course of several years, not only do Riley and Dixon hide their relationship from the townspeople, they manage to get closer to the truth about the smuggling than anyone has come before, and the trail leads them to Boston and Washington, DC. Politicians, from the mayor of Hambleport to Representative Liam Dooley to Assistant Secretary of State Mike Matthias can't afford for Riley and Dixon to succeed, and they call upon the security professionals to shut the FBI investigation down.

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