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Case Study No. 1087: Holloman Academy Librarian

Charisma Carpenter in Haunted High
Charisma Carpenter's blink and you'll miss it cameo in SyFy Channel's Haunted High.
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[scene opens inside the Holloman Academy library after hours, as the young female librarian (hair in a bun, glasses, short black dress) is closing up when she notices a dark figure moving quickly on the other side of the room]
LIBRARIAN: Hello? Hello? Hello?
[she slowly makes her way towards the stacks]
LIBRARIAN: The library's closed ... You'll have to come back tomorrow.
[she walks past the bookshelves, then stops when she notices someone at the other end]
[she begins walking back the other way, to try and see who it is]
LIBRARIAN: Excuse me ...
[as she makes her way towards the next bookshelf, she is suddenly confronted by a demonic-looking woman with fangs]
[she steps back, as the hardwood floor suddenly turns into "quicksand" and begins sinking down]
LIBRARIAN: Help me! Help me!
[she begins screaming and clawing at the demon-woman's cloak]
LIBRARIAN: Help me! Help me! Help me! Ahhh!
[the floor suddenly changes back into hardwood, slicing her in half and spraying blood across the wall]
[the librarian (or rather the torso of the librarian) falls backward as the demon-woman chuckles to herself before disappearing in a cloud of smoke]



In what kind of high school would you find Danny Trejo as a badass janitor, Charisma Carpenter as a sexy librarian, and M.C. Gainey as its headmaster? My kind of high school, that's what. Too bad it's haunted.

Haunted High is a new Syfy original starring major badass Danny Trejo, major babe Charisma Carpenter, and another badass not to be trifled with, "Lost" heavy M.C. Gainey.

Obviously, they are a little too old to be playing students. Key members of the student body will be played by Marc Donato of "Degrassi: Next Generation" and newcomer Jonathan Baron.

The Hollywood Reporter's "Heat Vision" blog brings us word of the premise:

The story, by Paul A. Birkett and Anthony C. Ferrante, is set at the fictional Holloman Academy, a New England private school that is visited by a demonic dead headmaster (Gainey).

Baron is the headmaster's grandson and must fight to save the school while Donato is the school's bad boy. Carpenter plays the sexy librarian while Trejo is a janitor who is secretly the kick-butt guardian of the school.

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