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Case Study No. 1059: Unnamed Male Librarian (Rex Dangerfield's Epic Adventures)

Rex Dangerfield 2: The day lost in time
Danger's life of of leisure and legos is forever changed forever when an unruly Librarian shows up and brings a piece of Dangerfield's past to the present. Danger will learn, through the power of his fist, that you can't turn from the past. You can only kick its ass.

The Second part of Rex Dangerfield's Epic Adventures
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[scene opens with a young man lying on the floor in his home, playing with two Star Wars Lego figures, as he holds one up and makes it "talk"]
REX: "Uh, look at me! I'm Rex Dangerfield!"
[he holds up the other figure and makes it "talk"]
REX: "Oh no, not you! Ahh!"
[he holds up the first figure again]
REX: "Yeah, it's me ... take that."
[he holds up the other figure again]
REX: "Ahhh!"
[he makes them "fight"]
REX: "Uhh! Ahh!"
[he throws one of the figures to the ground, then holds up the other one]
REX: "Yeah!"
[he waves the figure in front of the camera]
REX: [pause] That's enough playtime ...
[cut to Rex drinking some water, when the doorbell rings]
REX: Oh my, who could that be?
[he gets up and walks towards the door, stopping to grab a pair of sunglasses and put them on]
REX: Shades ...
[he continues towards the door]
REX: Yeah. Yeah, let's go, I'm gonna answer this door.
[cut to outside, as Rex opens the door and finds a young male librarian (black hair, glasses, wearing a pink bathrobe) holding a book]
REX: Uhhh ... Hey!
LIBRARIAN: Are you Rex Dangerfield?
REX: Uh, you're that homeless guy I beat up last Tuesday!
LIBRARIAN: No, I'm the librarian, and is this your overdue library book?
REX: Um, uh ... No, uh, y'see, um--
LIBRARIAN: Well, I'll kill you.
REX: It's just, um, yeah. Uh, rumble dumble ... Uhhh, I gotta go!
[he quickly runs back inside, then cut to the backyard as Rex tries to sneak out of the back entrance]
REX: Heh heh heh, I got 'im now ...
[he turns, only to find that the librarian is standing there waiting for him]
LIBRARIAN: You can't hide from the past, Dangerfield ...
[he tries to casually laugh it off]
REX: Hey, I was just going to the, um, I gotta be somewhere and ... ahh!
[he runs off, then cut to Rex running in the frontyard when he trips and falls]
REX: Uh! Maybe if I cover myself in grass, he won't notice me!
[he pulls out some blades of grass, then "covers" himself (i.e. he throws some on his shirt) and lies flat on his back, when the librarian appears]
[Rex performs a kip-up to get back on his feet, then runs off again]
REX: Dwahh!
[cut to various shots of the librarian chasing Rex down the street, as dramatic music plays]
[cut to the librarian and Rex staring at one another]
[he tosses the book at Rex, who catches it]
REX: Ha ha!
[he opens the book, flips through the pages for a few seconds, then tosses it to the ground]
REX: Done!
[he then performs a dropkick, sending the librarian to the ground]
[cut to a closeup of the librarian's face, as it is covered in ketchup]
REX: Blood ...
[cut to Rex standing over the fallen librarian]
REX: Alright, let's go. Get up. Come on.
[he grabs the librarian by the collar of his bathrobe and shakes him]
REX: Come on, you can still fight me ...
[he stops, realizing that the librarian appears to be "dead"]
REX: Uh ... Uh, oh geez. Um. Uh, yeah, um.
[he looks around, then puts his hands behind his back and walks away, whistling innocently]
[cut to a shot of the librarian (with the bottle of ketchup clearly visible next to him), then back to Rex as he stops and looks at the body]
REX: Um ... oh well.
[cut to Rex returning to the scene of the crime, carrying a shovel over his shoulder and whistling]
REX: Ah, time to bury this body ...
[he stops, as the camera pans down to show that the librarian is missing (with only his bathrobe and glasses remaining)]
REX: What the?!
[he throws down the shovel, then bends down and picks up the glasses]
REX: Glasses ... oh no!
[he turns and looks directly at the camera]
REX: Ah!
[cut to another shot of Rex standing over the bathrobe]
REX: Uh, what's goin' on? Oh no, oh god ...
[the camera pans over to show the librarian (in his blue "RipCurl" t-shirt and checkered shorts) walking up to Rex from behind, then grabbing him by the shoulder and spinning him around]
[cut to a closeup of the librarian, as he throws a series of (weak) punches in the direction of Rex]
LIBRARIAN: Eh! Eh! Eh-eh-eh!
[cut to a closeup of Rex, as he blocks the punches by slapping away the librarian's hand]
REX: Uh! Ooh! Ah!
[the librarian tries to kick him, but Rex deflects that shot as well]
REX: Kick! No!
[the librarian tries another kick, which this time connects, and Rex falls backwards]
REX: Ah!
[cut to Rex on the ground, as the librarian balls up his fist and stands over him ... but Rex (with the sound of his heart pounding in the background) reaches over and grabs the shovel, swinging it at the librarian's head]
REX: Bonk!
[the librarian falls down, then cut to Rex standing over him triumphantly]
REX: It's dangerous to read!

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