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Case Study No. 1064: Catherine and the Self Checkout Robot

Self Checkout Robot
The Innis, Mills, and Thode libraries have self checkout machines. All you need is your student card and you can avoid lines by checking out books yourself.
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[the commercial opens with a young female librarian addressing the camera]
CATHERINE: Hi, I'm Catherine. I'm a librarian at McMaster. Did you know we had self-checkout machines? All you need is your student card, and you can check out your books yourselves. Let me show you how it works.
[cut to a female student in the library carrying a stack of books, as she walks up to a "robot" (i.e. a guy in a silver-painted cardboard box with duct hose for arms and a bucket for a head with fly swatters glued to each side) that begins speaking to her in a stilted computerized voice]
SELF CHECKOUT ROBOT: Welcome to McMaster Libraries.
[she looks around suspiciously]
STUDENT: Uh, is this a self-checkout?
SELF CHECKOUT ROBOT: Processing request.
[the "Canada" sticker on its "chestplate" begins flashing lights, then cut to a reaction shot of the student as the Transformers sound effect is played]
[cut back to where the robot was standing, which reveals that it has "transformed" into an actual self-checkout machine, as the student swipes her card]
SELF CHECKOUT ROBOT: Tee hee, that tickles!
[cut to a black screen, as "This movie was built by happy robots!" appears on screen]



Robots in the library?
Posted on September 16, 2009

Watch two more of our brand new library videos to find out why there are robots in the library (and learn a little about the library along the way). One more video will be released tomorrow!

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