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Case Study No. 1075: Kysira Fairbairn

Metamorphosis: The Emerging Librarian
NLS5 Competition
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Metamorphosis: The Emerging Librarian

The action or process of
changing in form, shape, or
substance; esp. transformation
by supernatural means

[scene opens with a shot of the branches of a large tree, then cut to a young female librarian lying on the ground (holding a notepad in one hand and a trumpet in the other)]
[the image slowly rotates frame-by-frame, then cut to another shot of the tree]
[cut to the librarian sitting in the middle of a park, as the camera zooms in frame-by-frame on the whiteboard she is holding (which reads "I was the library user")]
[cut to the librarian sitting in a library, typing on a laptop, as the camera again zooms in frame-by-frame]
[cut to the librarian standing outside of the State Library of Queensland, as the camera zooms in frame-by-frame on the whiteboard she is holding (which reads "I was the writer, the content creator")]
[cut to the librarian standing motionless in the stacks of the library, holding a book out in front of her as the camera slowly zooms in frame-by-frame ... when the camera reaches the book, she places it back on the shelf]
[cut to the librarian sitting on the steps outside of the library, as the camera zooms in frame-by-frame on the whiteboard she is holding (which reads "What kind of librarian will I be?")]
[cut to another shot of the tree, then back to the librarian lying on the ground]
[the entire film suddenly plays in reverse, until it cuts back to the image of the tree]
[cut to the librarian standing outside, as the camera zooms in frame-by-frame on the whiteboard she is holding (which reads "NLS5: Progression of my career, our network, and the profession")]
[the writing on the whiteboard suddenly changes to read "Bring it on."]

Kysira Fairbairn
The Whiteboard
Trumpy Hornsy
Brisbane Square Library
State Library of Queensland
Brisbane Botanical Gardens
QUT Gardens Point Campus

"metamorphosis, n." OED Online.
June 2011. Oxford University Press.
www dot oed dot com dot ezp01 dot library dot qut dot edu dot au slash view slash Entry slash 117313?redirectedFrom=metamorphosis
(accessed June 30, 2011).

Created with the help of
Maxine Tham
SLQ's The Edge



The New Generation Advisory Committee (NGAC) is excited to offer the chance to win free registration for a new graduate or student to the ALIA 5th New Librarians Symposium (NLS5), held in Perth from 16-18 September 2011.

conferences. nls5/

As part of the ALIA Board of Directors and NGAC's commitment to providing opportunities for professional development, this competition is designed to enable a new graduate ALIA Associate member or student member currently undertaking an ALIA-recognised tertiary LIS course, who would not otherwise receive funding from their organisation, the chance to attend NLS5.

Competition brief:
"Tell us your story using the NLS5 theme of 'Metamorphosis: what will you become today?' using any form of multimedia/new media/digital storytelling, eg. video, podcast, blog entry, Prezi presentation [etc.]. Be creative! Play with the theme! Learn about a new tool! Points are awarded for content and creativity."

Entry Requirements:
Applicants must:
1. Complete an application form (please email (remove no spam) for the application form).
2. Be personal, financial Associate or student members of ALIA.
3. Have no more than five (5) years since graduation from an ALIA-recognised LIS course.
4. Use freely accessible media/hosting (eg. no payment required to view your entry).
5. Ensure audio/visual entries do not exceed 2 minutes playing time.
6. Include a written rationale/summary of your entry/response to criteria of no more than 50 words.

A panel made up of the NGAC conference sub-committee, ALIA Director: Member Services and an ALIA Board Director will decide the successful applicant using the following criteria:

* How will attending NLS5 enhance your career development? (points/10)
* What contribution will you make to the wider LIS sector as a result of attending this event? (points/10)
* Engagement with the theme of "metamorphosis" (points/5)
* Creative/innovative use of resources available (points/5)
All eligible applications will be considered on merit, and judged anonymously.

- Email aliangac [at] (remove nospam) to get an application form (required for entry!)
- Applications close Monday 4th July 2011.



This is my entry for the New Librarians Symposium 5 (NLS5) competition.

As it went through several stages of production, I was struggling with the notion of being conclusive in the entry. But it occurred to me that the theme, metamorphosis, isn't conclusive but rather about evolution. I wanted to explore this theme by displaying the progression of my personal career and how that will lend itself to my future. As new technology evolves, we are able to create, enhance and enable our professional social spheres, and to me, NLS5 is about utilising our joint understanding of knowledge and creating a new social wisdom for our generation. It is an opportunity to learn HOW to contribute to the sector and express our ideas in the future. I am overwhelmed with the idea of presenting my research and knowledge at a professional level, however I feel like as I am about to undertake a large scale research project in response to this assignment (as found on the Findings page), I need to know how to present my work. I hope NLS5 will also expand my network of library professionals and furthermore, I can hone my writing skills by reporting on the event. I feel that, because of my writing background, I have ideas and skills that can be utilised in the library community. I hope NLS5 will help me express them.

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