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Case Study No. 0871: "Naughty Librarians Convention 2008"

Naugty Librarian Convention 2008 -- Readings
San Francisco, CA
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[two female "librarians" are sitting on stage, as a man stands over them and reads from a book]
READER: "She opened her legs, and regarded me, as she had in high school. I felt a wave of deja vu, but it passed. She lowered her head into my straining pelvis, and spread my labia ... "
[the audience laughs]


From laughingsquid.com:

Cheesebikini just tipped us off about the upcoming Naughty Librarian Convention planned for this Saturday, March 8th at the world famous Ha-Ra Cub in San Francisco. Get ready for some sexy literary action.

Here are the details:

Naughty Librarians' Convention 2008
Saturday, March 8, 2008
2:00 PM

Ha-Ra Cub
875 Geary Street
san francisco, California 94109

Librarians are the new nurses and it's time to break out your bookish booties for the sake of something hot: reading!

Dress as a sexy schoolmarm, a libidinous librarian or a prurient professor and meet up at 2 p.m. Saturday for prim and proper cocktails at the Ha Ra club in the Tenderloin.

From there we'll head to the San Francisco Main Public Library to put our libidinous librarian mojo to work. Hosted by Princess Honeybee.

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