Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Case Study No. 1026: Unnamed Female Librarian (Heidi Chocolate)

Heidi Chocolate "Library"
TV ad for Heidi Chocolate "Passion for Chocolate"
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[scene opens inside of an academic library, as a young female student is sitting at a desk and taking notes, when she looks behind her at a book display marked "Editii Speciale" (there is also a female librarian briefly seen walking past the display carrying a book)]
[cut to the student walking past the display, when she stops and notices two large brown books sitting on the top of the display ... she takes the two books and turns them sideways]
[cut to the student walking through the stacks, grabbing more similarly-sized brown books (even grabbing one off the desk from a male student who was reading it) and bringing them back to the display (placing them on each successive shelf two by two with the spin facing up)]
[cut to the student stepping back and admiring her work, as the books' shape and color resemble a bar of chocolate]
[cut to an actual bar of chocolate, as "Passion for Chocolate" appears on screen]
NARRATOR: Heidi ... Passion pour chocolate.

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