Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Case Study No. 1066: Unnamed Female Librarian (SpeakingPal)

A lighter look at speaking to the librarian on how to find a book or how to return a book at the library.
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[scene opens with a female librarian (glasses, hair in a bun, yellow dress) shelving a book with her back to the camera, when a male patron approaches her holding a book]
PATRON: Ahem ...
[she turns and gives him a deadpan stare]
LIBRARIAN: The library's closing in twenty minutes.
PATRON: Is this the central library?
[she adopts a condescending tone]
LIBRARIAN: Yes, are you looking for a book?
PATRON: No, I wanna return this book, please.
[he smiles and hands her the book, as she quickly looks it over]
LIBRARIAN: A page is missing from the book.
PATRON: [pause] Well, I didn't take it, that's for sure ...
[he gives a nervous laugh]
LIBRARIAN: This is a new library book.
PATRON: [pause] I remember now ... My cat ate it.
[the librarian's expression doesn't change as she tries to hand the book back, but the patron simply smiles and gently pushes the book back to her, before he waves goodbye and leaves]


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