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Case Study No. 1035: Staff of the Walter W. Stiern Library

Bionic Student: Adventures in the Walter W. Stiern Library
Bionic student guiding a library tour and teaching peers how to use the library.
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[scene opens with an exterior shot of the Walter W. Stiern Library (as "2:00 PM Walter W. Stiern Library" appears on screen), then cut to a female student worker entering the library]
[cut to the student entering the elevator, then it becomes a split-screen (with the female student exiting the elevator on the right-hand side and a male student worker pushing a bookcart on the left-hand side)]
[the two screens eventually merge as the male student worker obliviously pushes the cart directly into the path of the oncoming female student, then the screen quickly goes black (with the sound of a woman screaming)]
[cut to the overturned cart on top of the female student, with books everywhere (including a copy of "Feminism in Women's Detective Fiction" next to her head), then cut to the male student who has a shocked look on his face before running away (as the sounds of sirens can be heard in the distance)]
ANNOUNCER: She had a tragic accident.
[cut to several still shots cycling through one after the other (ambulance, x-rays, doctors at an operating table, etc.)]
ANNOUNCER: The doctors had no choice but to make her ... bionic.
[cut to the female student striking a dramatic pose outside of the library, as "The Bionic Student" appears on screen]
ANNOUNCER: She's powerful ...
[cut to a shot of the Bionic Student doing pull-ups on the bookshelves]
ANNOUNCER: Incredibly fast ...
[cut to a shot of the Bionic Student doing cartwheels in the stacks]
ANNOUNCER: And super intelligent.
[cut to a shot of the Bionic Student reshelving books]
ANNOUNCER: She will live for the library ...
[cut to a shot of the Bionic Student jumping over a table in the library, then she turns to the camera and smiles]
ANNOUNCER: And her mission ... To keep the library, useful, educational, and safe.
[cut to the same shot of the Bionic Student striking a dramatic pose outside of the library, as "Adventures in the Walter W. Stiern Library" appears on screen]
ANNOUNCER: In this episode, "The Bionic Student and the Adventures in the Walter Stiern Library."
[cut to an obviously-frazzled male student walking up to the library, as he begins pacing in front of the door and mumbling under his breath]
STRESSED OUT STUDENT: I'm so nervous ...
[the Bionic Student jumps into the scene]
BIONIC STUDENT: Hey there, I'm Bionic Student!
[she puts her hand on his shoulder]
BIONIC STUDENT: Why so stressed?
STRESSED OUT STUDENT: Bionic Student! The legends are true ... I, I'm just so stressed out about this English paper, I don't even know what to do!
BIONIC STUDENT: Well, here's the plan. You're gonna go into the library, and you're gonna ask the reference librarian for help!
STRESSED OUT STUDENT: Yeah ... yeah, yeah! That sounds like a plan, let's go!
[cut to inside the library, as the student walks up to a female librarian sitting behind the desk]
LIBRARIAN 1: Hi, can I help you?
STRESSED OUT STUDENT: Hi, could you please help me find--
LIBRARIAN 1: Sure, I'd be happy to help. Why don't you take a seat?
[he sits down, as the librarian types on her computer, then she hands him a piece of paper]
LIBRARIAN 1: So here are the call numbers, they'll all be on the fourth floor. And you find books in the catalog.
STRESSED OUT STUDENT: And where could I find articles on my topic?
[she points to the computer screen]
LIBRARIAN 1: If you want to find articles, then you're gonna look in the research databases. In the databases, you can get scholarly articles for your paper, and I'll write down some citations, and you can go upstairs and photocopy them out of the journals.
[she writes them down and hands him another piece of paper]
STRESSED OUT STUDENT: Alright, thanks.
LIBRARIAN 1: And remember, if you have any more questions this afternoon, just come on back downstairs.
STRESSED OUT STUDENT: Okay, I sure will!
[cut to the student pulling one of the bound periodicals off the shelf in the stacks]
STRESSED OUT STUDENT: Oh, this is the article I needed, but ... but I can't check it out. What do I do?
[the Bionic Student jumps into the scene]
BIONIC STUDENT: I heard you needed my help!
[she points off camera]
BIONIC STUDENT: The copy machine rooms are straight ahead, let's go make those copies!
[cut to the student making a copy, when the Bionic Student runs into the room]
BIONIC STUDENT: Also remember, the second floor holds the newspapers, videos and DVDS, video and DVD players, and the microfilm collection!
BIONIC STUDENT: Need anymore help?
STRESSED OUT STUDENT: Yeah, I need to go find some books!
BIONIC STUDENT: Books "A" through "L" are found on the third floor, and books "N" through "Z" are found on the fourth! Let's go get your books!
STRESSED OUT STUDENT: Alright, I have my list with me.
[cut to the Bionic Student running up the stairs (played in fast motion), while the student has trouble keeping up with her ... when he finally reaches the third floor out of breath, the Bionic Student is there waiting for him (impatiently checking her watch and tapping her foot)]
STRESSED OUT STUDENT: [gasping] Yes! I made it!
BIONIC STUDENT: Shh! You need to be quiet, students are trying to study ... If you ever come up here with your group, and need a group study room, group study rooms can be found to the left and to the right of the third and fourth floors!
[she grabs the piece of paper out of his hand]
BIONIC STUDENT: Now let's go get those books!
[she turns and runs down the hall (as the student nearly trips and falls trying to keep up), then cut to the Bionic Student pulling a book off the shelf]
[the student grabs another book]
STRESSED OUT STUDENT: Found the other one.
BIONIC STUDENT: Do you have your Runner ID card?
BIONIC STUDENT: Of course you need a Runner ID card! Your Runner ID card can be used for multiple purposes ... You can use it to check out books, to print out papers, to make copies, even to pay for your lunch at the cafeteria! You can get your Runner ID card in the computer lab in the lower level! Let's go!
[cut to the two walking up to a male student sitting at a desk]
STRESSED OUT STUDENT: Hey, where's the photo ID lab?
[he points off camera]
HELP DESK STUDENT: The photo ID lab's right there.
HELP DESK STUDENT: And afterwards, you can put money on it using the machine right over there. Also, you can use the computers here in the lab to work on your school stuff.
[cut to a shot of the computer terminals in the room]
STRESSED OUT STUDENT: [from off camera] Wow, that's a lot of computers!
[cut back to the student at the help desk]
HELP DESK STUDENT: There's programs like ALEX and SPSS for use with your classes.
[cut to the student showing the Bionic Student his new ID card]
BIONIC STUDENT: The lab isn't the only thing that's cool about the lower level. You can check out video material, like video or digital cameras, get help installing computer material, scan pictures, and so much more!
STRESSED OUT STUDENT: Wow, the lower level's pretty cool! Let's go check out my books!
[cut to the student bringing his books to the checkout desk, where he hands them to another female librarian]
LIBRARIAN 2: Hello, did you find everything okay?
STRESSED OUT STUDENT: Yeah, everything was fine.
[she scans in the books]
LIBRARIAN 2: You can check out up to ninety nine books at a time for four weeks at a time, and renew them online on the library homepage up to two times.
STRESSED OUT STUDENT: Thanks. I have another question, my professor put some books on reserve. Where would I be able to get those?
LIBRARIAN 2: The hard copy reserves are on reserve back here at the circulation desk, and the e-reserves are available on the library homepage. If you need a PC card for your laptop, you can also check that out here.
STRESSED OUT STUDENT: Alright, thanks for the info.
[cut to the student walking outside the library with his books]
STRESSED OUT STUDENT: I finally got my info to do my paper!
[the Bionic Student jumps into the scene]
BIONIC STUDENT: Bionic Student, always here to help!
[the student strikes a dramatic pose of his own]
[the Bionic Student just looks at him funny and walks away]

The Bionic Student: Adventures in Walter W. Stiern Library
The Bionic Student - Marissa Pineda
Cart Boy - Miguel Cuate
Stressed Out Student - Oscar Hernandez
Reference Librarian - Sarah Fay Philips
Student Help Desk - Kyle Amidom
Library Staff - Amanda Grombly

Directed, Shot by, and Edited by Marvin Linares
Written by Marissa Pineda

Music provided by www dot freeplaymusic dot com

Additional music by Marvin Linares

Special Thanks to Johanna Alexander, Ying Zhong, and Kristine Holloway

Copyright (c) Walter W. Stiern Library



Bionic Student: Adventures in the Walter W. Stiern Library

Library Intern Marissa Pineda is starring in a YouTube video about Stiern Library based on the Bionic Woman television series. YouTube is a wildly popular video­-sharing website.

The intern was assigned the task of creating a short educational film and librarian Johanna Alexander suggested it be modeled on a television program to make it interesting.

In the original series, which aired in the 1970s, the Bionic Woman starred Lindsey Wager and told the story of a woman who was rebuilt after an accident using bionics to become a superhero. The program was remade in 2007, starring Michelle Ryan.

In the tongue-in-cheek Library version, a student working in the book stacks (played by library student assistant Miguel Cuate) collides with Marissa with his book cart. Doctors resolve her life-threatening injuries by rebuilding her as a superhuman, bionic student.

The bionic student, who has super strength and can leap library tables and run faster than humanly possible, would afterwards live to carry out her mission: "To keep the library useful, educational, and safe."

As the plot progresses, a stressed-out student played by Oscar Hernandez is rescued from his research dilemma by the bionic student.

The story provides an entertaining tour of the library and an introduction to its services.

Marissa said she has received a lot of comments about the film from students on campus.

The film also stars librarian Sarah Philips, circulation staff member Amanda Grombly and computer lab help desk assistant Kyle Amidom. The film was shot, edited and directed by Marvin Linares and supervised by librarian Ying Zhong.

To view the video, go to and type Stiem Library in the search box.



September 11, 2010
Library Video at YouTube!

Are you new to the Library and not sure where to begin? Take a tour in the Library with our Bionic Student and learn about the Library services.



Here is a video prepared by Library intern Marissa Pineda about how to use library resources

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