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Case Study No. 1077: Starfish Minister (Wannabe Librarian)

Spongebob-Rule of Dumb
Patrick becomes the king, but censored.

Disclaimer:I do not own anything from the Spongebob cartoon and is owned by Nickelodeon and viacom. This was purely for fun and laughs.
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[the Starfish Minister approaches Patrick's house (i.e. his rock) and knocks on the "door", as Patrick lifts up the rock and peeks out with a blank expression on his face]
STARFISH MINISTER: Good day, sir! I am--
[Patrick suddenly gasps in fright]
PATRICK: I know exactly who you are!
[he slams the "door" shut, then cut to the interior of Spongebob's house, where he is watching television with his pet snail Gary]
SPONGEBOB: Ah, there's nothing like spending some quality time with my Gayr-Gayr!
[Spongebob is calmly watching a soap opera on the TV, when Patrick's face suddenly bursts through the screen]
PATRICK: Spongebob, help! He's onto me! I don't have much time!
[Patrick runs and starts a fire in the middle of the living room, then starts throwing a pile of books - including a copy of "Richie Salmons' Guide to Fitness" - into the flames]
SPONGEBOB: Patrick, what're you doing?!
[he grabs another book (entitled "How to Read") to throw in the fire]
PATRICK: I have to get rid of these books!
PATRICK: I'll show you why!
[he grabs Spongebob and presses his face against the window, pointing at the minister (who is still waiting outside of the rock)]
PATRICK: See him? He's from the library! He knows about my overdue books!
[Spongebob gasps, and Patrick nods his head]
PATRICK: Uh huh! Which means I'm gonna get thrown in the big house! And you know what that means ...
SPONGEBOB: Small portion meals?
PATRICK: Exactly!
[he starts to cry]
SPONGEBOB: Patrick, don't you worry! I got your back, man!
[cut to Spongebob walking up behind the Starfish Minister, as he clears his throat to get his attention]
SPONGEBOB: Hi there!
STARFISH MINISTER: Salutations, young one! Say, you wouldn't happen to know the starfish that lives under this rock, would you?
SPONGEBOB: [nervously] Huh?! No, I don't know any starfish! Even if I did know this "alleged" starfish, Patrick wouldn't owe any overdue library books!



"Rule of Dumb" is a SpongeBob SquarePants episode from season four.

A starfish from the Royal Ministry comes to visit Patrick for a delivery. After Patrick opens, he thinks the starfish is a librarian and has come for overdue library books. Patrick runs to SpongeBob's house and cries about it. SpongeBob covers for Patrick by coming up to the man and greeting him. The starfish then asks SpongeBob if he knows Patrick, but SpongeBob lies and says, "No, I don't know any starfish!" in surprise. When the starfish announces he has a gift for Patrick, which is a crown, Patrick dashes out of SpongeBob's house and grabs his gift. He starts chewing it and licking it, and announces it's a terrible-tasting gift. The starfish explains it's an item to wear, not to eat. Patrick is pleased when he gets the shiny crown. SpongeBob becomes Patrick's servant and shows a treaty to the citizens of Bikini Bottom whenever Patrick takes something from them.

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