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Case Study No. 0523: "Librarians vs. UFOs"

Librarians vs. UFOs (The Final Conflict)
Trailer like promo for Warner Memorial Library.
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An Eastern University, Warner Memorial Library Video

[scene opens with footage from an old flying saucer movie, as a man looks on from inside a military base]
SCIENTIST: [dubbed] We just need a good librarian!
[cut to old stock footage of a female librarian looking through a microfiche reader]
NARRATOR: Librarians are always developing newer resources and educational uses ...
[cut to more UFO movie footage, as "Warning! Take cover!" appears on screen]
["Need help? Call the Reference Desk at 610-341-1777 or email reference1777 [at]" appears on screen]
[cut back to the military base footage]
GENERAL: [dubbed] Oh my goodness, we need more information! Get the librarian!
[cut to stock footage of an elderly female librarian speaking with a male patron]
LIBRARIAN 1: [dubbed] Yes, we have the book that you need. It tells you all about UFOs.
[she hands him a book]
LIBRARIAN 1: [dubbed] Here it is!
["The Reference Desk is staffed daily during the academic year for all your information needs" appears on screen]
[cut to more stock footage of librarians]
NARRATOR: --Required to be library school graduates. They must have had some special training.
[cut back to the military base footage, as a soldier throws a wrench up into the air at a floating orb of light]
SCIENTIST: [dubbed] No no no, throwing a wrench won't help! Let's go to the library ...
[cut to footage of the scientist watching the flying saucers on television]
SCIENTIST: [dubbed] Told me to watch TV, but that's not helping ...
[cut to a closeup of the scientist's face]
SCIENTIST: [dubbed] We need a librarian!
["Chat with a librarian at reference1777 [at]" appears on screen]
[cut to stock footage of another elderly female librarian helping a female patron]
LIBRARIAN 2: [dubbed] Yes, right here on this page. There's enough here to bring those nasty flying saucers down ... Mmm-hmmm. Mmm-hmmm.
[cut to footage of the flying saucers exploding]
["The librarians at Warner Memorial Library are here to help you. 610-341-1777 or reference1777 [at]" appears on screen]
[cut to footage of the scientist speaking into a microphone]
SCIENTIST: [dubbed] My final report is ... because of the librarians' aid, we are all able to rest peacefully. The librarians have saved the day!

Voice of the Scientist - Mark Puterbaugh
Librarian 1 - Lois Robonaught
Librarian 2 - Meteor Aeon
General - Mark Puterbaugh

Editor/Producer - Mark Puterbaugh

Video Clips from Earth vs Flying Saucers trailer from the Internet Archive ( details/EarthVsThe FlyingSaucers-Trailer)
The Librarian from the Prelinger Collection on the Internet Archive ( details/Libraria1947)

In a time of great trouble (usually nearing the final weeks of school) you can turn to a librarian to save the day. Need to use EBSCOhost, Sage Premier or JSTOR? Want remote access via a MyAthens account?

A librarian can help you find the information that you need.

Come to the Warner Memorial Library at the center of campus. Text a librarian from the website. Phone a librarian at 610-341-1777. Or email a librarian at reference1777 [at]

In this movie librarians help scientists and the military overcome an alien invasion. You to can overcome any academic obstacle with the HELP OF A LIBRARIAN!




Advertisement for Warner Memorial Library services using public domain video footage found in the Internet Archive.

This movie is part of the collection: Community Video

Producer: Mark Puterbaugh
Audio/Visual: sound, color
Keywords: library; ufos; library instruction

Creative Commons license: Public Domain

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