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Case Study No. 1028: Conan the Librarian, Dewey Decibell, Virginia WereWoolf, and Whisperin' Whillie DeVoss

The Librarians - The Bookworm Cometh
The Librarians - The Bookworm Cometh from the album "Shhh..."
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The phone rang
It was a code red
I knew instantly what it meant
The creature was back

The lights were out in the reading room
Corpses lined the hall
As others fled, I trudged ahead
Through gore as bodies fall

I saw the bookworm, felt his essence
Unimaginable putrescence

Fatty rolls, a circle of teeth
Filling the room with its gurgling sound
A college cap and a broken monocle
Over a pitch-black eye

The time had come to put an end
To this forevermore
I'd have its head or I'd be dead
And sail Valhalla's shore

I quietly unsheathed my sword
And headed into the darkness



The Librarians

Conan the Librarian: Axes
Dewey Decibell: Vocals, more Axes
Virginia WereWoolf: Drums
Whisperin' Whillie DeVoss: Hype Man/Keyes

Location: Los Angeles, California 90065
Genre: Librarian Metal
Record Label: Danger Zone! Records
Personal Information: Our album Shhh... is now available! Available at Haffa's Records in Athens, OH.



Our album "Shhh" is now available for sale at Thrillhouse Records in San Francisco! for $5.00! Thrillhouse is a cool volunteer-run, non-profit record store that sells mostly vinyl punk and metal.

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