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Case Study No. 1042: Kojo the Librarian, Dick Large, Bob Sensei, and Master Well Haung

Kojo The Librarian Film Part 1
This is the film I made with my media group as part of our final project. For the credits watch part 3. It is an action comedy and has a few parody attempts of some classic quotes. Please like comment and subscribe for more if you like it.
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Playful Production
Kojo the Librarian
12A - This film contains moderate language and violence

Based on a true story
(Kinda ... )

No books were harmed in the making of this film

[scene opens with a young African American male librarian (sunglasses, grey overcoat, white shirt, grey pants) walking up to the library, while listening to Rebecca Black's "Friday" on his iPod]
[he takes out his keys and unlocks the door, then steps inside the library as subtitles appear at the bottom of the screen]
KOJO: It's time for business ...
[he cracks his neck, then walks off camera]

BPS Media Presents

Kojo Osei
Gabriel Sherieff
Joshua Watson
Ryan Prince
Robert Chipchase
Hope Kapitao

Scott Cocks

Fabio Gouveia

Sofia Teixeira

[cut to Kojo sitting behind the front desk (as he loudly stamps a book), then cut to a male student carrying a childrens' book ("Letterland ABC") under his arm as he looks around nervously]
[cut to the student walking towards the door, when the alarm sounds, so he quickly tries to stuff the book under his shirt]
[cut to Kojo, who turns and stares at the student]
[cut back to the student, who makes a break for it and runs out of the library]
[cut back to Kojo, who (after carefully moving the book in front of him) jumps over the desk and runs after the student]
[cut to Kojo chasing the student through the hallway, as he runs towards the camera ... knocking it over (and causing a "No Signal" error message to appear on screen)]
[cut back to the hallway, as the camera is shooting up at the ceiling (as if the cameraman is lying on his back), when Kojo runs back]
KOJO: Are you alright?
[the camera shakes its "head" up and down, so Kojo runs off]
[cut to outside of the school, as Kojo continues chasing the student]
[cut back to inside of the school, as the student tries to exit a door ... only to find that it's locked]
[cut to Kojo calmly approaching the student]
BOOK THIEF: Stop, stop!
[he holds up the book]
BOOK THIEF: I'll rip it ...
KOJO: You don't wanna do that ...
[the student clings to the book, as he slides down to the floor]
BOOK THIEF: You come any closer, I'll do it! I swear!
[Kojo calmly walks up to the student]
BOOK THIEF: I told you to stand back!
[he holds the book up over his head and cowers in the corner]
BOOK THIEF: [quietly] Stop it ...
[the librarian bends down next to him and holds out his hand]
KOJO: Gimmee the book ...
[he hands him the book]
BOOK THIEF: Just take it!
[Kojo gets up and walks away]
[he buries his face in his hands and begins to cry]
BOOK THIEF: [quietly] I can't read ...
[cut to Kojo walking away, as the student crawls after him]
BOOK THIEF: Why would you do this to me? Damn you!
["Kojo the Librarian" appears on screen]
BOOK THIEF: "G-A-Y" ... Book!
[cut to Kojo walking back towards the library]
KOJO: [in voice over] No one said being a librarian would be easy ... It's a hard life.
[another student turns the corner and walks in front of Kojo, so he grabs him and violently throws him to the ground, then keeps walking]
KOJO: [in voice over] You don't have time for your family.
[he walks past two female students, as one of them faints into the other's arms]
KOJO'S WIFE: [in voice over] Kojo! Kojo! You never come to see me and your kids! Kayjay and Joko, Kojo the Second!
[Kojo shakes his head, but continues walking]
KOJO'S WIFE: [in voice over] Baby Kojo-Joko, and Bob! Not to mention Kojeesha! You spend more time in that damn library than you do with me! Kojo!
[Kojo continues walking, as the voiceover begins to fade away]
KOJO'S WIFE: [in voice over] Why is my voice fading? Kojo, listen to me! Dammit!
[cut to Kojo as he re-enters the library]
KOJO: [in voice over] But ...
[cut to Kojo caressing a copy of "Shakespeare's Sonnets"]
KOJO: [in voice over] The library becomes your family.
[he flips through the pages, then heads back to the front desk]
KOJO: [in voice over] It becomes your life.
[he sits down]
KOJO: [in voice over] It's a dangerous job, but someone's gotta do it.
[cut to another male student entering the library, as Kojo eyes him suspiciously]
[cut to another male student sitting at a table, as he reaches into his pocket and pulls out his cellphone (while trying to hide it behind a book)]
[he looks around nervously, then begins texting ... except that Kojo slowly stands up behind him, then grabs the phone and slaps him in the back of the head]
[cut to Kojo back at the front desk, as he puts the phone away, then another male student walks up with a stack of books]
MALE PATRON 1: Can you put these away for me, dude?
[the student walks away, so Kojo (without standing up) throws the books off camera ... they each end up landing perfectly in a book rack, on a shelf, and on a table in front of a female student]
[Kojo then reaches down (without looking) and grabs the last two books on his desk, throwing them off camera]
[cut to a slow-motion shot of the books sailing through the air, as they land on a display shelf side by side]
[cut to Kojo scanning a book, when the PA system starts up]
SCHOOL SECRETARY: [from off camera] Could Kojo please report to Sergeant Huntsmells' office? Thank you.
[he gets up and heads for the door, as another male student walks up to the sign-in sheet and starts rummaging through his pockets]
MALE PATRON 2: Forget my pen ...
[Kojo (without breaking stride) takes a pen out of his pocket and tosses it over his shoulder, as it lands right in front of the student]
MALE PATRON 2: Oh, thanks.
[cut to Kojo entering the office of the female principal/sergeant, as he sits down]
KOJO: What is it?
HUNTSMELLS: Kojo, I've had enough of your renegade ways. One more stunt like this, and you're out of my library.
[another male student is jumping up and down behind her, trying to look out the window]
HUNTSMELLS: Oh, by the way ... Meet your new partner.
[he nearly falls over, then turns and smiles]
DICK: Oh, yeah, um ... Large. Dick Large.
[he puts out his hand, and Kojo shakes it ... then turns and heads for the door]
DICK: Hey, what about me?!
KOJO: Meet me at the library at lunch time.
[he starts to leave, then turns back]
KOJO: And oh ... don't be late.
["Later at lunch" appears on screen, then cut to Dick running after Kojo in the hallway]
DICK: Hey, whoa whoa! Wait ...
KOJO: Are you ready?
DICK: Yeah.
KOJO: Here, put this on.
[he hands him a lanyard]
DICK: Wow ...
[he puts it around his neck, and they enter the library]
KOJO: This is the library.
[cut to an overhead shot of the library, as angelic music plays]
KOJO: Your new home.
[cut to Kojo and Dick walking towards the front desk]
KOJO: Rules of the library ... One, never talk about the library. Second, never speak about the library. And the third one, return your books on time.
[Kojo sits down]
KOJO: Any questions?
KOJO: Here's your first task ...
[he reaches under the desk and pulls out a stack of books]
KOJO: Put these books away.
[the camera zooms in on the books, as several hands reach in from off camera towards them ... Kojo slaps all of the hands away, as Dick reaches in and picks them up]
[cut to Dick walking away (dropping one of the books in the process), as Kojo shakes his head]
KOJO: You've got a lot to learn, amateur ...
[cut to a flashback of Kojo (without sunglasses) talking to an older male librarian, as "Bob Sensei and Kojo (in the past)" appears on screen]
BOB SENSEI: Remember Kojo, there are a few rules you must always remember about the library. Number one, never talk about the library. Number two, you must never talk about the library. And number three, the most important rule, always bring your books back on time. Does this make sense?
[Kojo nods his head]
BOB SENSEI: Good. Now, Kojo, the library is like your family. Yeah? It's like, even more important than your family. It's like your mother, your father. Your brother, your sister. Your cousin, your second cousin twice removed, Kojo! The library's everything to you! Do you understand this?
KOJO: Yes, I do. But I have one question, though ...
[he points at the librarian's sunglasses]
KOJO: Where can I get a pair of glasses like these?
BOB SENSEI: Like these, Kojo? That is when you earn the title of "librarian" ...
[he holds up his lanyard, then cut back to Kojo at the front desk, as he yells off camera]
KOJO: Dick, I'll help you with that ...
[cut to Dick trying to reshelve the books, as he drops a copy of "The Death-Defying Pepper Roux" ... but Kojo appears at the last second and grabs the book before it can hit the ground]
DICK: Dirty!
KOJO: You'll soon learn ...
[Kojo reshelves the book]
DICK: Hey boss, can I ask you a question?
KOJO: What?
DICK: [pause] Why do you have subtitles?
[Kojo looks down towards the bottom of the screen]
KOJO: Why do I have subtitles?
["You have subtitles because we don't understand you" appears on screen]
KOJO: How can you not understand me?
["I have no idea what you just said!" appears on screen]
KOJO: What?
[as Kojo shrugs his shoulders in confusion, the PA system starts up again]
SCHOOL SECRETARY: [from off camera] Could Kojo and Dick Large report to Sergeant Huntsmells' office immediately.
DICK: Ooh, we better get over there ... She's probably going to congratulate us!
[he rubs his hands in glee and walks off camera, as Kojo shakes his head]
[cut to inside the sergeant's office, as Kojo and Dick enter]
DICK: Hey, Huntsmells! What's good?
[he sits down with a big smile on his face, as the sergeant just stares at them]
HUNTSMELLS: Kojo ... Dick.
[she reaches over and picks up a mutilated book]
HUNTSMELLS: This is the fifth book this week to be destroyed!
[Kojo stares at the book (as Dick cowers in fear) while dramatic music plays]
KOJO: Shit just got real!
[the sergeant slams the book down on her desk, then sighs deeply]
HUNTSMELLS: I'm putting you on the case. I want you to find who's doing this.
KOJO: Come on, Large ...
[they leave, as the camera focuses on the sergeant's hand as she picks up the destroyed book and drops it in the garbage]
[cut back to Kojo and Dick at the front desk of the library]
KOJO: I'm gonna find out what's happening ...
[he starts to walk towards the door]
DICK: What about the library?
[he stops, then turns and hands Dick his lanyard]
KOJO: Look after it.
[he leaves, then cut to various shots of Waterloo Place in the city of Westminster (as Kanye West's "Stronger" plays in the background), when the camera focuses on a man standing in front of the statue of Lord John Lawrence (mimicking his stance in a "living statue" routine) as passers-by drop loose change in front of him]
[Kojo enters the scene and leans up on the fence next to the man]
KOJO: What's the information?
INFORMANT 1: There's a new librarian in town, and he wants you out of the picture.
[Kojo starts to walk away]
[Kojo stops and drops some coins in front of him, then walks off]
[cut to Dick pacing nervously in the library, then back to Kojo as he walks up to another mean leaning up against a tree in the park]
KOJO: The information?
INFORMANT 2: You got the goods?
[Kojo reaches into his back pocket and pulls out a book ... but pulls it away when the man tries to reach for it]
KOJO: Information first ...
INFORMANT 2: Word on the street is, there's a new librarian who's after your job.
KOJO: That's not the information I want.
INFORMANT 2: [pause] Oh ... Chuck Norris sleeps with a pillow under his cock.
KOJO: Really? That guy is a legend!
[Kojo starts to walk away]
INFORMANT 2: Hey! What about the book?
[he stops and throws the book over his shoulder, as the man dives to the ground to catch it]
[cut back to the library, as Kojo walks in]
DICK: Koje!
[he runs up to Kojo at the front desk]
DICK: So, what happened?
KOJO: Don't worry ...
DICK: What did you do?
KOJO: Did what I had to ... Give it.
DICK: Give what?
KOJO: The card.
[Dick takes the lanyard out of his backpocket and hands it to Kojo]
KOJO: Come on Dick, there's a lot of work to do.
[he puts the lanyard around his neck and walks off, as Dick puts on a sarcastic smile]
DICK: Great ...
[cut to Kojo sitting at the front desk and typing on the computer, then the camera switches to the POV of someone spying on him (while breathing heavily) from behind a nearby bookshelf]
[cut back to Kojo, as a "ninja" (i.e. a white kid wearing a baseball cap and a bandana over his mouth) suddenly appears behind him and attempts to strike him with a karate chop]
NINJA: Kuw-yah!
[without turning around, Kojo sidesteps the attack (pinning the ninja's hand on top of the desk), then uses his rubber stamp on his hand]
NINJA: Ahhh!
[the ninja falls over in pain, as Kojo vaults himself over the desk]
KOJO: Dick, we got company!
[cut to Dick peeking his head up over the bookshelf]
DICK: I'll go get the bookmarks!
[cut to a closeup of Kojo's face]
KOJO: The library is closing!
[cut to several students running out of the library in fear, then to Dick as he reaches for some bookmarks on a nearby table ... but another ninja reaches out and grabs his hand]
DICK: Hiyaaah!
[Dick slaps his hand away and punches him in the stomach, as the ninja falls to the ground and "disappears" in a cloud of paper]
KOJO: Dick, let's do this ...
DICK: Finally, some action! Yes!
[they stand back to back, as one ninja jumps from a nearby table and attempts to attack Dick ... except that he avoids his punches, then knees the ninja in the stomach and gives him an uppercut that sends him to the floor]
[cut to another ninja trying to punch Kojo ... except he grabs his fist with one hand and twists, sending the ninja to his knees in pain]
DICK: He don't have it, finish him!
KOJO: Dick, the book!
[Dick runs to the other end of the library and grabs a book off the shelf, then spins around and throws the book through the air ... landing perfectly in Kojo's hand, who uses it like a knife to "slice" the ninja's neck]
KOJO: I think we did it.
DICK: Yeah, win!
KOJO: We did it!
[cut to Dick's POV as he gives Kojo two thumbs up ... but then he looks up at the library's second level and sees another ninja emerge from the shelves]
DICK: Hey, Koje!
[the ninja hurls the book (like a throwing star) at Kojo, as Dick runs towards him]
[cut to slow-motion footage of Dick diving in front of Kojo, as the book hits him instead]
DICK: Nooooooooo ...
[cut to Dick falling to the ground (the book protruding from his back), as Kojo takes his book and throws it at the ninja, hitting him in the head and knocking him down]
KOJO: Dick!
[he bends down and pulls the book out of Dick's back]
KOJO: Dick ... Dick!
[he cradles Dick's head in his arms, as he slowly opens his eyes]
DICK: [weakly] Kojo ... is that you?
KOJO: Dick, you can't die!
DICK: Before I die, I ... I don't wanna break rule number three. Return books on time. So here, return it.
[he reaches behind his back and takes out a copy of "Lesbian and Gay Issues in the English Classroom", handing it to Kojo]
KOJO: I'll do this for you, Dick.
[Dick closes his eyes, then his head slips out of Kojo's hands]
KOJO: Dick! Dick!
[he tries shaking Dick, then stands up and yells to the heavens]
KOJO: Nooooooooo!
[the PA system suddenly starts up again]
SCHOOL SECRETARY: [from off camera] Kojo ... You already know where to go.
[cut to Kojo entering the sergeant's office and sitting down]
HUNTSMELLS: Kojo! Because of you, we've lost a good librarian today!
[he hangs his head in shame, as the sergeant sighs in frustration]
HUNTSMELLS: I've had enough, give me your library card!
[Kojo stands up and rips the lanyard off his neck, then slams it down on her desk as he turns to leave]
HUNTSMELLS: Don't come back again here, Kojo ...
[he stops and turns]
KOJO: I'll be back!
[he leaves, then cut to Kojo standing in the library, as he packs some books into a duffel bag]
KOJO: [in voice over] The library was my life ... but now it has rejected me.
[he puts the bag over his shoulder, then cut to outside of the school as he walks past a female student]
SAD GIRL: Kojo, don't go! The library needs you!
[he ignores her and keeps walking]
KOJO: [in voice over] I have to find myself ...
[he stops and takes the rubber stamp out of his pocket, pauses, then shakes his head and throws it into the air]
[cut to a world map, as red dots move from the United Kingdom to China, then to Kojo (wearing flippers and floaties) crawling on the ground near a river (as if he's just swam that entire distance)]
KOJO: Where am I?
[he throws off the floaties and flippers and walks barefoot towards the camera, then cut to a Chinese woman speaking directly to the camera]
CHINESE LADY: Welcome to China, yeah!
[cut to various shots of the Chinese section of Westminster, then back to Kojo as he wanders down a dirt road]
[cut to a Buddhist temple, as Kojo crawls up the steps towards the "master" (i.e. a white kid wearing glasses and a white gi) who is waiting at the top]
KOJO: Master Well Haung, I have come to find myself ... Teach me the way of The Librarian!
[he kneels before the master, who throws down the Chinese takeout menu he was reading and yells at him in a stereotypical "Asian" accent]
KOJO: Please! I've come a far distance ...
[he rubs his chin]
HAUNG: On one condition ... You do everything I say!
KOJO: Yes, Master Well Haung.
HAUNG: Follow me ...
[he attempts to get up from the lotus position, but has some trouble (perhaps because his legs have fallen asleep) and waves off Kojo's attempt to help him]
HAUNG: I do it, I do it! Don't worry ... Don't worry, I do it myself!
[he finally stands up, and attempts to cover himself by striking a defensive pose]
KOJO: What should I do?
HAUNG: Let the training montage ...
[he rips off his shirt and throws it to the ground]
HAUNG: Begin!
[cut to Kojo wearing a blindfold (but still wearing his sunglasses over the blindfold) while trying to karate chop two books that Haung is holding together]
[cut to Kojo (still in the blindfold) as Haung holds up a book in front of his face and screams at him]
HAUNG: Non-fiction or fiction?
[Kojo reaches out and runs his hands over the cover of the book]
KOJO: Fiction!
[Haung throws the book to the ground, then slaps Kojo on the back of the head]
[he holds up another book]
HAUNG: Non-fiction or fiction?
[cut to Kojo (without the blindfold) doing pushups while reading a book placed underneath his face]
[cut to sped-up footage of Kojo stamping a series of books lined up in front of him]
[cut to a shot of Haung rubbing his chin (as if he's impressed with Kojo's progress), then cut back to Kojo in a blindfold as the master holds up another book]
HAUNG: Non-fiction or fiction?
[Kojo reaches out and runs his hands over the cover]
KOJO: Non-fiction!
[Haung smiles broadly]
HAUNG: Ah, very good--
[he quickly drops the smile and yells in Kojo's face while holding up another book]
HAUNG: Non-fiction or fiction!
[Kojo reaches out and runs his hands over the cover]
KOJO: Fiction!
[Haung looks at the cover and shrugs]
HAUNG: It's a good book, though--
[he quickly hits Kojo in the back of the head]
HAUNG: You're wrong!
[cut back to Kojo doing push-ups, as the camera zooms out to show that Haung is sitting on his back while reading a book of his own]
[cut to Haung standing next to Kojo as he holds a book]
HAUNG: Stamp the book.
[Kojo takes his rubber stamp and stamps the inside front cover]
HAUNG: Once more, with feeling.
[he opens the book and stamps it again, as Haung nods approvingly]
[cut to Kojo running up the steps of the temple (like Rocky Balboa), then celebrates once he reaches the top]
KOJO: Yeah! Yeah!
[cut to Master Haung as he look out upon the river, then Kojo walks up next to him]
KOJO: Don't know who could have done this to the library ...
HAUNG: Only another librarian could.
KOJO: Who could it be?
HAUNG: Someone from your past ...
KOJO: But who?
HAUNG: Someone who is black!
[Kojo stares at him blankly, as Haung slaps his own forehead in frustration]
HAUNG: It's Bob Sensei!
KOJO: No, wait! I think I know who it is ... It's Bob Sensei! He used to be my master!
[Haung shakes his head]
HAUNG: You are the reason they invented condoms!
KOJO: There is something I have to do ...
[he turns to leave]
HAUNG: Wait, Kojo! There is something I must give you. Follow me.
[cut to the two standing at the top of the temple]
HAUNG: Your training is finally complete ... Here is your reward, my son.
[he places a special lanyard around Kojo's neck]
KOJO: Thank you, Master Well Haung.
[they bow to each other]
KOJO: I must now return to my library.
[he runs off]
HAUNG: Good luck, for you ... are the chosen one.
[cut to a spinning globe, as it stops and the camera focuses on the United Kingdom]
[cut to outside of the library, as Kojo finds his rubber stamp on the ground and picks it up]
[cut to the sergeant's office, as Kojo kicks the door open and barges in]
HUNTSMELLS: Kojo, what are you doing here?! What're you doing here, this is outrageous!
[he reaches under her desk and pulls out his lanyard, then heads back for the door]
KOJO: I need to finish this!
[cut to Kojo in the hallway, as he puts on the lanyard and runs through the school (passing an elderly male professor on the way)]
SHOCKED YOUNG MAN: Kojo, you are my hero!
[cut to Bob Sensei sitting at the front desk in the library, scanning a book, when he looks up]
BOB SENSEI: I felt a disturbance in the library ...
[cut back to Kojo as he kicks open the door and enters the library, then back to Bob Sensei as he calmly stands up]
BOB SENSEI: Kojo, I was expecting you ...
KOJO: How can you do this, Bob Sensei?
BOB SENSEI: I did what I had to, for the good of the library!
KOJO: What do you mean, "for the good of the library?"
BOB SENSEI: You never had what it takes, Kojo ... You didn't have the skills necessary to possess one of these.
[he adjusts his sunglasses]
BOB SENSEI: A real pair of these.
KOJO: I did what was best for the library ... When we last met, I was the apprentice. But now, I am the master!
[Bob Sensei starts laughing, then doubles over in a coughing fit, before composing himself]
BOB SENSEI: Foolish child! We shall see!
KOJO: Bob Sensei! This library is not big enough for the both of us!
[he laughs again]
BOB SENSEI: Kojo, let's see how fast ...
[he quickly picks up a book off the desk and throws it at Kojo]
BOB SENSEI: You can read!
[Kojo moves aside and catches the book with one hand, then carefully reshelves it in the nearby bookcase]
KOJO: That the best you've got? To think, you were once my master ...
BOB SENSEI: Hmph ...
[he runs up and and vaults off a table to try to land the "Superman punch", but Kojo jumps backwards to safety]
BOB SENSEI: Now is the time for battle!
KOJO: Yes ... but let's move these tables away first. Health and safety rules.
[cut to sped-up footage of Bob Sensei and Kojo moving the tables and chairs out of the way ... once they're done, they stand face to face as dramatic music plays]
[cut to a closeup of Bob Sensei, as he holds out his arms and causes a pair of books to "magically" appear in each hand]
[cut to a closeup of Kojo, as he holds out his arms and causes a pair of books to "levitate" off the ground and into each hand (which is actually footage of him dropping the books, played in reverse)]
[cut to the two "dueling" with their books, then Kojo steps back and holds both books together, "merging" them into one large books which he hurls towards Bob Sensei]
[cut to Bob Sensei, who takes his book (he had dropped one of them during the duel) and throws it at Kojo]
[cut to slow-motion footage of the two books twirling through the air before they make contact, "exploding" in a cloud of loose pages]
[cut to the two running at each other, as they each try to throw a punch, but their fists make contact and the force of the impact throws both of them backwards]
[cut to Kojo, as he takes a bookmark out of his backpocket (and it makes a sound effect like a knife being drawn)]
KOJO: Let's finish this!
[cut to Bob Sensei, who pulls out his own bookmark (making a similiar noise) and holds it like a sword]
BOB SENSEI: Finish this we shall!
[they both look at each other, then charge]
KOJO: Ahh!
[they run forward, like two samurai with swords drawn, as Kojo avoids Bob Sensei's bookmark while slicing him across the stomach]
BOB SENSEI: [pause] Uhhh ...
[he kneels down, clutching his stomach]
BOB SENSEI: [weakly] But ... I have a library card.
KOJO: It's been revoked!
[he throws his bookmark through the air, as it hits Bob Sensei in the head, knocking off his sunglasses and dropping him to the ground]
[cut to Kojo standing over his former master's fallen body, as he takes his lanyard and walks away]
[cut to footage of Kojo reshelving books in the library, as triumphant music plays]
KOJO: [in voice over] Bob Sensei took his library card for granted. I showed him the true way of Librarian.
[cut to Kojo turning off the lights and walking out of the library]
KOJO: [in voice over] Peace has now been restored.
[cut to Kojo walking out of the school, when another male student chases him down]
[he grabs Kojo by the arm]
APPRENTICE: It's an action film, it can't end without an explosion!
[Kojo reaches into his pocket and pulls out a "detonator" (possibly an inhaler)]
KOJO: Hasta la vista, baby!
[he presses the button, then cut to a cardboard building exploding into pieces, then back to Kojo as his apprentice looks off camera]
[they start walking away, as Kojo (still looking forward) puts his arm around his apprentice]
KOJO: Don't look ... Cool guys don't look at explosions.
[cut to a closeup of Kojo, as he reaches into his pocket]
KOJO: Here, I'll teach you.
[he takes out a pair of sunglasses]
KOJO: Put these on.
[he puts the sunglasses on, and they stride off into the sunset]


Kojo the Librarian
Kojo Osei

Dick Large
Gabriel Sherieff

Bob Sensei
Ryan Prince

Sergeant Huntsmells
Hope Kapitao

Master Well Haung
Robert Chipchase

Boy Who Can't Read
Joshua Watson

Boy on Computer
Jamel Brown

Boy Who Forgot Pen
Michael Teixeira

Crying Girl

Nauroz Tariq

Sean Phillips

Assassin Boy
Robin Astrero

Naughty Boy
Paulo Rocha

Shocked Young Man
Mr. Keller

Kojo's Wife
Ms. Gallagher (Voice)

Sofia Teixeira (Voice)

Kojo's Apprentice
Scott Cocks

Boy Who Gives Money
Joshua Brown

Scared People (Cameo)
Rachel Solomon

Stunned Girls
Rachel Solomon
Amy Hynes

Production Crew

Sofia Teixeira

Scott Cocks

Fabio Gouveia

Camera men
Sean Phillips
Nauroz Tariq
Joshua Brown

Audio Management
Robin Astrero
Nauroz Tariq
Joshua Watson

Sound Effects
Robin Astrero
Fabio Gouveia

Sean Phillips

Location Manager
Fabio Gouveia
Nauroz Tariq

Fabio Gouveia


Rebecca Black
Friday (Headphone version)

Acoustic Outro

Chase Music 1

Dirty Piano

Kanye West

Hip Hop Rap Beat

Sad Piano Beat

Kojo Goes Asia

Training Montage

Chase Scene 2

Quick Rap Beat

Shop Boys
They Like Me (Instrumental)

Drake ft. Lil Wayne
Ransome (Instrumental)

Special Thanks

Miss Forsyth
Use of Library

Golden Dragon Restaurant
Assisting us in china town

Mr. Gayford
Equipment and Advertisement

For always being there :)

Our Crew
Being excellent

And you
For your support

Playful Productions 2011

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