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Case Study No. 0869: Brian the Shouty Librarian

Shouty Librarian
This is one of RPL's submissions for Cengage Learning's "Out-of-the-Box" marketing contest. Wouldn't you love to compete in the Shouty Librarian Game Show? Wish us luck!
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["The Shouty Librarian Game Show" appears on screen, then cut to a male librarian exiting his car in the Rochester Public Library's parking lot and shouting directly at the camera]
SHOUTY LIBRARIAN: I am Shouty Librarian, let's do this thing!
[he pumps his fist, then cut to the entrance to the library, as he stands outside (still shouting at the camera)]
SHOUTY LIBRARIAN: I am the Shouty Librarian, I will solve your problem in thirty seconds or the cash is yours!
[cut to a female patron walking up to the patron]
PATRON 1: I don't know what type of digital camera to buy.
SHOUTY LIBRARIAN: Consumer Reports' here, available online! Libraries are rated top one in consumer unbiased information confidence! Get in the library!
[he points at the door, as the patron walks in, then another female patron walks up to the librarian]
PATRON 2: I wanna be creative with my kids.
SHOUTY LIBRARIAN: We have an art room right here! Your kids can be the next Van Gogh! You're Van Gone, get in the library!
[he points at the door, as the patron walks in, then a male patron walks up to the librarian while holding his cellphone]
PATRON 3: I need to learn Spanish on the plane, tonight!
SHOUTY LIBRARIAN: We have downloadable language apps! You can put 'em on your phone and learn the language on the plane! Get your apps in the library!
[he points at the door, as the patron runs into the library]
PATRON 3: Yes!
[another male patron walks up to the librarian]
PATRON 4: My kids gave me a Kindle or a Nook or something ... I don't know how to get a book on it.
SHOUTY LIBRARIAN: We can download books right onto it, and if you don't like that, you can get a real book and lie to your kids and tell 'em you downloaded it! Get in the library!
[cut to inside a parking garage, as a woman exits her car while speaking into her phone]
WOMAN: It's no big deal, I mean--
[the librarian suddenly appears (holding a wad of cash in his hand) and jumps in front of her, startling her]
SHOUTY LIBRARIAN: It's Shouty Librarian, invading your personal space! Meet the challenge, get the cash! Head to the library after your challenge!
[he points off camera, as the woman nervously returns to her phone conversation]
WOMAN: I have to go, there's some librarian guy here ...
SHOUTY LIBRARIAN: Go to the library challenge!
[cut to the woman inside the library, climbing up and down a metal step stool]
SHOUTY LIBRARIAN: Only a hundred more steps and the cash is yours!
WOMAN: I don't think I can do this!
SHOUTY LIBRARIAN: You can do it! You can do it!
[cut to two other women outside of the library, racing against each other while pushing bookcarts down the sidewalk]
SHOUTY LIBRARIAN: Go! Go! Go! Cash is on the line!
[cut to the librarian in his car]
SHOUTY LIBRARIAN: Let's get some people into the library!
[he drives off, as the scene fades to black]

Rochester Public Library
Giving you something to shout about!

Director ... Heather
Shouty Librarian ... Brian
Contestants ... Ally, Andy, Chris, Emily, Heather, Keri, Kim

Camera, Sound ... Jon
Original Music ... Paul
Editing ... The Bookworm

Lighting by the Sun
Sound effects by the traffic
The End

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