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Case Study No. 1074: Gwenda the Librarian

Max Tell / The Knight the Dragon and the Librarian
Once there was a knight of old who was so bold, but one burst of flame from Dragon ended Bold's bravery with a blast. Dragon was a bully, but Gwenda the librarian read stories to him that changed his heart from horrendously hard to hilariously happy. And who ended up the real hero? Gwenda of course, Gwenda the librarian. Give Gwenda a cheer. If you like poetry for kids, you may also enjoy visiting Max Tell's blog: Koetry for Pids:
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Once there was a knight of old
Known around the world as Bold
As bold as brass and iron too
He'd vanquished trolls, at least a few

All Bold's deeds, they were not small
He was the bravest of them all
He saved the king, he saved the queen
He saved the giant, dressed in green

Then came Dragon. Vicious, cruel
"The time has come for me to rule!
"Give me gold! Give me gems!
"Or I'll fire up again!"

Fire, like Achilles' heel
Broke the knight with heart of steel
He was shaken to the core
By Dragon's fuming, flaming roar

Bold no longer, he fled the glen
We never saw that knight again

Happiness had fallen fast
Comfort, peace were of the past

Then Gwenda the librarian
Tapped on the door to Dragon's den
In her hand, she held a book
What a change! What a look!

Gwenda, how she wove a story!
Turned Dragon's dreams from gore to glory
Her cherub eyes soothed his heart
He discovered book and art

Dragon snuggled in his lair
In his comfy cushy chair
He listened keenly, smiled, laughed
Anger gone, gone his wrath

Books of poems, stories, songs
Adventures you can go along
Now candlelight is Dragon's flame
Stories are his new domain

Poem and Reading by Max Tell
Max Tell is the pen name for Robert Stelmach
(c) Robert Stelmach 2013



The Knight the Dragon and the Librarian. A story for teachers, librarians, and weird creatures.



This is Max Tell with my 9th writing game to give the poems you write for kids a unique personal flair and a bit of a bite.

Note: A reference to 'poems' also includes songs. A reference to 'songs' refers only to songwriting.

A special thanks to Sheree Fitch who's workshop on writing more personal and exciting poetry for kids inspired the creation of 'Koetry for Pids'.

Today's topic:

A slight change of plans: I was scheduled to talk about Rhyme, but thought I would break the pattern and give you a different type of game today. First view my video below, The Knight The Dragon and the Librarian, then I'll tell you all about the . . .


Let's say, you want to write a poem, but you're not sure what you want to write about. Try the MAGIC 'IF' game. This is how the MAGIC 'IF' game works. You ask yourself a question:

What if such and such were to happen? Here are a few examples:
* What if a meteor fell from the sky?
* What if an elephant sat on a tack?
* What if your favourite toy turned into jell-o?

Game one:
1. Write a few 'what if' questions of your own.
2. Choose the one you like best.
3. Write a poem answering your 'what if' question.

In the case of my video poem above, I asked myself 'what if' a knight, a dragon, and a librarian were in the same poem? What would happen?

Now your turn, think of two or three characters who you would like in your poem.

Here are some examples:
* A chicken, a duck, and a centipede
* A boy, a girl, and a man-eating carrot
* A giant and a worm

Game two:
1. Write a few 'what if' lists of characters of your choice.
2. Choose the list you like best.
3. Write a poem about your favourite 'what if' list of characters.

Don't forget to share your poems with family and friends. And don't forget to edit, edit, edit.

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