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Case Study No. 1054: Abby Campbell

Curse Of A Werewolf: Haunting Memories Unfold [Paperback] Book Trailer
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A creature prowls ...
bearing an evil curse.


Abby turns to her friends ...
only to discover ...
something that could destroy her.

Is her fate doomed?

Curse of a Werewolf
Cathy Mankin

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Paperback or Kindle

Author: Cathy Mankin
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Music by: Torrey Desmond Rogers



Curse Of A Werewolf (Haunting Memories Unfold)
Cathy Mankin (Author)
Publication Date: July 17, 2009

Something lurks deep in the woods in Sanford, Maine. A creature prowls deep within the forest, as it tries to hide its existence from the people who live there. Abby Campbell, a local librarian comes face-to-face with the horrid beast, unaware that the curse will soon reappear, causing the horrible memories from 1971 to unfold around her.

Living in fear, she turns to her best friends, Blake and Jack to comfort her, only to find out that they have a secret that will haunt her where ever she goes. Abby eventually finds out that Nathan is not who he seems and her ability to survive will be challenged by the peer pressure of facing those horrifying memories once and for all. Will the curse of the werewolf destroy her or can she withstand the immortal disaster that stands before her? Will she live or die?

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