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Case Study No. 1078: Unnamed Male Librarian (RasheedaTV)

The Jungle
In today's technology age, students (including myself) are spoiled by the internet. We use to order text books or do our research for terms papers strictly ONLINE sometimes. What about the students of yesteryear, who actually had to go to the L-I-B-R-A-R-Y? I know a few people (ahem) who wouldn't even know where to start at the library. With that said, if you've ever had trouble finding a book in the stacks, then you'll definitely be able to relate to this video...
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[scene opens with a male and female student talking to each other]
RASHEEDA: Good job! Okay, now it's my turn.
KENGI: What's Plato's about?
RASHEEDA: "Allegory of the Cave!"
KENGI: Well, let's move to Descartes ... So, you have the book?
[the female student covers her mouth in shock]
RASHEEDA: I must've left it on the bus!
KENGI: What?! You don't have the book? We're gonna fail tomorrow!
RASHEEDA: I'm so sorry!
[she shakes her head]
RASHEEDA: W-We're not gonna fail! I'll ... Uh, even if I have to go to the library! I'm gonna find that book!
[cut to the female student standing outside of the school library (as jungle sound effects play in the background), then cut to the reference desk as she walks up to a young male librarian]
LIBRARIAN: Hi, how are you doing?
RASHEEDA: I need a book, and it's called "Discourse on Method" by Descartes ... Please tell me you have it! Please!
LIBRARIAN: Okay, "Discourse on Method" ...
[he types on his computer]
LIBRARIAN: Yep, we have it. It's, um ...
[he points off camera]
LIBRARIAN: Actually, it's right over there. You just take a left, and it's ... um, it's right near "B"--
[he checks the screen again]
LIBRARIAN: "B-Twenty-Three-A" ...
RASHEEDA: Um, I haven't been to the library in a minute, do you know what I mean? Like, I ... I usually order my books online, so this is kinda like a new thing for me. Could you help me?
[the librarian rubs his head in frustration at the request]
LIBRARIAN: Listen, it's super busy right now ...
[cut to a shot of the empty library (with cricket sound effects playing in the background), then back to the reference desk]
LIBRARIAN: I mean, right over there, you just take a left, dude. It's at "B-Twenty-Three-A," you're gonna see it right there. Just to the left, okay?
[the student gives him a sarcastic smile]
RASHEEDA: Thanks ...
LIBRARIAN: Take it easy, alright?
[she starts walking away]
RASHEEDA: Thanks for all the help, I'll find it all by myself ...
[cut to the female student standing in the middle of the stacks with a frightened look on her face, as Guns 'N Roses' "Welcome to the Jungle" plays in the background]
[cut to the student searching shelf after shelf for the book, as she becomes increasingly frustrated]
[cut to the student stopping in yet another section of the stacks, as she checks her wristwatch, horrified to realize how long it's taking her to find this book]
[cut to the student running through the stacks (her hair all frazzled), as she stops at another shelf and pulls out a book, only to discover it's not the one she's looking for]
[cut to the student pulling books off the shelf as she slowly slides down to the floor, throwing her hands up to the heavens in frustration]
[cut to the student kneeling in front of a pile of books, tearing pages out and attempting to eat them (as the sound of a lion roaring plays in the background)]
[cut to a closeup of the student's face (her hair a complete mess), as she stomps her feet and is on the verge of tears]
RASHEEDA: I'm never gonna find this book!
[cut to the student crawling on the floor, when the song ends just as she collapses in exhaustion]
[cut back to the reference desk, as the student crawls over and claws at the librarian's computer, crying]
RASHEEDA: I couldn't find the book!
LIBRARIAN: Oh my god ...
RASHEEDA: Where's the book "Discourse on Method?!"
[he starts typing on his computer]
LIBRARIAN: Oh, well ... I'm sorry about the mixup.
[he rubs his head]
LIBRARIAN: Oh my god, it's ten o'clock right now? Um, I didn't know you were looking that long. We ... That was a month ago. Someone, someone took it out a month ago, so it's gonna be back in about a month. I'm sorry about that, miss.
[she starts crying again]
RASHEEDA: No ... Nooooo!
[she faints, as the camera zooms in on her prone body on the floor]

The Jungle

Kengi Chen
Patrick Clark

Produced by
Xiao Xing and RasheedaTV

Written by

Music by
"Welcome to the Jungle"

A XiaoXing and RasheedaTV Production

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