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Case Study No. 0837: Unnamed Male Librarian (Batchelors Cup a Soup)

Batchelors' Cup-a-Soup - Librarian (1988, UK)
The second in a series of animated commercials for the soups.
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[the animated commercial begins with a male librarian standing at the front desk (with a "Quiet Please" sign next to him) surrounded by patrons]
STOMACH: [from off camera] Oy, you!
[the librarian looks down at his stomach and whispers]
LIBRARIAN: Do be quiet ...
[a circle opens in his torso, and an anthropomorphic version of his stomach (which looks like a miniature naked version of the librarian) peeks out]
STOMACH: Quiet? Heh, you're joking!
[the librarian looks around nervously]
[the stomach takes out a watch]
STOMACH: I haven't eaten for ages!
LIBRARIAN: [whispers] Can't you wait for--
STOMACH: No chance! I'm hungry!
[the stomach takes out a checkered napkin and wraps it around its neck]
STOMACH: Oooh, I could murder a Batchelors Cup a Soup!
[the librarian gets red in the face and begins yelling]
LIBRARIAN: I'll murder you if ya don't--
[the patrons all surround him and shush him, then cut to the librarian sneaking towards the "Staff Only" door]
NARRATOR: When your tummy's grumbling, nothing is quite as rewarding as a nice tasty Batchelors Cup a Soup special, with crispy croutons!
[the librarians goes to the bookshelf and runs his finger over a number of titles (including "Kafka", "Dickens", and "Hardy") before stopping at a box of Cup a Soup, then cut to the librarian sipping from the cup at the front desk]
LIBRARIAN: [smiling] Ahhh ... Feeling better now?
[he looks down at his stomach, which is now wearing glasses and reading a book]
[the librarian shrugs his shoulders, as the hole in his torso disappears]
NARRATOR: Keep your tummy quiet, with a Batchelors Cup a Soup!
[cut to a closeup of a stack of animated books ("Kafka", "Dickens", "Hardy", "Trollope") next to a real-life box of Batchelors Cup a Soup Special]

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