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Case Study No. 1085: The Librarian (Giuseppe Arcimboldo)

Promo for Worldwide Books approval plans, with tribute to librarians.
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["Worldwide 1962-2012" appears on screen]
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["Giuseppe Arcimboldo captures the essence of the librarian" appears on screen]
[cut to a still image of Arcimboldo's "The Librarian" (a painting featuring books and papers arranged to resemble a bearded man)]
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["The art librarian" appears on screen]
[cut back to Arcimboldo's painting, as the image becomes increasingly pixelated]
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APPROVAL PLAN PROGRAM. For 50 years, Worldwide Books has offered reliable collection-development and acquisition services to libraries collecting strongly in the areas of art, architecture, photography and design. As a leading specialist in the selection and distribution of art-exhibition catalogues and other books on art, Worldwide provides thorough and systematic coverage of titles from hundreds of museums and galleries throughout the world, while also offering comprehensive coverage of new art books from scores of the leading American trade and university presses.

Worldwide is highly regarded for the depth and breadth of its coverage, and for its flexible, expertly administered approval-plan program. Plan subscribers are ensured a balanced and conscientious selection of publications on all aspects of art and art history, while saving valuable staff time otherwise consumed by complex search and ordering processes. Our many standard plans can be customized as desired, and special plans can be designed to suit any collection profile or budget. Modifications to a plan may be implemented at any time, and subscribers are granted unrestricted return privileges.

Worldwide places a strong emphasis on thorough and accurate bibliographic records. Our Web site provides free and unrestricted access to our complete bibliographic database of some 100,000 titles that we have carefully and systematically selected since the early 1960s. Our extensive inventory currently includes nearly 30,000 in-stock titles—many of them no longer available from other sources—enabling us to compile unique retrospective collections and to readily supply a wide range of rare and out-of-print titles in new condition.

Worldwide's library clients automatically receive favorable discounts on most of the American trade and university-press publications that we offer; titles from university presses and most small presses are routinely discounted 10%, while those from major American trade publishers are discounted 20%.



Artist: Giuseppe Arcimboldo
[Italian painter, 1530-1593]

Title: The Librarian

Date: ca.1566
Medium: oil on canvas
Dimensions: 38 x 28 inches (97 x 71 cm)
Location: Skokloster Castle, Sweden

Arcimboldo is well known for several famous images of a man's face created out of plants and vegetables. This is a slightly different effort - a librarian created out of anthropomorphic pile of books.

While it recalls certain visual tricks of artists like Salvador Dali and New York Times illustrator David Suter, this painting reminds me very strongly of many whimsical technological illustrations that Boris Artzybasheff painted as Time Magazine covers during the 1940s, 50s and 60s.

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