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Case Study No. 1047: Unnamed Male Librarian (True Love ~Jun'ai Monogatari~)

True Love (PC) Longplay - Part 9

Starting at this of this longplay, the footage here is from a different run, because I missed some key points so I had to redo things at part 9, so that's why my stats are different than the previous parts.

At some point in August 16th to August 25th, if you choose to do sports at evening, Kazuhiko will sexually harass you... Eeewwwww (Yep... When this happens, he'll confess that he's interested on you near the end of the game, but since I suppose you only care about the girls, just flip him the "Let's just be friends" when given the option). After that, Chiemi will show up. Say to her that you weren't excited at all by it.

At August 17th, choose to do "Promise" at daytime. If you forget to do it, Remi will be really pissed on the next day, so make damn sure you don't. Anyways, when she asks what you think about the lunch she made, say it's delicious (Pretty obvious answer, doesn't it:?).

When she asks where do you want to go next time, no matter what you choose, you'll end up sounding like an idiot (Just for laughs, try suggesting "Love Hotel" to her).

Also, at some point between August 17th to August 28th, you'll meet Chiemi on the beach if you do sports during daytime or evening. Say she's very attractive.

On August 17th to August 23th, you'll end up meeting Miyuki at the central park if you're doing Art. When she asks if your offer to serve as a model to her still stands, say you don't tell lies. You'll end up agreeing to meet her at her house on the next Sunday (August 24th, DON'T FORGET).
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[scene opens inside of Daisuke's room]
DAISUKE: [to himself] I have a date with Remi this afternoon.
[cut to outside in the "Central Park" area]
DAISUKE: [to himself] The central park and central library are next to each other. I pass here quite often but rarely go inside.
["5 minutes pass" appears on screen]
DAISUKE: [to himself] Eleven oh-five ... Remi must be held up or something. Could she have ... stood me up? No, she wouldn't do such a thing. Anyway, five minutes is nothing.
["20 minutes pass" appears on screen]
DAISUKE: [to himself] Hum, eleven-thirty ... I'm getting tired of waiting. Remi, tell me it's not true.
[a young woman suddenly appears on screen]
REMI: I'm sorry! Daisuke! Ha ... hah!
REMI: I'm sorry I'm late ... I--
[the player selects "Don't worry, I've just arrived too"]
REMI: I'm really ... sorry.
DAISUKE: Don't worry, let's go in.
[cut to inside of the public library]
DAISUKE: Are you alone today?
REMI: Yes, I always come alone to the library.
LIBRARIAN: [from off camera] Oh, Miss Remi ...
REMI: Hello.
DAISUKE: [to himself] "Miss?"
LIBRARIAN: [from off camera] You're early today. Erm ... And who is this gentleman?
DAISUKE: You mean me?
REMI: He's my friend.
LIBRARIAN: [from off camera] ...
DAISUKE: [to himself] The librarian is inspecting me from head to toe. What the ... ? He's looking at me as if I was something on the sole of his shoe!
LIBRARIAN: [from off camera] ...
REMI: Lucas, I usually sit at the desk over there.
DAISUKE: So you come here often?
REMI: Yes, it's very quiet and relaxing here. You can see the park from here and it's very pretty.
DAISUKE: So it is ... You chose a good seat.
REMI: Erm, you shouldn't talk so loud in here ... Let's not talk for a while.
DAISUKE: Yo-You're right ...
[cut to a closeup of Remi reading a book]
DAISUKE: [to himself] I'm not used to this sort of place.
REMI: ...
DAISUKE: [to himself] I waved my hand at Remi.
REMI: ...
DAISUKE: [to himself] Hey ...
REMI: ...
DAISUKE: [to himself] Doesn't even flinch ... What concentration she has!
REMI: ...
DAISUKE: [to himself] Come to think of it, you couldn't call this a date. And that librarian looked at me is I was some scum or something ... Even called her "Miss Remi!" Oh well, might as well get some books.
["30 minutes pass" appears on screen, as the scene goes dark]
DAISUKE: Snore ... snore ...
REMI: Daisuke ...
DAISUKE: Huh? Er ... what?
[cut back to Remi standing in the library]
DAISUKE: [to himself] Wow! I must have dozed off!
REMI: It's lunch time, so why don't we have something to eat?
DAISUKE: Do you want to go out to eat?
REMI: Well ...
DAISUKE: [to himself] She's all fidgety.
REMI: ...
DAISUKE: What's wrong? Don't worry, I'll treat you to whatever you want!
REMI: Well, it's not ... that.
DAISUKE: Then what?
REMI: Well ... I've made lunch.
DAISUKE: You brought lunch?
REMI: Yes, I've made you lunch as well ...
DAISUKE: Really?!
REMI: I thought we could eat it together ... I did my best to make them.
DAISUKE: [to himself] My body filled with excitement! Oh, I'm just over the moon ... Yum, yum!
REMI: Let's go to the park and eat.
DAISUKE: Yes yes, let's go! Let's go! Let's go!
[cut to Remi standing in the park]
REMI: Let's sit on the bench there!
DAISUKE: The bench there, yes! Yes!
REMI: I hope you like it.
DAISUKE: I'll eat anything you make!
[cut to a closeup of Remi holding an open lunchbox]
REMI: Here you are!
DAISUKE: This looks delicious!
REMI: ...
DAISUKE: [to himself] Yum, I can even see a halo around it!
REMI: Daisuke, please.
DAISUKE: Thank you.
REMI: ...
DAISUKE: [to himself] These octopus sausages are the classic home-made item, this is just the best!
REMI: ...
DAISUKE: Ha ... mine's bigger.
REMI: What are you talking about?
DAISUKE: This sausage and my sausage.
REMI: Your sausage?
DAISUKE: No, erm ... hahaha, it's nothing.
REMI: ...
DAISUKE: [to himself] To hear her say "my sausage" ... exciting! No, can't think that just yet ...
REMI: ... ?
["Eating" appears on screen]
DAISUKE: [to himself] Mmm ... This is fantastic!
REMI: How ... is it?
[the player selects "Delicious"]
DAISUKE: It tastes divine!
REMI: I'm glad.
DAISUKE: Mmm ... yum ... yumm. Do you cook a lot?
REMI: Only sometimes, just easy things.
DAISUKE: [to himself] She said shyly.
REMI: I got up early, but ... it took some time.
DAISUKE: [to himself] She could be a genius ...
REMI: ...
DAISUKE: Oh! Were you late 'cause you were making lunch?
REMI: Well, yes ...
DAISUKE: You should have said so.
REMI: I thought that would be embarrassing.
DAISUKE: [to himself] She was twiddling her fingers as she spoke.
REMI: ...
DAISUKE: I could be the happiest guy ... yum yum.
REMI: ...
DAISUKE: [to himself] When I realized I had eaten everything ...
REMI: ...
DAISUKE: Mmmm ... That was delicious!
REMI: Oh, the lunch box ... you ate everything.
DAISUKE: It was so good, I couldn't leave anything.
[cut back to Remi standing in the park]
DAISUKE: I'm so full, I want to go to sleep.
REMI: You were asleep in the library, too.
DAISUKE: You noticed?
REMI: It's okay, I made you come here when this was suppose to be a date ... I think you're a nice person.
DAISUKE: Oh, well ...
REMI: ...
DAISUKE: [to himself] A "nice person" ...
REMI: Next time I'll go wherever you want to go.
DAISUKE: Really? Any where I like?
REMI: That's right.
DAISUKE: Really?
REMI: Yes.
DAISUKE: Then ...
[the player selects "love hotel"]
DAISUKE: Then how about a love hotel?
REMI: Huh? What did you say?
DAISUKE: We could go to a hotel and compare the sizes of your lunch sausages and my sausage.
[she gets an angry look on her face]
REMI: I didn't think you were that sort of person ... I'm disgusted!
DAISUKE: [to himself] She looks really upset and mad ...
REMI: ...
DAISUKE: It's ... a joke. I was only kidding. Hahaha.
REMI: ...
DAISUKE: [to himself] Shit! Maybe this wasn't the topic to bring up with her!
REMI: A joke?
[the angry look on her face disappears]
REMI: Of course, I was so surprised.
DAISUKE: Yes, a joke. I thought perhaps you might laugh.
REMI: I'm sorry... I thought you were serious.
DAISUKE: Ha ha ha ha ha ...
REMI: Well... shall we go back in?
[the scene goes dark]
REMI: Erm ... I'll meet you later.
DAISUKE: Sure, is there anything wrong?
REMI: I need to go to the ladies.
DAISUKE: Sure ... see you inside.
[cut back to inside the library]
DAISUKE: [to himself] I sure did mess this one up ... I missed my chance!
[an older man suddenly appears]
DAISUKE: [to himself] Damn!! Kameo is in the library, although he hasn't noticed me yet.
KAMEO: Mumble mumble ... Seem like Miss Himekawa isn't here today.
DAISUKE: [to himself] What's he doing here ...
KAMEO: I have to protect her from unsuitable people ... mumble ... might as well go home ... mumble mumble ...
[he leaves]
DAISUKE: [to himself] He's left ... thank god.
[Remi enters]
REMI: I'm sorry.
DAISUKE: What's the matter? Did you see someone on the way?
DAISUKE: Then, never mind ... Do you feel as though you're being followed recently?
REMI: Come to think of it ... sometimes, yes.
DAISUKE: [to himself] Kameo ... what is he up to!
REMI: ...
DAISUKE: [to himself] Is it just me, or is her face a little blushed?
REMI: ...
DAISUKE: Remi, do you have a fever?
REMI: N-No ...
DAISUKE: Your face is red.
REMI: It was hot out.
DAISUKE: Oh, I see ...
[cut back to the closeup of Remi reading a book]
REMI: Shall we read?
DAISUKE: [to himself] What's wrong with her ... ?
REMI: ...
DAISUKE: [to himself] As I read, I started to doze off again ... No, no! Can't sleep!
[the scene goes dark]
DAISUKE: Snore ... snore ...
REMI: Daisuke ... Daisuke.
DAISUKE: Huh ... ?
[cut back to Remi standing in the library]
REMI: [giggles] Shall we leave?
DAISUKE: Argh! I fell asleep again ...
REMI: You looked so happy, I didn't want to wake you.
DAISUKE: Ha ha ... was I fast asleep?
REMI: Let's go home.
DAISUKE: [to himself] I think I've messed everything up today.
REMI: ... ?
DAISUKE: [to himself] She suddenly became silent.
REMI: ...
DAISUKE: Anything wrong?
REMI: No, I just felt like someone was looking at me.
DAISUKE: Someone?
REMI: ...
DAISUKE: [to himself] I looked around the area, but I didn't find anyone suspicious. I don't think it's Kameo, 'cause he left awhile ago ...
REMI: It must be nothing.
DAISUKE: I don't see anyone.
REMI: Yes ... let's go home.



"True Love ~Jun'ai Monogatari~", better known simply as True Love, is a Japanese erotic visual novel developed by Software House Parsley and published by CD Bros., released on June 9, 1995 for the PC-98 and on December 6, 1996 for Windows. It was localized in Europe by Otaku Publishing and distributed in North America by JAST USA in January 1999.

Unlike traditional, even modern visual novels, which are characteristically uninvolved beyond the periodic decision to make, True Love incorporates elements reminiscent of a role-playing game, for which it is also occasionally categorized.

The game is played through a series of virtual days, consecutively spanning three months. At the start of each morning, players designate an activity to pursue for evening, night, and in the case of weekends or vacation, daytime: studying, practicing art, exercising, grooming, recreation, taking a break, going to work, shopping or fulfilling a promise. Each choice affects the overall being of the player at the conclusion of the day, and points are distributed among stats for passion, appearance, fatigue, scholarship, strength and art. Depending on the level of these stats, and the order of schedules made during particular days, the player will shift their romantic focus and possibly trigger nonlinear events and encounters over time. In addition, working generates income and shopping allows the player to voluntarily spend their money on items for themselves or to give as gifts.

Daisuke is a single, nineteen-year old Japanese college senior living in the fictional city of Meiai, forced out by his parents at the idea that independence may attract him a partner. On top of his quest to find a girlfriend, Daisuke is also indecisive about what direction to go in his academics.



Do you remember your very first? Was it that pretty girl next door that captured your heart from an early age? Or maybe that cute shy girl in your art class in high school? Maybe it was even your art teacher who you just happened to stumble in on while she was being molested and who rewarded you with a night of intimacy for saving her? Or maybe, just maybe, it was your cat who just happened to transform into a well-endowed beauty who had been put under a spell, and through your care and attachment as a pet owner had become naturally interested in coitus? Well, if you are the main character of True Love, all of the above may be the answer to that question.

True Love is an adult bishoujo (dating sim) game released by Software House Parsley, a small software developer who entered the industry 1989 with a game on PC-98 called Celery, with the objective being to combat a tornado made up of women's clothing. Parsley achieved some minor success on the PC98 and X68000 with their library of mediocre products and production values. In particular, the game VENUS gained some attention and saw a re-release with added voice acting after its release in 1994. True Love was Parsley's 14th release, hitting shelves on June 9th, 1995. Reception in Japan was, as with most other Parsley titles before it, cited as unimpressive and easily forgettable.

In the US however, things turned out a bit differently. Ever since pornography shot into the mainstream's eye in the 1970s, the adult industry suddenly enjoyed an all-new acceptance from a younger generation that didn't blush at the sight of well-shaved buttocks gyrating for minutes at a time. Alongside the rise of adult entertainment acceptance, home entertainment was also becoming common in the average household. Video home systems and video game consoles not only allowed for families to enjoy the latest all-American feel-good story from the comfort of their own couches, but also for discreet and private viewing of adult material.

But for the most part, the depiction of sex in Western video games and print media was, more often than not, crude and embarrassing. Games and comics were considered childish pastime activities, a stigma they still somewhat retain today, and as such the development of adult games was behind closed doors while sales were under the desk. These early attempts didn't do much to help the view of conservative minds as they revolved around either violating a woman tied to a cactus or drinking unicorn milk dropped from a rooftop. Things didn't really progress much over time, with nudity being mostly attached to strip poker games tied to the license of models and adult actresses, and with the introduction of CD-ROM and video playback, adult games took the shape of simple scene editors where you simply chose the actions on screen. Despite their less than stellar user interfaces and pointless objectives, these games were still considerably better than Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch: Make My Video.

Japan's general social acceptance and curiosity of sex allowed for a more healthy use of adult situations in manga, animation and video games. In the West, the majority of consumers associated games and cartoons with Super Mario and Disney, and it was hard to imagine Ariel actually getting rid of those seashells and letting Prince Eric rub her gills. This would change for some with the introduction of anime in the late 80s, showcasing deep storylines with serious situations, violence, and sex often being the selling points. Titles like Vampire Hunter D and Akira, though not featuring adult content, showed there was an audience that was very interested in mature-angled animation, and with the release of Urotsukidoji, it was all the more clear that this audience also welcomed the addition of explicit sex scenes. Throughout the 90s, independent publishers took notice and started localizing Japanese adult games. These games would range from all genres of RPG to card games, but mostly it was the visual novels that proved easiest to translate, and also most popular with the players. An added selling point was that, when localized, these games would be outside of Japan's strict censorship laws and be completely uncensored for the Western audience to enjoy. The very first "hentai" game to be officially published in English was Inos's Cobra Mission, released in 1992 by Mega-Tech, with a short list of titles trickling out in its wake. In 1998, Otaku Publishing released True Love in English.

True Love revolves around the daily life of Daisuke, a student who studies at the nearby university. Summer is approaching and exams are near, leaving him stressed and worried. To make matters worse, he doesn't have a girlfriend and his father is hot on his neck to find someone to share his life with. Daisuke is kicked out of his parents' house and forced to live in his small apartment in hopes that life in solitude will ignite the fire in him and speed up the process of finding a life partner.



Name: Remi Himekawa
Age: 18

Remi is the vice-president of the student council, often regarded as the most intellectually gifted of school. As the daughter of a multimillionaire business magnate, Remi carries herself with the utmost sophistication, spending most of her time studying in school or at the public library. She takes a genuine interest in Daisuke when his intelligence rises and comes to find that she thoroughly enjoys being around him; a change from the otherwise posh lifestyle she's grown bored of.

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