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Case Study No. 0499: Staff of the Alfred Hitchcock High School Library

Wacko (1982) Part 4
wacko the lawnmower killer
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[scene opens with a young blonde female librarian walking through the library at Alfred Hitchcock High School, surrounded by loudly snoring students with their heads down on their desks]
["Notice: dream sequence coming, unnecessary to story, get refreshments now." appears on screen, as the librarian gives one of the male students a pillow to sleep on, then offers one to Mary Graves]
[she politely declines and tries to continue reading, but then yawns and falls asleep, as she dreams of being tied down between two lawnmowers on the school's football field as the marching band begins to descend upon her]
[she screams in the dream, which results in her screaming in real life (waking up the entire library), and another female librarian - a brunette with her hair in a bun - approaches and looks down her nose at her]
LIBRARIAN: Another lawnmower nightmare, Miss Graves?
[she meekly nods her head, as the librarian suddenly grabs her by the collar]
LIBRARIAN: Don't you think it's about time you got over this silly lawnmower phobia of yours?
[she nervously nods her head, and the librarian lets go of her collar]
LIBRARIAN: I realize you're bound to be screwed up by the terrible images you'll carry around with you the rest of your life, but if one can't sleep in the library without being disturbed, where can one sleep? I think you owe the entire library an apology.
[she turns around and looks at the other students]
MARY: I'm sorry ...
[she turns back to face the librarian, who now appears to be wearing one of the marching band's bearskin caps]


From google.com:

In "Wacko" (1981), a spoof of teenage slasher films, supporting actress Jacqulin Cole is a librarian at Alfred Hitchcock High School. A brunette (bun on crown), Cole appears in a brief, designed-for-comedy library scene with Mary Graves (Julia Duffy), who suffers from nightmares of lawnmowers and the lawnmower killer.

Mary is seated in the library as the scene opens, and the librarian is dressed and acting like a flight attendant as she passes out pillows to students. Mary rejects a pillow but quickly falls asleep; having a nightmare, she suddenly screams, waking all the students and prompting the librarian (now in modern clothing - blazer and skirt) to ask, "Another lawnmower nightmare, Miss Graves?"

Mary meekly responds with an affirmative nod of her head. The librarian then grabs Mary by the collar of her blouse, stating that she needs to get over "this silly lawnmower phobia." Mary agrees, and the librarian remarks that Mary will "be screwed up by the terrible images ... the rest of your life."

The librarian then proceeds to the matter at hand and comments, "If one can't sleep in the library without being disturbed, where can one sleep? I think you owe the entire library an apology." Mary turns around, faces the students, and utters, "I'm sorry." In this frivolous film, the librarian demands silence for sleeping, not studying.

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