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Case Study No. 0845: Philippa and Vera

Dewey Eyed (Afternoon Play) Book Review
Philippa is a librarian from a long line of librarians....
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Radio Highlights: Monday 30 March
Gillian Reynolds previews the day's radio programmes: Dewey Eyed (Radio 4) and The Essay (Radio 3)
By Gillian Reynolds
12:31PM BST 30 Mar 2009

Dewey Eyed

Radio 4, 2.15pm

Vera (Sheila Reid) wakes up her daughter Philippa (Olivia Colman). Vera wants to watch Fifteen to One. But it's 5.00am. Sarah Naomi Lee's play is about living with someone who's losing her wits, leaving toilet rolls in the freezer, forgetting things. Philippa is a librarian. Vera used to be. Is Vera just confused after her husband's death, years of continuous care for him? Ordinary words don't seem to make sense to her any more. Then Philippa remembers another language her mother knows, that of Dewey cataloguing. And it still speaks to her.



Dewey Eyed (Afternoon Play)

Philippa is a librarian from a long line of librarians. When her father dies and her mother loses her wits, Philippa tries the only language Vera understands, that of the Dewey cataloguing system, to guide her back to sanity. Starring Olivia Colman as Philippa, Sheila Reid as Vera, Caroline Guthrie as Sheila and Paul Rider as Alistair. Written by Sarah Naomi Lee. Directed by Jessica Dromgoole.

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