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Case Study No. 1073: Patricia Davies (library assistant) and Phyllis

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Weeds season 6 episode 11, the library scene XD
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[scene opens with Nancy standing at the front desk of East Dearborn High School, speaking with the elderly female librarian (played by Sara Van Horn)]
NANCY: I was looking for ... uh, '84 to '87, actually.
PHYLLIS: Mm, nobody good in those years.
[Nancy gives her a surprised look, as the librarian chuckles]
PHYLLIS: But hang on, I'll get them.
[she steps away, as the camera pans out to reveal a woman behind Nancy (staring at her with a wild look in her eyes)]
PATRICIA: Nancy Price ...
NANCY: [pause] Hi. There.
PATRICIA: Patricia Davies.
[Nancy gives her a blank stare, then smiles and shrugs]
NANCY: Sure. Right.
PATRICIA: [quietly] We were in the same class together here. This school.
NANCY: [pause] Patricia, of course! Great to see you!
PATRICIA: Do you have kids here?
NANCY: Uh no, I'm just looking up old yearbooks, y'know. Uh, Viking pride ...
PATRICIA: Viking pride, right right ... You told Maureen Byrne I was a prude. In the locker room after gym. You said if I ever let a--
[she lowers her voice]
PATRICIA: A dick inside me, it would turn into a popsicle. Then everyone started calling me P-Popsicle Patty.
NANCY: Patricia, uh ... wow. I have no memory of that, but that was mean. Of me. Sorry.
PATRICIA: [quietly] I slept with fourteen guys my junior year. I got kicked outta my house. Never quite made it to college.
[Nancy slowly shakes her head]
NANCY: I'm just waitin' on the librarian ...
PATRICIA: Oh, Phyllis. She takes her time ... which is why they hired me, the librarian's assistant.
[she gives a nervous laugh and shrugs her shoulders]
PATRICIA: Fun stuff!
[Nancy can only stare at her]
PATRICIA: [quietly] I have had herpes for twenty seven years ... but I am no prude.
[the librarian finally returns to the desk, carrying a stack of yearbooks]
PHYLLIS: Ah, '84 to '87 ... We all miss those days, huh?
[both women laugh nervously at her]
NANCY: Uh huh ...
PATRICIA: Lots of fun.
[the librarian leaves again, as Patricia leans in behind Nancy and whispers]
PATRICIA: [quietly] Bitch.
[she turns and leaves, as Nancy just nods]



"Weeds" (Viking Pride) Season 6 | Episode 11 | Aired on 2010.11.01

Nancy heads to the Viking library for some amazing interactions and to see if she can connect Ellis Tate to Klosterman. The librarian lady goes, "If you're looking for Bob Seger, those ones were vandalized years ago." Nancy politely corrects her -- "Bob is an ... acquired taste, I was looking for '84 to '87, actually?" -- and the librarian leaves with a hilarious, "Nobody good in those years!" Behind Nancy is standing one of my favorite people in the world, Stephnie Weir, looking all crazy like she does and feeling all kinds of historical trauma and reminding Nancy of who she is and was.

"Viking Pride, right right. You told Maureen Byrne I was a prude. In the locker room after gym, you said if I ever let a... A dick inside me it would turn into a popsicle. Then everyone started calling me Popsicle Patty." I don't actually remember much of 1984-1987 inclusive, and I've never really been a teenage girl, but I guess I can accept that "frigid" was a dangerous mean thing to imply, and maybe still is. I've always found it weird as a put-down, whether in the '50s or now. I mean, it's not possible that the world is so incredibly shitty that both having sex and not having sex are equal insults, because then what the fuck are you supposed to do?

Lady problems, they are a mess. It's more interesting that Nancy chose to express her power in such a nasty way: In this brick dance universe sex isn't bad, there are no sluts or whores (unless you sleep with Zack Morris), but not having sex? Well, that's unforgivable. Or maybe she was just calling her ugly in a very subtle way. I really have no idea. It seems like a cliché, like something that might have once happened that could be the basis for a joke in this scene at the library, but for all I know you could actually ruin a woman's life by calling her a "prude" in the girl's gym. If so, I have to give the girls of 1984-87 inclusive a lot more credit.



Last week's Weeds episode, "Dearborn-Again" introduced an entire new slew of guest stars, and an entire new location for the Botwins to hide out. We met Lars Guinard (played by Rick Ravanello) who is Nancy's old boyfriend from high school, and could potentially be her oldest son Silas' real father. Weeds viewers were also introduced to Ellis Tate (Eric Lange), a fake old classmate/someone who has been looking for Nancy, Hooman Jaka (Assaf Cohen) a club owner/buyer for Nancy's liquid drug, and last but certainly not least, Warren Schiff (Richard Dreyfuss) who is Nancy's old high school math teacher she has a fling with.

Weed's season 6, episode 10 "Dearborn-Again" left off with Nancy making an agreement to sell her new drug to Hooman Jaka, and 'Ellis Tate' sitting on a bed telling someone on the phone that he had successfully found Nancy. Weeds season 6, episode 11 "Viking Pride" starts out with Nancy delivering the first batch of her new drug 'C4/leg spreader' to Hooman Jaka (Assaf Cohen) in exchange for cash. She asks Hooman if he knows where she can obtain passports, and he gives her the number of someone that can help. The only catch is, this man will only do business with another man.

Nancy heads back to Warren Schiff's (Richard Dreyfuss) house and tells Andy he has to get the passports. She gives Andy an envelope with money/pictures in it, and gives him instructions. Doug inquires which picture of his they are using and they assumed Doug already had his passport, which he does not. Very little was seen of Doug during "Viking Pride" and the only other real glimpse we get is Doug telling Shane he'll be gone for a day to get his passport, and not to leave for Copenhagen without him.

During this time Silas heads back to Lars Guinard's (played by Rick Ravanello) house, who happens to be outside. Turns out since Lars decided to keep his mustang, which led to his girlfriend leaving him. Silas helps move her stuff outside, and when they take a break he asks what high school Lars went to. He tells Silas East Dearborn, and Silas took the opening to say his mom Nancy Price went there.

Lars tells Silas him and Nancy used to date, which gets them talking about her. Silas eventually blurts out, "I think I'm your son," which is an awkward moment. After Silas stammers about how he is not sure, but how they look alike, he eventually bolts from Lars' house. This is not the last we will see of Lars, he is also in the final two episode's of Weeds season six.

Andy goes to Daoud Mahmud's (David Diaan) office to see about getting passports. Turns out, Daoud Mahmud hates the bar owner, Hooman Jaka and at first refuses to help Andy. Playing the 'poor baby in danger' card Daoud Mahmud agrees to help, but he wants to do business at his house. Later that evening at Daoud Mahmud's house it comes to light that he hates Hooman Jaka because he is marrying his daughter. He tells Andy that if he kills Hooman Jaka then the passports will cost no money.

Andy is not feeling the entire murdering someone for passports scenario, so he comes up with another plan. He visits Hooman Jaka at his club, and tells him how Daoud Mahmud wants him dead, but that he has a plan. What is Andy's plan? We shall see next week.

Nancy asks Warren Schiff if he remembers Ellis Tate, and he does, but it is not who Nancy met. Warren tells her it is a fat girl who was good at geometry and lunch. She goes to her high school's library and looks up old yearbooks to see who exactly Ellis Tate is. While at the library she runs into an old classmate Patricia Davies. Apparently Nancy told people that Patricia was a prude, and if a d**k was ever inside of her it would turn into a popsicle, which led other kids to call her 'Popsicle Patty'. Inadvertently Nancy ruined Patricia's life because after that she slept with 14 guys, got kicked out of her house, and had herpes for the last 27 years.

After calling Nancy a bitch, Patricia leaves and the librarian brings the yearbooks. Turns out, Ellis Tate was really a female. She calls the man 'Ellis Tate' and asks him which hotel he is staying at, and they can meet halfway. Sneaky Nancy Drew uses the information to stake out his hotel, and once he left, she gets a maid to let her inside. Once inside the hotel room she discovered files, tapes, and CD's all on her, and her family. She empties his suitcase full of clothes and starts to put everything inside, but all of a sudden 'Ellis Tate' walks back into the room.

Always a quick thinker and prepared, Nancy sprays 'Ellis Tate' in the eyes with pepper spray. She grabs his wallet and asks who he is. Turns out, he is a journalist from San Diego that wants to tell her story. His real name is Vaughn Colman, and he started out writing a story about her current husband Esteban Reyes connection to Pilar Zuzua. When Pilar turned up dead, and Nancy disappeared he became interested in finding her, and telling her story. He tells her the story is going to run with or without her, and that he will fill in details if she refuses to talk.

All Vaughn wants to do is expose the bad guys, and he wants Nancy's help. "Viking Pride" ends with Nancy swallowing her pride and agreeing to do an interview. The episode closes out with Nancy sitting at the hotel room desk, tape recorder in front of her as she says, "My name is Nancy Botwin."

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