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Case Study No. 1040: Akane Mishima (student library worker)

Tribute to Akane Mishima - Shut Up!
My Tribute Video to Akane Mishima from Anime/Manga Kampfer.
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Akane Mishima
voiced by Yuri Horie(JAP)

School librarian and Natsuru's friend, she is also a Blue Kampfer like Natsuru. Normally very shy (which might very well be attributed to her tendency of misunderstanding what others are trying to do in a borderline-erotic way) and soft-spoken, she has bipolar disorder upon transforming into a Kampfer, becoming foul-mouthed, bitter, vindictive, and trigger-happy. She explained most of the rules of being a Kampfer when Natsuru's own Messenger gave no such details. She is a Gewehr type Kampfer who uses an 1911 .45 pistol and appears to be ambidextrous. In addition to having Natsuru as the first male to establish in-depth friendship with her, Akane eventually begins to harbor feelings for him, becoming jealous and easily irritable when he talks about another girl (most if not all of the time being Kaede) in front of her or when another girl takes an interest in him (whether that interest is romantic in nature or not). Despite often responding with indifference, however, Natsuru does later tell her that if Kaede were never on his mind, she (Normal form) would have been the kind of girl he "sees no problem with".



The plot of the anime "Kampfer" revolves around Natsuru Seno, a normal high school boy with blue hair. One day he wakes up to find himself turned into a girl. A stuffed tiger "Harakiri Tora" comes to life and tells him to fight as a female fighter "Kampfer". Having no idea about what's going on, Natsuru is involved in many battles against other female Kampfer.

The fourth character to be introduced in the series, and the second person from the Blue Kampfer to be known, was Akane Mishima (voiced by Yui Horie). She is a bespectacled honor student helping in the school library and Natsuru's friend; she is also a Blue Kampfer like Natsuru. In her Kampfer form, her short brown hair turns red and she becomes violently aggressive (as opposed to her normally calm and "bookish" demeanor). She has a tendency to misunderstand what others are trying to say or do in a borderline-erotic way.

She is a Gewehr-type Kampfer who uses a black M1911 .45 pistol and appears to be ambidextrous. Her gun has the special property of having unlimited ammunition and doesn't need reloading.

As a Kampfer, the messenger assigned to Akane by the Moderators is Black Seppuku Rabbit, a plush toy that is part of the Entrails Animals series of stuffed toys.

Recently, she (as well as Mikoto Kondo) made a cameo appearance in "Asobi ni Iku Yo!" as part of group staring at Eris and her group.



Episode 1 ("Destiny: The Chosen Ones")
Original air date: October 2, 2009

Natsuru Seno wakes up to discover one morning that he has transformed into a woman, upon which a stuffed animal tiger, Disemboweled Tiger, who introduces itself as a messenger, tells him that he has become a Kampfer, which must do battle with other Kampfer; since Kampfer must be female, Natsuru transforms into a female version of himself. The next morning he is attacked by another Kampfer named Akane Mishima wielding a sidearm. Natsuru protects his friend Kaede Sakura from Akane's attack, before saving Akane from a falling lamppost. Natsuru is approached the following day by a shy girl who reveals herself to be Akane, who is completely different in appearance and personality when in Kampfer form. Akane tells Natsuru as much as she knows about the Kampfer, even helping him when he transforms. Apparently, they are allies due to their bracelets being the same color, blue, hence they become known as Blue Kampfer and that their enemies are the Red Kampfer, who have red bracelets, accordingly. At the end of the day, Kaede tells Natsuru that she has fallen for his Kampfer form. The next day, when he goes to Akane for advice, they are attacked by another hidden Kampfer while in the school library. When Kaede suddenly appears in the wreckage, Akane assumes she is the enemy and shoots her gun at her.

[Natsuru is waiting at the bus stop with his friend Kaede Sakura, when someone off-camera fires a bullet that hits the brick wall behind them, then Akane appears from behind a wall across the street from them]
Akane Mishima: Yo! So you're my enemy? Never thought such a girly-looking punk would be my enemy. Say your prayers or something.
[she points her gun at them, but the bus arrives and gets between them ... as it drives away, Natsuru has disappeared]
Kaede Sakura: Natsuru-san? Huh?
[Natsuru (now transformed into his female Kampfer form) is seen running away]
Natsuru Seno: [to himself] So what happened last night wasn't a dream?!
[he stops as gunfire hits the street in front of him]
Akane Mishima: Just like I thought, you're also a Kampfer. Come on, bring it on.
Natsuru Seno: W-Why do we have to fight?!
Akane Mishima: Because you and I are both Kampfers!
[she fires her gun, and Natsuru runs off]
Akane Mishima: Even though you're a Kampfer, you're not a Mobile Suit!
[Natsuru suddenly jumps high into the air and lands on top of the streetlight]
Akane Mishima: [yelling up to him] Not bad. What's your name?
Natsuru Seno: [still confused] Natsuru Senou.
Akane Mishima: I'm Akane Mishima ... Savor the sound of it on your journey to hell! Now I'm going to friggin' shoot your big fat ass!
Kaede Sakura: [from off-camera] Natsuru-san! Where are you?
[she runs into the scene, and Akane points her gun at her]
Akane Mishima: Outta the way, you stupid bitch!
Natsuru Seno: Sakura-san!
[he jumps into the air as Akane begins to pull the trigger]
Natsuru Seno: Stop!
[a fireball appears in his hand and blasts towards Akane (who jumps out of the way), then he jumps and lands in front of Kaede while staring at his hand]
Natsuru Seno: W-What happened?
Akane Mishima: So you're a Zauber type ...
Natsuru Seno: Zauber?
Akane Mishima: Interesting ...
[she starts to point her gun at them, but Natsuru notices that the crater left by the impact of the fireball has damaged the nearby lamppost (which is going to fall onto Akane)]
Akane Mishima: Now I'm gonna go full out and kill you!
[Natsuru jumps (avoiding the bullet) and grabs Akane before the falling lamppost hits her, as they both land on the ground and Akane stares up astonished to see that the lamppost almost killed her]
Natsuru Seno: [struggling to get up, as Akane has landed on top of him] G-Get off me, you jerk! Get the hell off me already!
[she struggles to get up, as Akane has landed on top of him, then looks away]
Akane Mishima: So heavy ...
[she steps on Natsuru as she walks off]
Natsuru Seno: Ow!
[she jumps into the air and disappears, as Kaede runs up to Natsuru]
Kaede Sakura: E-Excuse me, are you okay?
[he nervously laughs, then gets up and runs away]


[Natsuru (back in his normal form) is at school when someone tells him that a girl from the "female side" of campus is waiting for him in the hallway, so he runs out to meet her]
Natsuru Seno: I'm sorry for making you wait ...
[unknown to Natsuru, the girl is actually Akane in her "normal" form, that of a shy young girl wearing glasses]
Akane Mishima: [nervously] No, it's okay. I shouldn't have--
Natsuru Seno: Um, do you need something from me? Actually, how did you get to the male side?
Akane Mishima: I-I'm a librarian, so I have a pass ...
[she shows him her library badge]
Akane Mishima: I'm sorry ... I don't speak with guys often. I apologize, I'm really sorry--
Natsuru Seno: Well, even if you apologize ... Um, what's your name?
Akane Mishima: I'm Akane. Akane Mishima.
Natsuru Seno: Akane ... Mishima?!
[he flashes back to their previous encounter]
Natsuru Seno: Aka ... neeee?!?
[switch to inside the school library, where Natsuru and Akane are hiding and whispering behind the bookstacks]
Natsuru Seno: Are you really the girl from this morning?
Akane Mishima: Yes.
Natsuru Seno: Well, you said some really outrageous things.
Akane Mishima: Yes.
Natsuru Seno: Like, "I'll kill you."
Akane Mishima: Yes ...
Natsuru Seno: And "big fat ass."
Akane Mishima: Yes ...
Natsuru Seno: And "stupid bitch."
Akane Mishima: Yes ...
Natsuru Seno: And "I'm going to friggin' shoot--"
[she starts to cry]
Akane Mishima: P-Please stop making fun of me. My personality changes when I become a Kampfer, and I start saying extremely vulgar things. I'm really sorry.
Natsuru Seno: S-Sorry! Me too! My chest inflates like a balloon when I transform.
[she stops crying]
Akane Mishima: Your chest inflates?
Natsuru Seno: But I didn't know that even personality can change.
[she rolls up her sleeve and shows him her blue bracelet]
Akane Mishima: Please look at this. When this bracelet glows, that means you're going to transform into a Kampfer. Same color bracelets mean we're on the same side.
[he looks at the blue bracelet on his own wrist]
Natsuru Seno: So that's why you stopped attacking me?
Akane Mishima: That's not all ... You were so brave.
Natsuru Seno: If blue means we're on the same side, what about our enemies?
Akane Mishima: They wear red ones.
Natsuru Seno: You know a lot.


Natsuru Seno: When did you become a Kampfer?
Akane Mishima: Around six months ago. I remember I woke up and felt really hot ...
[she suddenly gets embarrassed]
Akane Mishima: B-By hot, I don't mean it that way!
Natsuru Seno: Then what do you mean?
Akane Mishima: T-Then I was holding a big and black and shiny Gewehr ...
Natsuru Seno: "Big and black?"
Akane Mishima: [gets even more embarrassed] P-Please don't misunderstand me! A Gewehr! A gun! I was holding a gun! What on Earth are you thinking about?!
[she pauses]
Akane Mishima: Oh, speaking of which, the German dictionary is over here.
[she heads for a nearby bookstack and reaches for a book on the top shelf]
Natsuru Seno: This?
Akane Mishima: Yes.
[he tries to pull out the book, but it won't budge]
Natsuru Seno: It's stuck ...
[he manages to pull it out, but it causes the other books to fall off the shelf, and he winds up falling on top of Akane]
Akane Mishima: [blushing] Senou-san, not again ...
[he awkwardly gets up]
Natsuru Seno: S-sorry! Mishima-san, are you alright?
[the camera pans down to show that the dictionary has fallen under her skirt]
Akane Mishima: Senou-san, your stiff thing is--
Natsuru Seno: Come on, stand up.
Akane Mishima: [confused] I-It's standing up?!
[he holds out his hand]
Natsuru Seno: Hold it.
Akane Mishima: [embarrassed] H-Hold what?!
Natsuru Seno: What?
Akane Mishima: What do you want me to hold?!

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